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I need a distro for an old outdated laptop that will be running Monero GUI and Ledger Live for crypto storage/trading. Also it needs to be noob friendly

Graphics card is Intel HD graphics 3000 CPU is i3-2310m 4GB memory Windows 10
The laptop is a dell latitude from 2011, it almost looks brand new since it was barely used, put into storage, and forgotten about. Until now.
I tried to run monero GUI on windows 10, but it just wasn't able to perform properly using windows 10, I thought I'd give linux a try for the first time. Someone on monero suggested kubuntu, i want others opinions aswell, I had no idea their were so many distros.
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How to set up a secure home PC or Laptop for crypto trading

Has anyone tried using a virtual, non-persistent machine for online trading, storage and moving of coins? Does anyone with a IT background have an opinion on the security that this set-up may or may not have?
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Experienced Crypto Traders Prefer To Trade On Laptops: Research

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Let Your Users Trade ZRX for Merchcoins, Tokenized Gift Cards, by Integrating Merchcoins DEX. With Crypto Profits, they can Buy a Laptop at Best Buy, Coffee at Starbucks, or even Home Decor at Target.

Integration of Merchcoins (Tokenized Gift Cards - e.g. Starbucks (GCSTAR), Target (GCTGT)) is through a simple 0x Relayer API

Here's the URL for the Merchcoins DEX:

Integration docs are based on the 0x Relayer SRA API: relayer_function is based on the 0x Relayer v2 api, documentation found here:

* In the Fabrx API, /v2/ is not used in the URL
** The 0x Relayer api GET request /orde{orderHash} has "orderHash" as a URL variable. In Fabrx, the "orderHash" is a param variable
*** On the /asset_pairs call, only assets with live
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If I were to purchase an inexpensive laptop JUST for crypto trading, does operating system impact security? Does a chrome book have the same capabilities as a Mac or PC?

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What’s a good trading (stock trading and maybe crypto currency) laptop to get started with? I’m a beginner with a budget of up to $700/ $800.

What aspects would you advice me to look into?
I’m thinking of a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 iCore i7 or any other Dell laptop with iCore i7. But I’m not tech person so your advice will be very welcomed.
I’ll mainly use it to do technical analysis and plan to get into gaming a little bit too but the main and core thing here is stock trading, gaming is far from being a priority now.
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Win an Apple or Dell Laptop and FREE Crypto Trading for 1-Year! (05/31/2018) {WW}

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Enter for a chance to win FREE crypto trading for 1 year. 5 Grand prize winners will also get a free Apple or Dell laptop to trade with. Weekly winners will get 2,500 DAE tokens after the giveaway ends. (06/01/2018) {??}

Enter for a chance to win FREE crypto trading for 1 year. 5 Grand prize winners will also get a free Apple or Dell laptop to trade with. Weekly winners will get 2,500 DAE tokens after the giveaway ends. (06/01/2018) {??} submitted by dataentrytard to sweepstakes [link] [comments]

Enter for a chance to win FREE crypto trading for 1 year. 5 Grand prize winners will also get a free Apple or Dell laptop to trade with. Weekly winners will get 2,500 DAE tokens after the giveaway ends. (06/01/2018) {??}

Enter for a chance to win FREE crypto trading for 1 year. 5 Grand prize winners will also get a free Apple or Dell laptop to trade with. Weekly winners will get 2,500 DAE tokens after the giveaway ends. (06/01/2018) {??} submitted by dataentrytard to giveaways [link] [comments]

If I were to purchase an inexpensive laptop JUST for crypto trading, does operating system impact security? Does a chrome book have the same capabilities as a Mac or PC? /r/Bitcoin

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[USA-OH] [H] Aorus x5v6 1070 gaming laptop [W] PayPal, gpay, cash, BTC, crypto, partial trades (2 in 1, switch, ps4 pro, Xbox one x, n3ds, razer phone, note 8)
i7 6820hk GTX 1070 3k IPS screen 16gb ram 238gb Toshiba PCIE nvme 931gb HDD (seagate) flawless condition with box and instructions.
1,450$ shipped. Obo
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Trade crypto for gadgets, phones, laptops, drones and more

Drop me a line if you like to trade your coins for tech or clothing. BTC, BCH and LTC accepted.
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[USA-OH] [H] Aorus x5v6 1070 gaming laptop [W] PayPal, gpay, cash, BTC, crypto, partial trades (2 in 1, switch, ps4 pro, Xbox one x, n3ds, razer phone, note 8,)
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$15 an hour entry after bachelors, is this too low?

