Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme USI Tech Finally Announces its Fake ...

04-19 23:14 - 'Why would anyone believe in a “promised return”? / I had an old girlfriend who was really into this scam called USI Tech. They guaranteed 1% return everyday due to the success of their trading algorithm. She talked to some...' by /u/nowTHATScomedy removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-7min

Why would anyone believe in a “promised return”?
I had an old girlfriend who was really into this scam called USI Tech. They guaranteed 1% return everyday due to the success of their trading algorithm. She talked to some person holding an informational session. I told her it was 100% a scam and she got super defensive and even angry at me. There was literally nothing I could do to stop her.
I ended up notifying the FBI hoping they could stop it. She ended up losing her money when it collapsed and brushed it off as a life lesson.
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Bitcoin Discussion • USI Tech – Safe Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading & Mining MLM Company or Ponzi Scheme?

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Bitcoin Discussion • USI-Tech Trading CryptoCurrency

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Compound your Bitcoin with USI-TECH. Amazing company which gives returns of 140% through trading and mining. /r/BitcoinBeginners

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USI Tech Review! Wheres The Bitcoin And Forex Trades? Wheres The Licence?

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Referral Links • USI Tech is making headlines throughout the bitcoin community for its new bitcoin trading platform

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Best Crypto Trading Bots 2019