I completed a Bachelors in Information and Technology in December 2019. I did pretty good in school but am by no means a big coding guy and am more interested in IT side than computer science. I have been trading cryptocurrency for the last 3 years working for myself. I have been avoiding job offers because they make close to nothing what I’m currently making with crypto, but I really want to break into the IT field to get a more stable career and advanced my skills. I got offered a job for $15 an hour (yikes, terrible) for an entry level position. I have been applying to other with higher pay during the pandemic but my past job experience is in management/call centers so I was getting no bites. So I finally caved and accepted a low one. I am trying to just think of this as a necessary step in my career, but am having a hard time convincing myself of that because of the pay.
This job I took I can’t say I’m too excited about. But am thinking it might be a good starting point. I am just not sure if I am wasting my time and can get something better. I have a bachelors but no certs. My new job title is “Computer Repair Technician” and I will be working mainly on chromebooks and laptops for k-12 schools at a technical warehouse type setting. They are starting me off just installing cases, applying asset tags, wiring AC adapters. And then they will be moving into my repair position once I get a feel for things. That will include repairing broken screens, swapping parts, etc.
I did not imagine I would be making less than before I went back and got my bachelors at $15 an hour. But do you guys think from my brief description this is something good to get my foot into the door in an official IT position? I honestly feel I’m a bit above it, but no one else is biting so maybe I’m not. I for sure am starting on Monday, so I’m going to try it out for at least a few months. But how long do people typically stay in these entry positions before pay increases? I’m 31 and feel like I’m going too far back in the ladder of work experience. They are going to be long days for little pay (30k a year). Luckily I will still be doing my crypto trading so I am not worried about money, just that this is an unnecessary time sink.
Any input would be appreciated.
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[VA][H] HP 2000-2c29WM Laptop, 2x2gb DDR3 SODIMM, Various Laptop HDD [W] Paypal, Crypto, Trades for R9 280, 280x

HP 2000-2c29WM laptop - $150+shipping OBO
According to warranty info, it was originally purchased late april 2013. Its in great condition. Resetting windows now for sale.
2x2gb ELPIDA PC3-10600S-9-10-F1 SODIMM Laptop ram -$20 shipped OBO
[H] 1x640gb seagate momentus laptop hdd, 1xWD Blue 500gb laptop hdd, 1xSamsung 500gb laptop hdd, 1x hitachi 320gb laptop hdd, 1xWD 320gb laptop hdd [W] Offers
[H] I also have an ASUS U43F-BBA5 that the ram and one of the hard drives came from. I can't get the bios to come up, so it clearly does not work, however if someone is looking for a super cheap 14inch screen, I'd consider shipping. Otherwise, this will end up in the trash or electronics recycling.
So, I'm graduating, moving, and these parts must go. I will be shipping sold items next thursday, friday or saturday. The HP laptop, ram, and 320gb hard drives will go to the lowest reasonable offer I get over the next week. I'm also open to offer on the 640 and 500gb hard drives, but I'm not opposed to holding on to one or two of them, so I will not guarantee their sale. I will accept paypal, cryptocurrency, or am looking for a R9 280x/280 to trade for. However, I'm not paying for one straight up.
Obligatory photos:,tUD0ins,fiAXZJs,0sgPbuR
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My guide to start working online. After doing this for three years, I am on track to make $40,000 this year from it.

I have posted something very similar here a few times, and it usually gets a good amount of attention. I apologize if you have seen it before, but some people haven't and they could use the money. In 2018 I made about 15k from this guide (give or take a few sites). In 2019 it was closer to 25k. This year I am on track to make 40k.
I also want to preface this by saying that this post has refs in it. Some are mine, some are random Redditors, and some don't have one. If that upsets you for some reason, click the link, delete the stuff after .com and submit again and that will take care of it.

Top deals for September 2020

Swagbucks $10-$35 Hulu deal
Right now SB has another deal where you get credits to sign up to Hulu with the $5.99 plan. It may only be $20 or it may be $35 when you check as they seem to change it day to day. Since this deal has new terms, the credits might be paid out immediately or after 32 days. The credits can be used for Amazon GC or PayPal credit (both take a few days to get processed). Not only that, but you can get a $25 Amazon GC for $22 worth of points, so you can make even more. You can cancel the subscription after 8 days, but no sooner so you don't lose the points. So, five minutes of work for the equivalent of $16-$29 and a free month of Hulu.
$50 from SoFi for opening an account and direct depositing
This one will require you to have $500 that you can direct deposit. SoFi Money is a savings account, fee-free, 2% APY annual; so typical bank account. This deal will require you to use your SSN, link a bank account, and do a soft pull with Experian to complete. You just need to create a SoFi Money account through the link, deposit $500 twice to the account, and wait for a few days. After the deposit clears (1-2 business days), SoFi will instantly give you $50 bonus. After you get the $50 bonus you can pull out all money and close the account or keep using it.
Another $50 from SoFi but for stocks
After you get the $50 sign up bonus from SoFi Money, flip it through this link and fund the invest account. Since I (and you now) already had an account, it literally took under 5 minutes to set up and fund the account. Either way you do it, SoFi will give you an additional $50 in free stock of your choice. Keep it and hope it grows, or sell it for the quick $50 profit.
$50 from Chime for opening an account and depositing $200
Pretty much the same exact set up as SoFi. This one will require you to have $200 that you can do without for a few days. You just need to create the Chime account through the link, deposit $200 to the account, and wait for a few days. It says direct deposit only, but this tested and worded with just connecting a bank account and doing the deposit. After the deposit clears (1-2 business days), Chime will instantly give you $50 bonus. After you get the $50 bonus you have to wait until your new debit card arrives and is activated before you can move the money out.
$50 from eToro
This is a crypto trading account. The same deal as the other ones. Fund the account using the ref link and get $50. The wait time on this one is usually around 7 business days.
$10-$120 in crypto for watching videos and answering quiz questions
$10 from Coinbase if you buy / sell $100 or more worth of crypto
This is a crypto trading account. The link takes you to the account signup screen. After you create the account visit and initiate a buy or sell (in case you transferred crypto into Coinbase from another account) of $100 USD or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 180 days of opening and you will receive a $10 bonus (or local equivalent). Orders can take up to 4 business days to complete.
Pretty much just watch and answer videos for varying types of crypto. The crypto you earn will get deposited into the wallet you create, which can then be cashed out into USD. Depending on the day, you can earn up to $120 if all free tokens are available.
$10-$40 for signing up with OhmConnect
A great website if you have one of a few utility companies in California, Texas, or Toronto. OhmConnect supports PGE, SCE, SDGE, Smart Meter Texas, and Toronto Hydro. You essentially just connect your utility account, and earn points. You earn $10 after signing up and getting to a status level of Silver (took me like 10 minutes). $10 more if you connect a smart device like NEST.
Several hundred for test driving cars
Pretty easy. Click the link, go through the dealerships, get your code, test drive a car, and get paid. I did this last year and I was in and out on my lunch break. These offers come and go all year, so check frequently.
States return millions of dollars worth of unclaimed property a year. Unclaimed property typically consists of unclaimed money in accounts that have sat dormant for more than a year. Every state has its own abandoned property site but a good place to start is It’s very simple to search there. If anything comes up, continue the search/filing on your states gov website. Example: California’s is Just cashed a check for $35 from an account I closed years ago.
The following are ref links that I am putting in for a random Redditor or two, just to spread goodwill and try to give back to all of you. I get nothing from these and will be doing this for one or two random people every month. PM me if you want your ref link featured here. The Redditor for September is u/moongains
From Moon: Perksy is a survey app with nice payouts and a fun vibe. I’ve made about $50 on the app with little effort.

Ok. Back to the main post content.