Best Crypto Trading Bots 2019
WolfpackBOT - The World's Fastest Crypto Trading Bot
There are basically two different ways you can make mazuma from digital currencies. You can purchase a couple of coins currently, hold them for an extensive period and offer them after the esteem has risen significantly or you can get started with exchanging digital forms of money, here once more, you can exchange physically or run with the best crypto exchanging bots. While holding cryptographic money for a more drawn out term has turned out to be fulfilling, it takes a bounty of time and tolerance for you to optically observe the estimation of your speculation increase.If you are somebody, who does not have the persistence to hang tight for so long, at that point digital currency trading provides you with the immaculate chance to make some mazuma. Numerous prosperous digital currency dealers do recommend you purchase low and sell high. In any case, this is easier verbalized than done.
Digital currencies have been cosmically unpredictable since the earliest reference point. They are the main tradable resources whose esteem shifts in twofold digit rates every day. The cost does not generally go up either. Along these lines, timing the market is the way to turning into a prosperous cryptographic money merchant.
Exchanging digital money isn't any advanced science. All you require is a record on a digital money trade and some cryptographic money in your wallet. This would have been the situation, had you started exchanging these computerized resources route in 2010.
Presently, on the off chance that you try to put in any limitation request on any famous cryptographic money trade, you will outwardly see another application set appropriate above you're, putting forth a superior arrangement. Hence, you are constrained to put orders at market esteem.
The way that a superior offer quickly negated your offer does not assign that somebody is continually crushing before the PC. You just set off crypto exchanging bot when you submitted your request. The best bitcoin exchanging bots have surmounted the whole cryptographic money exchanging biological system, and this is primarily because of the way that they are more effective than people, particularly when it comes down to exchanging.
Presently that you ken that bots have surmounted the crypto exchanging market, you more likely than not understood as of now that the chances of making mazuma when piled facing a great many bots are cosmically svelte.
You could ace all the distinctive specialized investigation strategies and exceed the bots. In any case, in addition to the fact that this is tedious withal very tedious. So instead of investing more energy finding out about the specialized investigation, you can set up the crypto exchanging bots all alone. By the end of this article, not exclusively will you ken probably the most profitably rewarding cryptographic money exchanging bots out there, yet moreover will be enabled with the intelligence of winnowing your very own exchanging bot later on.
Variables to Look for When Culling the Best Crypto Trading Bots
  1. Dependability
A standout amongst the most vital viewpoints to consider is the dependability of an exchanging bot. You would not operate to lose on a brilliant open door because your crypto bot went disconnected or stopped working for quite a while.
You may contend that there is no real way to make sure about the dependability of a specific exchanging bot. Notwithstanding, you aren't the just a single using a bot. Scan for what alternate clients who have used a particular bot need to verbally express about its consistent quality or basically allude to our rundown of the best bitcoin exchanging bots underneath.
  1. Security
With regards to cryptographic forms of money, you can't inculpate anybody yet yourself if there should be an occurrence of a hack. When you initiate using an exchanging bot, you are giving the bot access to your mazuma. This can be very jeopardous, particularly if the exchanging bot is beginning in the field.
There is no telling how secure a specific bot is. In this way, while separating an exchanging bot, complete quintessential research and winnow a bot that has been broadly extolled for its security.
  1. Productivity
Everything comes down to this fundamental part. Is the bot profitably worthwhile or not? An inquiry for which it is elusive an answer. The primary reason you chose to run with an exchanging bot is to benefit over its exchanging ability. There is no influential pertinence in using a bot that isn't profitably rewarding. In this way, discover the productivity of a bot up to you put both your time and mazuma into it.
  1. Straightforwardness
The fundamental motivation behind why digital currency rose to acclaim is that the entire system is plenarily straightforward. There is the wrong spot for any injustice. The equivalent ought average even from the exchanging bot that you choose to run with.
Attempt to winnow a bot whose engineers are unmistakable for their work in the network. Straightforwardness benefits to fabricate trust as well as also profits you to connect with the ideal individuals to adjust any issue.
  1. Simplicity of profit
The entire cogency of running with a robotized bitcoin exchanging is to make the whole procedure of transferring cryptographic forms of money simple for everybody. A bot which accompanies a simple to use interface is the one that is exceptionally well known. Having the capacity to control the bots with only a couple of snaps of the mouse is something you should pay individual mind to, in the bot that you choose to use.
Considering every one of the variables we have arranged a rundown of the best ten digital currency exchanging bots in 2019, the review will be unendingly refreshed with the goal that data remains apropos.
Top 10 Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2019
  1. Cryptohopper
This may be a new bot in the crypto exchanging market. In any case, this newcomer has figured out how to blow some people's minds because of the comprehensive exhibit of highlights that this bot gives. One of the defeats of most exchanging bots is that they kept running on your neighborhood machine. This betokens they run just when you have turned on your PC.
With the lift in enthusiasm for cloud-predicated advancements, Cryptohopper uses cloud innovation to keep the bot running day in and day out. By running the bot on a cloud, clients will most likely put in exchange requests notwithstanding amid the night. In this manner, no open door is missed.
Another critical reason that prompted the lift in the notoriety of Cryptohopper is its simplicity of usage, particularly for the tyro. The bot has incorporated with an outside exchanging signaller. This assigns anybody can initiate using this bot by running it on autopilot. This is a help to the nascent dealers, who need not stress over setting exchanging signals for their bot. The bot withal gives progressively experienced clients a chance to mess around and set their own exchanging signals. Along these lines, it is satisfying the desiderata of both. Aside from this, the bot is incidentally outfitted with highlights, for example, trailing stops, specialized examination, formats, and backtesting. Formats benefit you to design a nascent setting for your bot quickly, and specialized investigation sanctions you to redo and arrange your own settings.
Like every extraordinary thing, the crypto container comes with a sticker price fastened to it. The cost starts from $19 every month for the fundamental arrangement and goes up to $99 per month if you operate their most extravagant arrangement. When you buy into any of the organizations, you can start using the bot on prominent trades like Binance, Huboi, Kucoin, Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Cryptopia, and Bitfinex. On the off chance that you are slanted to spend the additional buck on an exchanging bot, at that point Cryptohopper is an extraordinary separate.
  1. 3Commas
Even though 3Commas bot is nascent to the exchanging bot scene, it could give its clients huge increases, notwithstanding amid the crypto bear showcase.
The new element that dissevers this bot from other bots is its workforce to trail any crypto advertise. This authorizes the bot to close the exchange at the most profitably excellent position, yet the objective addition set by the utilizer had just been come to. This element benefits enormously amid the crypto bull run. Additionally, the bot adventitiously endorses clients to exchange numerous cryptographic forms of money simultaneously. In this manner, it is not passing up any great exchanging opportunity that goes along the way. The bot is set up on the cloud and is available through the site. This betokens the bot runs 24X7. The bot can be designed with Binance and Bittrex at this moment and increasingly legitimate trades, for example, BitFinex, Poloniex, KuCoin, and so forth will be coordinated anon.
The 3Commas comes with a sticker price appended to it. The starter plan will cost you $24, and the most luxurious genius pack would set you back by $82. On the off chance that you operate to give crypto bot exchanging a go, at that point, you could use the 3Commas starter plan and later peregrinate to the more rich schemes.
  1. Gunbot
This is another mainstream exchanging bot with more than 6000 dynamic merchants using its lodging on a quotidian substructure. Good with a few exchanging stages including Binance and GDAX, it very well may be kept running on your nearby PC. This can keep running on Windows, Linus, and the Mac stages, so running on your neighborhood machine would not be a bind.
The bot has 32 diverse pre-arranged exchanging systems which give clients a wide cluster of choices to induce some automated revenue. Among these techniques, the three most well-known ones are the Bollinger band, step addition, and ping pong. Numerous clients have detailed having made a bounty of benefits with the BB procedures. Gunbot isn't in freedom to use and accompanies a one-time level rate running from 0.1BTC to 0.3BTC, contingent upon the highlights that you would savor to optically observe in the bot. Aside from this, the bot supplementally comes as a Lite rendition that has encircled highlights yet can be habituated to test around with the lesser measure of mazuma.
The post-buy support given by the organization is truly surprising. Clients get their issues settled in less than multi-day. The main pickle with regards to this bot is that you ought to in every case reliably outwardly look at the present market state. If the instability of the crypto advertise is high, at that point you ought to most likely turn the bot off to shun any misfortune
  1. Gekko
This is the most diverse digital money exchanging bot in subsistence at present. For any individual who needs to gain proficiency with some things about exchanging bots and not spend any mazuma getting one, at that point Gekko is the bot for you. The Gekko trading bot is an open source bitcoin exchanging bot venture that is accessible for anybody to use for nothing. The way that it is in freedom to use is the fundamental purpose behind its wide prevalence. Like some other open-source ventures, Gekko is free of for all intents and purposes all bugs and even the ones the pop are fixed up at lightning speeds. The Gekko bot can collaborate with a few trades, including Bitfinex, Polonix, and BitStamp. The bot uses a web interface to associate with the clients and can keep running on a neighborhood machine with Windows, Linux, or the Mac OS.
The bot comes pre-designed with some exchanging system. You can initiate using the bot on autopilot as anon as you introduce and design it with a trade. In any case, if you would savor to use your very own exchanging system, the bot withal endorses you to design it to your savoring. While the present design is respectable for trying different things with the bot, there are a few other exchanging techniques accessible online that would benefit you make an all the more profitably worthwhile wager. The bot will withal send you a notice at whatever point it executes a specific exchange. This is finished by incorporating it with the Telegram envoy. Consequently, you will dependably ken how well your bot is performing.
The main drawback to the Gekko exchanging bot is that it isn't very utilizer-heartfelt. There are a few aides in the digital world that direct you through the underlying setup process. Be that as it may, this procedure isn't extremely direct and you would presumably hit a barricade at any rate once amid the underlying setup.
  1. Zenbot
Another allowed to use digital currency exchanging bot, Zenbot can be considered as a further developed form of the Gekko exchanging bot. Nonetheless, as Gekko has been around for a more extended time, it is all the more generally used. Much the same as Gekko, Zenbot programming can be downloaded from Github and introduced on your neighborhood PC. The product is perfect with Windows, Mac just as the Linux working frameworks. The bot comes pre-arranged with an entirely nice exchanging system. In any case, its real potential can be opened only when you initiate executing your exchanging order. The primary bind with the allowed to use bots is that they are frequently not very utilizer-genial. In any case, this isn't the situation with Zenbot. The entire setup process is extremely effortless, and you can have the bot fully operational in all respects speedily. The bot chips away at all prevalent trades, for example, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, and so on.
As it is an open source venture, it is without now of a few bugs, and regardless of whether one springs up, it will be adjusted all around speedily. The Zenbot can effortlessly actualize with a few informing stages, for example, slack, Telegram, and so on to give you the updates of any exchange that was executed.
Adventitiously, the Zenbot withal braces high-recurrence exchanging. This is a component that outlined the personnel of the Gekko bot. The Zenbot is being refreshed, and more highlights are being incorporated traditionally. Hence, making it a bot for you to reliably outwardly analyze.
  1. WolfpackBOT: WolfpackBOT is a cryptographic money exchanging programming application that has been created with the most developed highlights of any robotized exchanging programming of its sort. The WolfpackBOT has been intended to execute exchanging directions with the usage of restrictive numerical calculations, and specialized investigation bespeakers predicated on the client's predefined assignments.
The cryptographic money advertise as of now bearish, and many exchanging bots easily miss the scarcest vacillations. WolfpackBOT has been built to execute trading directions at a lightning speed and is fit for making up to a large number of exchanges every day, relying upon the states of the market.
WolfpackBOT is among the few cryptographic money exchanging bots that give crypto aficionados full self-governance, security, and control of their exchanging bot and its related API keys. A large portion of the crypto trading bots out there are cloud-predicated stages that are constrained by outsider frameworks. While these stages guarantee dealers of outright wellbeing and security, insightful brokers ken that in the crypto space, outsider frameworks like trades and other cloud-predicated steps are hacked proximately consistently. Since WolfpackBOT programming and your related API keys are put away individually PC or devoted VPS, WolfpackBOT can sidestep a significant number of the security issues related to cloud-predicated frameworks.
WolfpackBOT has been created for the whole crypto network, from experienced merchants to novices, with three in all respects reasonably valued membership levels. WolfpackBOT accompanies a few membership bundles that authorize clients to exchange with a wide scope of chances predicated on their favored membership.
  1. CryptoTrader
cryptotrader_reviewAlmost all digital money merchants would have aurally seen about the crypto dealer exchanging bot. The across the board fame of this bot is because it was one of the absolute first bots to be kept running on the cloud and accessible to the clients day in and day out.
The crypto broker bot is plenarily web-predicated and in this manner, open from anyplace you can associate with the digital world. The bot can be easily designed with a few well-known trades, for example, Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, and so on. This bot does not come for nothing out of pocket. You can operate from the few organizations accessible. The valuing initiates with 0.003BTC every month for the most simple arrangement and this goes up to 0.0472 BTC every month for their excellent arrangement.
While all plans do offer clients support for programmed exchanging, the early highlights and as far as possible for the more indulgent plans is higher than that given the basic arrangement. Any early component that is caused is most readily accessible on the higher bundle designs and are later accessible on the basic plans. On the off chance that you would simply savor to exchange on a solitary trade and with exceptionally delineated mazuma, at that point the basic arrangement will get the job done. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are outwardly looking at the higher volume of exchanges, at that point run with the higher bundle.
This bot additionally sustains algorithmic exchanging. In this manner, I am making it effortless for clients to execute their very own arrangements. The bot can be effortlessly modified. In this manner, I am making it a broadly utilized cryptographic money exchanging bot.
  1. Bitcoin Robot
btcrobotWe simply needed to incorporate the pioneer of digital currency exchanging bots on our rundown of the best crypto exchanging bots. The Bitcoin robot started as a Bitcoin exchanging bot. In any case, it can now withal be designed to exchange different digital currencies, for example, Ethereum and Litecoin. The bot is accessible as a product and should be downloaded and keep running on your neighborhood machine. This betokens the exchanges will be executed just as long as you keep your PC turned on. The bot can effortlessly work with a few digital money trades and is by and large broadly utilized even today. The bot isn't accessible free of expense and costs you a premium. The cost of the bot ranges from $19.99 every month for the principal plan. In any case, clients usually buy the platinum plan that costs just $399 one time charge and offers utilizer unlimited access to every one of the highlights.
The benefits made by individuals using this bot verbalizes for itself. Supplementally, they do offer a 60-days mazuma back assurance. Along these lines, you should look at them once.
  1. USI Tech
This can't be considered as a bot. In any case, the USI tech BTC settlement promises mechanized benefits for your BTC speculations. The USI Tech was at first intended for Forex exchanging. In any case, after the raise of the ubiquity of Bitcoin, they additionally offer BTC bundles. Not at all like some other BTC exchanging bot where you require to give the API key of your trade account to execute exchanges, on USI Tech, you will require to winnow from among the few BTC master exchanges. At that point, you will begin accepting your segment of benefits at whatever point exchange is made.
The USI Tech stage basically ensures extraordinary comes back to your speculations. The entire procedure of purchasing your absolute first BTC bundle is withal simple and pellucidly elucidated on their site. You can explore different avenues regarding the benefits that you gain. In any case, the number of bundles you purchase, the more dominant will be your benefit
  1. Margin.De (Leonardo Bot)
Edge LeonardobotThis is a cryptographic money exchanging bot with the most utilizer-genial interface. The GUI of the bot is easy to use, and the highlights gave are extremely puissant. The bot was structured with two exchanging techniques ping pong and Margin exchanging actualized into it. In any case, you can withal modify it with your very own custom settings. This bot lays incredible complement on the visual parts of exchanging. The specialized examination done by the bot is immensely simple to break down. What more? The bot has an astonishing component called visual exchanging. This interface feels rich smooth to use and offers clients the most extreme authority over the exchanges.
The bot was at first evaluated at 0.5 BTC consistently. Notwithstanding, presently, it is accessible at a one-time cost extending from $89 to $1999 with the most elevated arrangement offering a bigger number of highlights than th
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USI-Tech Scam or Oppportunity w/ICO & Biz

I was given a presentation on USI-Tech about buying packets for funding FOREX, Mining and Bitcoin investing. They are about $60 a piece and return 1%. I'm not sure about these guys. Anybody heard of it?
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USI Tech

I wrote this to a friend who attempted to recruit me into USI Tech.
heres my opinion
USI Tech has a lot of similarities with very problematic business models.
its ownership has problematic connections; it operates a multilevel marketing model that relies on the recruitment of new investors; i havent seen convincing proof that their software truly works the way they say it works.
ive found a lot of cloak and dagger having done a couple weeks of research on the company and my conclusion is that
for me personally there are too may red flags to invest. ive consumed a lot of material on the subject of their legitimacy from both sides of the argument. this is a complex question and it has a complex answer.
the objective truth of whether or not the company is a scam will be regarded as a matter of opinion until history reveals itself; as of right now you believe they are an honest enterprise, and i disagree. that is totally fine, we are both friends and we respect eachothers opinions and we want the best for one another; either of us could be wrong and it won't affect our friendship.
for me, the decision to forego the investment came from these red flags:
1.) Who. its hard to get an official document of exactly who owns the company however these are a few names that come up as people who have either seemed to own it or have at one point promoted it, all of which cast shade over themselves: Mike Kiefer, Ralf Gold, Joao Severino, Charles Scoville.
USI Tech is registered in Dubai and while that is not problematic on its own, there are devastating amounts of internet ponzis registered or operating out of Dubai, specifically foreign exchange trading scams.
2.) How. multilevel marketing. i despise MLM, i believe it is a predatory recruitment method that exploits people's hope and greed. while pyramid schemes can make money, very very very very very often the actual money making mechanism is the recruitment of new members and their subsequent purchase investments. even with a really shitty product you can make this go far so long as the hype is strong enough to feed recruitment.
my family was ruined when i was ten after my parents claimed bankrupcy over a zealous series of investments in Melaluca, an organic lotions MLM. this will always affect my bias.
3.) What. USI Tech's bitcoin product, what is it? do they offer a crypto trading software that works like their forex robot? as far as i can tell, there is no direct evidence of the actual trades that their software allegedyly engages in. my bottom line is here i can't come up with any evidence of a tangible product that truly does what they say it does which is problematic because they are offering a ROI which is apparently based on this robot's performance. moreover, if USI Tech is attempting some clever loophole trickery to avoid having registered with the SEC for selling securities, i have no idea what it is and that is alarming.
finally, 4.) Why. ponzi. if you do not know how a ponzi scheme works on a technical level, learn it, it is very simple. a multilevel marketing company out of Dubai that offers a cloaked software product raises supreme concern for me. their shelflife looks to have been extended by having added an anonymous and unregulated currency into the mix.
i don't doubt that at some level they are trying to make honest money, maybe that is what their mining operation is about. if they start offering cloud mining, that will be another red flag.
money can be made in a ponzi, i just believe its dishonest money. the operative is to discontinue reinvestment at a safe time. i cant put my btc in it because i believe it will contribute to the propagation of the business, which i believe to be malevolent.
for me, the magic is in bitcoin. not a robot that trades bitcoin. not a robot that trades in fiat markets.
i dont even speculate in arbitrage because the magic isnt even in the investment opportunity.
if what they say is true, and there is a robot that can consistently pull value out of crypto markets, then that is an innovative and lucrative achievement, but i don't buy it. if they use a robot to pull value out of forex, then my investment is directly participating in that system of currency that i don't trust.
you're a good dude, and obviously i have no hard feelings about your involvement, you will make money in it even which is great. like i said you can still make money in it and of course its tempting to invest so i might even buy a pack depending on how greedy i get, but my opinion isn't likely to change about the nature of USI Tech until i learn more.
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USI Tech versus Genesis Mining BTC packages. Which one is more viable and legit?

So yesterday I did some research on USI Tech Bitcoin packages.
Here is the deal USI provides:
You can buy a Bitcoin package for €50 worth of BTC at that given moment. They promise a payout on this every working day of 0,75%-1,25 and 1% on average. Your contract lasts 140 working days, which means that with a stable BTC price, you will brake even around day 100
I bought my first USI Tech BTC package last night, and got my first payout already this morning (I did expect it not earlier than Wednesday). Payout was 0,95%, so within the range they promised but below the 1% average. So this feels pretty solid, and I think I'll invest some more soon. Since the pay-out is in BTC and based on the original value of the pack in BTC, a raising BTC price will actually increase the value of your daily pay-out, which is nice.
USI Tech makes their money with mining and day-trading using trading software (bots). But in contrast to for example Genesis Mining packages, your own pay-out doesn't take a hit from the growing mining difficulty. This is why I would prefer investing in USI Tech, not in Genesis Mining. Genesis mining provides a lifetime BTC package, but with the current increasing difficulty your contract won't last long. Also read this good post about Genesis packs:
But let's talk about the risks: I really wonder if USI Tech can keep up to pace with their daily pay-outs when it gets more and more users who buy more and more packages. I guess we will find out soon. The company has been there for the last 8 years, so that looks pretty solid. It does feel a bit shady to me that their headquarters are located in Dubai, but maybe they have their reasons for this (e.g. Tax?)
What do you guys think of my comparison and do you think Genesis and USI Tech are actually legit companies? Also would this be a legit way to get rich, or would you just hodl BTC/altcoins?
If you want to try out buying BTC packages in USI Tech too, you can use my referral link: Much appreciated :)
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USI-TECH pays 1% per day, 140 days get 140%

USI-TECH is a very good company. They mine bitcoin and alt-coins, trade bitcoin and alt-con with trading bot, arbitrage between different exchanges around the world. Join to a strong team to build your wealth. Please click the referral link below. Thank you.
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Create passive income from crypto's

The following post by x5serv is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/76bizt
The original post's content was as follows:
Hi Crypo traders!
I have been a couple of years in crypto now but really started investing in november 2016 with my primary strategy #HODL. A couple of months ago I got the idea of creating passive income from cryptocurrency and thought let’s share this. Although I lost money along the way to and some bad masternode investments (buying neutron on yobit) for now the ROI is impressive. Disclaimer, only invest what you can lose and always do your own due diligence. For now, my strategy is:
1. Masternodes
Where bitcoin uses a proof-of-work system where the miners are in control. Some altcoins like DASH and PIVX use the proof-of-stake system which is maintained by stakers and masternodes. Masternodes validate all public transactions within about 4 seconds by communicating each transaction across all nodes on the network to prevent double spending (Duffield, Schinzel, and Gutierrez, 2014). Running a masternode can be quite profitable.
Masternode Excel
Masternode Statistics
Masternode List
Masternode - PIVX:
  • Principal: $8.000,00
  • Rate of Interest 0%
  • ROI 5,93%
  • Your profit (Daily): $4,74
  • Your profit (Monthly): $142,20
  • Daily Reward: 1,5
  • Price $3,16
Masternode - Bitsend:
  • Principal: $9.000,00
  • Rate of Interest : 0%
  • Your profit (Daily): $11,73
  • Your profit (Monthly): $351,78
  • ROI: 13,03%
  • Daily Reward: 28,6
  • Risk: Normal / Normal
  • Price: $0,41
Masternode - Eternity:
  • Principal: $167,00
  • Rate of Interest: 0%
  • Your profit (Daily): $ 0,46
  • Your profit (Monthly): $13,69
  • ROI: 27,32%
  • Daily Reward: 2,7
  • Risk: Normal / Normal
  • Price: $0,17
Masternode - Ionomy:
  • Principal: $25.864,00
  • Rate of Interest : 0%
  • Your profit (Daily): € 32,00
  • Your profit (Monthly): $960,00
  • ROI: 12,37 %
  • Daily Reward: 25
  • Risk: Normal / Normal
  • Price: $1,28
Masternode - Syndicate:
  • Principal: $1.157,00
  • Rate of Interest: 0%
  • Your profit (Daily): $ 3,60
  • Your profit (Monthly): $108,00
  • ROI: 31,11%
  • Daily Reward: 20
  • Risk: Normal / Normal
  • Price: $0,18
2. Lending
I know a lot of people are against these lending sites and the risk is high but for the last couple of months they never missed a playout so I like to give them the benefit of the douth. DO NOT INVEST MONEY YOU CANNOT LOSE!
  • Compounding in increments of $ 10 (watch the term)
  • Interest Rate: 0% to 2% (0.88% over 30 days)
  • Turn $100 into $200K in 3 years (With compounding)
  • Daily payouts!
  • Capital return (ROC): Yes
  • Start: 12-07-2017
  • Invested: $ 20,110
  • Total lending profit: $ 20,512
BitPetite: – No trades or mining just profit from the tumbler. Make sure to invest in Bitcoin, BTC not Bitcoin, USD!
  • No compounding possible!
  • 6 week program gets you a 147% total return.
  • 9 week program gets you a 180% total return
  • Weekends give 1%, weekdays 4.5%
  • Capital return (ROC): No (accumulated in the price!)
  • Start: 25-9-2017
  • Invested: $ 7,200
  • Total lending profit: $ 4,124
USI Tech:
  • Offers Auto-Rebuy (Compounding)
  • 1% per day 5 days per week
  • 50 Euro Packages Expire in 140 Business Days
  • Capital return (ROC): No
  • Start: Investigating
  • Invested: $0
  • Total lending profit: $0
Chain.Group: - Escrow Service between Investors and Trade Groups trading cryptocurrencies. You can participate in multiple trade groups.
  • Various Programs (Prefer dragon foundation)
  • Some allow compounding
  • 0.5% fee on withdrawals.
3. Staking
Investing in Masternodes can be quite expensive and not all PoS coins have masternodes. So you can also earn from staking coins, the more coins you have the higher the stake reward.
  • Principal (250 NEO) : $7,239.63
  • Actual Dividend: 8.64%
  • Your profit (Daily): $1,714
  • Your profit (Monthly): $51,43
  • Daily Reward: 0,0755
  • Risk: Normal / Normal
  • GAS Price: $22.71/USD
  • Principal (10000 NEBL): $22,524.00
  • Rate of Interest: 0%
  • Your profit (Daily): $8,08
  • Your profit (Monthly): $242,31
  • Daily Reward: 4,1
  • Risk Normal / Normal
  • Price: $2.25
4. Fund Managers
Fund managers are a easy way to invest in and manage multiple digital assets without thinking about which coin to invest.
  • Principal: $1000
  • Rate of Interest: 0,68%
  • Your profit (Daily) $6.80
  • Your profit (Monthly) $ 204
  • Risk / Reward: Normal / Normal
5. Mining
Individual mining is (in most cases) not profitable. Therefor some providers created mining pools, you can invest in them so they can invest in mining gear and you get a part of the profit.
Genesis Mining:
  • ROI Varies from 3 to 10 months
  • Capital return (ROC): No
  • Start: Investigating
  • Invested: $0
  • Total lending profit: $0
The actual prices may vary from day to day but those 5 are generating a profit of +- $3K per week. Hope this helps someone and if anybody has some more methods I really like to hear them!
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Despite it being pretty obvious USI-Tech has operated as a Ponzi scheme since BTC Packages were released last year, the company maintains it isn’t.
Amid an ongoing ROI revenue crisis that has seen daily ROI rates plummet, someone at USI-Tech has inadvertently confirmed it’s a scam.
In an update sent out to USI-Tech affiliates sometime over the last 24 hours, the company has revealed its “repayment plan for BTC Pack 1.0”.
As per the official company announcement;
The income from the direct sale of a BTC 2.0 Package sales is split as follows: – 35% to commissions for the referring upline – 15% for company expenses – ​50% for repayment of: (obligations at 24th Feb, 2018) Remaining 1.0 packages, Outstanding commissions (and) Prior wallet balances
As above, USI-Tech have officially confirmed they are literally using newly invested funds to pay off existing investors.
For those of you who are mathematically inclined, you’ll no doubt have observed that 35% + 15% + 50% = 100%. USI-Tech affiliates are supposed to be investing in mining, so where is that money coming from?
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I want to talk about Bitcoin scams

EDIT: I edited the name out of a screencap. sorry about that.
pardon the wall of text but this is super important to me.
i am a hardcore bitcoin evangelist and my entire facebook friend list probabaly associates me with bitcoin because i spend a great deal of time educating people and discussing it on social media. my background is computer network engineering and web developing; i've studied bitcoin for a few years now.
first i wanna talk about USI Tech.
not long ago i was asked to invest some bitcoin via a company called USI Tech. at the time, USI Tech's only relation to bitcoin was that they sold cryptic "bitcoin packages" that would return 140% over 140 days. that means if i gave them 1 BTC today, they would give me 1% of a bitcoin for 140 days, meaning that after 100 days, my initial investment would be recovered, and then all i get to do is wait for those 40 days to see my profit.
when i was first recruited, it was before they rebranded themselves. this was just a few weeks ago. prior to this rebranding, there was no indication from the company regarding exactly how they were able to provide that kind of return on investment. at the time their only product other than these "bitcoin packages" was a license that provided access to a very special very secretive robot that harnessed artificial intelligence to yield apparently handsome returns via speculative arbitrage in the foreign exchange market. there are zero trades attributed to this "robot" and in fact there is zero evidence of a robot at all. they do have software for their customers that apparently track gains however there is zero correlation between these numbers and their apparent source.
since their rebranding, they are now marketing these "bitcoin packages" as having generated income via cloud mining. keep in mind that USI Tech does not sell hashrate, nor even techinically access to remote hardware; USI Tech sells "bitcoin packages" however how these packages specifically relate to hashrates accessed on remote hardware, or cloud mining, is not at all explained. in fact, here on their website they say that details will be released and then reference a date that has already passed..
to be blunt, cloud mining is a meme. mining cryptocurrency for a profit is generally difficult even for the big boys in China. that bitcoin could be worth more in the future than it is now is the reason why miners mine; the energy spent mining bitcoin costs more than the value of those mined bitcoins.
how does USI Tech not only mine so successfully that they themselves can be profitable, but so that customers who purchase this mining remotely can be successful to the tune of 140% over 140 days?
also they are in pre-sale for their own ICO,
also they have zero registration documents filed with the SEC,
also the names that used to be on their masthead, Ralf Gold and Joao Severino, were involved in past scams,
also their business is registered in Dubai, just like almost every single forex ponzi,
also like i said there is zero proof that they trade anything at all, anywhere.
i really thought i knew my shit. is there a more experienced bitcoin user that can point to any situation where that sort of profitibility can be achieved by cloud mining?
if the question seems rhetorical for the high bitcoin minds on this sub, then maybe i've done my duty by exposing USI Tech's dubious claims and raising suspicion which brings me to my next point:
secondly i wanna talk about the tactics used by this company to fool people.
primarily i should say that USI Tech operates a multilevel marketing structure that rewards recruitment through commission. it is not a coincidense that ponzi schemes use MLM structures to grow; ponzis require a continuous flow of new investment in order to work. to be blunt, MLM is a predatory business approach that exploits people's hope and greed. all MLM use the same tactic of targeting people's desperation to earn passive income.
USI Tech takes advantage of a population of people who are desperate to invest in a technology they do not comprehend. this is how they can get away with selling something that there is no evidence of. people now have a very dire desire to be involved in bitcoin because they have seen the news. people that do not know enough about investments, let alone cryptography, are aching to enter the space before all the potential is claimed.
there is much fertile potential to scam people who don't know that hyperbole like "smart contracts made off-chain that return high yield arbitration via intelligent algorithms backed by authenticated crypto-asset bonds.." is all bullshit. in most cases, even if they could, there is no code to review, no whitepaper to digest, and in the case of USI Tech, not even satisfacory rhetoric to substantiate anything being sold by these scammers.
earlier today, i went into a facebook group called USI TECH BITCOIN TEAM SUCCESS, and i asked a question. i said "i'm interested in joining USI Tech, and as a programmer and bitcoin nerd, i want to know the details of their mining operation." immediately the reaction was two-fold. promptly some were chiming in with agreeable sentiments like 'i've also wondered' and 'yes there is a lack of transparency', and others were already indignant with stuff like 'they said they are working on transparency give them a break' and 'troll detected, usi tech is not a scam because look i made money'.
okay fair enough the conversation was started and i was pretty quickly banned from the group. i had a dozen or so people in my ear at this point asking me what happened, people that have invested real money in this company. i spent hours discussing this with some of them. i had a conversation with the group's admin, here it is. he basically says that he doesn't want to upset people that have found a way to make money, and that my questions should be directed somewhere else.
i've sent exhaustive emails pondering specifics to USI Tech to no avail.
in conclusion, bitcoin has provided rich new opportunities for scamming people.
let me be clear: yes money can be made in a ponzi scheme. the operative to earning money in a ponzi is to know when to discontinue reinvestment. by all means, partake in the ponzi even, so long as you know what you are contribtuing to. the number one argument that people will make in favor of the ponzi they're in is
"but i made money".
it is our duty as crypto-enthusiasts to spread responsible education regarding bitcoin. i say to people "if you are interested in bitcoin, invest in bitcoin, because that is where the actual innovation is".
TL;DR: fuck bitcoins ponzis like USI Tech, stay alert, stay safe.
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The USI Tech conundrum—is it a pyramid scam or not? #bitcoin - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: February 27, 2018 at 07:12PM
The USI Tech conundrum—is it a pyramid scam or not? #bitcoin
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BitConnect's Only Competitor, now with a Coin

USI Tech has been out almost as long as BitConnect. USI Tech, who have been out for a year selling BTC packages and trading with Forex with BTC, has started their own ICO coin. They have been a Transparent company from the beginning and deliver updates frequently. They are now starting a coin, while also keeping their Bitcoin Forex trading program as well. Two programs from the same website. They still have their Car Bonus incentive running as well! Their coin is going to take off, don't miss out!
Here are some cost and income projections when TECHCOIN hits exchanges:
Silver Price: ($58) or 0.009433 BTC 100 Tech Coin tokens (about $0.58 cents each) Income potential when it hits the market: $1 = $100 $10 = $1,000 $100 = $10,000
Gold Price: ($2,900) or 0.47165 BTC 5,000 Tokens and one bonus. First bonus 10,000 Tokens 10,000 tokens ($0.29 cents each) Income potential when it hits the market: $1 = $10,000 $10 = $100,000 $100 = $1 Million
Ruby ($11,600) or 1.8866 BTC 20,000 Tokens and two bonuses. First bonus 40,000 Tokens Second bonus 80,000 Tokens 80,000 tokens ($0.14 cents each) Income potential when it hits the market: $1 = $80,000 $10 = $800,000 $100 = $8 Million
Emerald ($29,000) or 4.7165 BTC 400,000 tokens ($0.07 cents each) Income potential when it hits the market: $1 = $400,000 $10 = $4 Million $100 = $40 Million
Diamond ($58,000) or 9.433 BTC 100,000 Tokens and four bonuses. First bonus 200,000 Tokens Second bonus 400,000 Token Third bonus 800,000 Tokens Fourth bonus 1,600,000 Tokens 1,600,000 tokens ($0.03 cents each) Income potential when it hits the market: $1 = $1.6 Million $10 = $16 Million $100 = $160 Million
Comp Plan = Same as BTC Package Uni-level, 10% front line.
With A BONUS: What ever package you purchase you earn 20% front line on people who buy that package or lower 10% on any package you don’t own.
Keep in mind that to buy any of these packages you need a BTC wallet, since USI Tech only accepts payments and pays commissions in bitcoin.
Here's some perspective on what's possible, For example if you bought the Ruby package for 80,000 tokens (14 cents each)at$11,600 or 1.8866 BTC:
If each coin went up to $1 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $80,000
If each coin went up to $10 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $800.000
If each coin went up to $100 then my $11,606.00 investment would be worth $8 Million
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The Safest Investment You Can Make.

There are a lot of scam's in the crypto currency world, but USI-Tech is not one of them. USI-Tech is a software company that has been in business for over 20 years. You can ofcourse sit on your Bitcoin and watch it or you can join us and make money every day. We are purchasing financial contracts with terms to produce 1% a day payout for approximately 140 working days. We provide the capital to purchase the contract, they do trading and mining and we receive the results. They are really looking to the longterm of their business and are not selling fake wishful dreams. This is what makes USI-Tech different.
Check them out,
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LitBit, Start buying and selling crypto currency today!
et d'autres Trade:
====== ICI on a entendu des rumeur , mais pas d’information pour le moment ! ====================
Chain Goup , a new long-term investment program that. It is a group consisting of several investment programs , automatic trade, offering variable rates ranging from 0.1% to 10% per day. In addition, part of our investment is reimbursed if the program on which we have invested is no longer payable:
M'y WebSite, List ICO and Earn Bitcoin, Cryptocoin:
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The Safest Investment You Can Make.

There are a lot of scam's in the crypto currency world, but USI-Tech is not one of them. USI-Tech is a software company that has been in business for over 20 years. You can ofcourse sit on your Bitcoin and watch it or you can join us and make money every day. We are purchasing financial contracts with terms to produce 1% a day payout for approximately 140 working days. We provide the capital to purchase the contract, they do trading and mining and we receive the results. They are really looking to the longterm of their business and are not selling fake wishful dreams. This is what makes USI-Tech different.
Check them out,
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Mining and Trading activities

With Bitcoin-Packages, you participate in the mining and trading activities of USI-TECH. These are short-term and long-term trades of BitCoin and Alt-Coins as well as the mining of different cryptocurrencies. You do not need any knowledge in this area, nor do you need to trade yourself.
BTC-Packages are an investment in the form of packages worth 50 EUR each (payable in BitCoin). Over a period of 140 business days you receive your deposit back with daily 1% (40% profit).
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usi tech - how to buy tokens with bitcoin wallet Bitcoin HYIP/SCAMS - Let's Talk USI-TECH! *WARNING* USI-Tech Bitcoin Compounding Overview Usi Tech - Turn 1 Bitcoin into 5+ Bitcoin Without Recruiting... USI-Tech Paid 34 BTC For Withdrawals - May 9 Update

USI Tech (United Software Intelligence Technology) is a company that claimed to develop the world’s first automated trading platform for Bitcoin (BTC). Starting in May 2017, USI Tech started concentrating on selling BTC packages to traders and miners who wanted to automate these activities. Since March 2017, USI Tech has made huge headlines throughout the bitcoin community for its low-level entry point in investing bitcoin into USI’s bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency mining connections. USI Tech is far from your ordinary automatic currency trading platform, as it combines automated trading with an MLM matrix. Usi-Tech announced an ambitious plan involving investing in BTC mining packages last year. These BTC mining packages seemed suspicious from the start, and Usi-Tech recently confirmed this much after announcing an end to its affiliate back-office crypto mining charade.. Caving Under Pressure. As mentioned, Usi-Tech’s BTC mining packages were suspicious from the start. USI Tech or United Software Intelligence Technology is a company that claims to provide an automated system for trading and Bitcoin mining. It also claims to help users earn 150% every month. It also claims to help users earn 150% every month. Since March 2017, USI Tech has made huge headlines throughout the bitcoin community for its low-level entry point in investing bitcoin into USI’s bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency mining connections. USI Tech is far from your ordinary automatic currency trading platform, as it combines automated trading with an MLM matrix.

[index] [270] [18] [687] [331] [661] [245] [353] [382] [721] [633]

usi tech - how to buy tokens with bitcoin wallet

USI-TECH is a technology that specialises in the development of automated trading software in the FOREX market and the Bitcoin crypto-currency. Get Started Now - USI-Tech, USI-Tech Review, USI-Tech Scam USI-Tech Bitcoin USI-Tech mlm USI-Tech English United Software Intelligence KryptoGeniX Crypto World Evolution CWE how to trade online auto-trading trading ... Learn about Bitcoin and How USI-Tech can Multiply it! Get back with the person who shared this with you and register for FREE today! sign up for FREE Earn Bitcoin, 100% automated, totaly Solid trasparent company with over 25 years on trading combined. Finally,... Get started with USI tech, with the link below. Feel free to call me, if you need any assistance +447979403673 Or leave me a message and I will get back to you as ...