Hey everyone. This is an all-inclusive write-up compiling all of my past posts on how I am making upwards of $1,000 a month through the use of beermoney sites. Beermoney is, according to Urban Dictionary, "Extra money for non-essential payments, available for spending on luxuries, hobbies, or a fresh pint of your favorite draft." I use this definition, because this is (in most cases) not intended to be a primary source of income. This is a way to supplement what you already have. There is no way to know what you will make any given month, so do not count on it. My worst month I only made around $500 and my best I made over $2,000. You can also check out my post on using apps to save money and earn cash back.
As I have stated in my other posts, this is not a definitive list of everything a person can do online by any means and refs are included. Do your own research on the subs I list, use Google, ask other people, and find what works for you. What I talk about works well for me, my family, and my schedule. Below I will include time requirements to make this money, provide a quick recap of the revenue streams that I have found to work, and provide payment proof for what I can.
I personally invest anywhere from 20 to 30 hours a week doing these sites, on top of my day job. Some days I will make $20 all day, and others I will make over $200. I prefer this, as opposed to a second job, because I can pay partial attention to a laptop and 'clock-out' when I want to focus on family or Netflix. This works better for my temperament and preferences.
Tech required: A working laptop, a cellphone (in some cases), an internet connection, and a fairly good amount of patience to learn. If you are in a position where these tools are not available, you can also do many of these from a library.
I put all of this info into an e-book, plus a TON of other stuff that was either written by me, or compiled from others (with their permission). Here is a link to it. If you tried even half of the stuff in the book, you would make your money back in less than a day.
The dollar amounts next to each site are what I made in 2018. 2019 and 2020 were considerably more, but I have been too lazy to update all of these. Anyway, on to the revenue streams:
SwagBucks ($775) Surveys – Majority of countries– This is more of a catch-all for stuff to do when you want to make and save money. You can do surveys, play games, and watch videos to earn points. You can also get cash back from using SB to visit and buy from different stores. You get paid in points which can be used to purchase gift cards or sent directly to PayPal. Each point is the equivalent of $0.01. Usually, SB will have deals where you can get certain gift cards for less. For example, a $20 Amazon gift card for 1800 SB points. The payout can be slow, but if you don’t mind running ads in the background, using a plug-in to save money while you shop, or killing time playing a game, SwagBucks can be a great way to earn $20 a month.
Mturk ($3,142): Small tasks and surveys - US mainly. Confirmed also in Canada, Europe, & Aus. - This is by far the one I spent the most time on and has been the best earner. This site lets humans perform small tasks that robots still cannot do well. It is owned by Amazon. Downside is there are slim pickings on weekends and when colleges are out on vacation. I typically stick to surveys, but once in a while do batch jobs which there are more of. You have to wait a week for your first payout, which will go to an Amazon payment account. You can the get payouts one time per day after that. Approval for mturk can sometimes be a pain in the ass, almost impossible if you are not from the US, but is definitely worth it in my opinion if you can get approved.
Secret shopper US and Secret shopper UK ($485): In-person store evaluation - US and UK only - These links will take you directly to a sign-up page. US version populates with my ref code. Feel free to delete it before signing up, if you want. You will be taken to the app store where you can download the actual app on your phone. Essentially, you go to stores near you that are identified in the app and take pictures or videos of specific items. I like this one because I have the ability to make a few extra bucks if I am already out shopping. The pay for this one averages about $15/hr. Note: I have not tried the UK version, but it was recommended by another Redditor.
Usertesting ($800): Website evaluation - US & maybe select others - This site allows you to review new websites and apps. The pay is usually $10 per recorded test lasting 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the pay is more, but never less. I average a few tests a week. Some weeks I will get a dozen tests, other weeks nothing. This one is great to practice your feedback skills, which open up a lot of other doors. Pay is through PayPal, one week (to the minute) after the test is complete.
Redbubble ([$305]: T-shirt creation - Worldwide - After getting rejected by merch by Amazon, I came here. You design and publish t-shirts, phone cases, and about 20 other mixed products, with each sell netting you a few bucks. They are based in Australia, and do pay-outs once a month on the 15th via PayPal. You do all of the uploading and just wait for people to find it with keywords or searches. Great if you are artistic or know how to use any creative software. ($3,500): Based in the UK, this used to be one of my favorites because they pay in Great British Pound (GBP) which is the equivalent to 1.25x the USD. Prolific is similar to Mturk (listed earlier) in that all you do is fill out surveys. Pay is better than Mturk, but the availability of surveys is not as great. In fact, I personally haven't seen a survey in months, but see others get them often. The initial questionnaire you have to fill out is a bit long taking me about 20 minutes, but ensures you qualify for every survey they show you and will never get disqualified for not meeting the demographic. You have to hit £5 before you can cash out, but you get this after a few days of watching for surveys. Leave it open in a tab and check it throughout the day. I wish I could do this one all day because the pay rocks, but I only see a few a day. They pay out in PayPal anytime you request it and have a balance of over £5.
Ebay ($190): Selling goods - Worldwide - Not much explanation needed here. You buy stuff in-person low, and sell online high. Here is a $2.99 beginner's guide dedicated to flipping that covers absolutely everything you need to know (also mine).
PlaytestCloud ($190): Video game testing - Many countries - This is just simple game testing. It is super fun, very quick, and you get to test new games before anyone else. They send you tests for different listed devices, you download the game file, and they record your screen and voice. The only issue I have with this one is that you are only able to test 3-4 games per month, at $9-$11 each. Paid almost immediately after each test via PayPal.
UsabilityHub ($15): App testing - Many countries - This one lets the user take quick one or two minute surveys on your opinion of an app screen. They pay for this averages to about $.10 a minute, so it is nothing spectacular. Just leave it open in another tab and take a quick survey when you hear a new one come available.
UserInterviews ($50): Studies - US & maybe select others - Similar to Respondent, but with less approval when filling out the demographics for each study.
Product Testing ($1,500): Mainly US & some UK/CA - There are places online that will pay you to leave positive/negative reviews for companies or purchase products. This is actually a big business model in China and other S.E.A. countries. Personally, I already know that Amazon reviews, Yelp, BBB, and everything in the middle are at least half fake reviews; so I may as well monetize on it. If this is something that sounds interesting, here is more info.
Reddit subs($2,300): It is super simple to use Reddit as more than a social media tool or news website. Knowing the right subs to subscribe to, and what to look for, can help you make a few extra hundred bucks a month. There are a ton that you can find small or medium jobs on, but I am only going to outline the top four that have worked for me.
/slavelabour: This sub is normally dedicated to doing cheap jobs for people, at cheap rates. I have both had things done for me here, as well as completed a lot of tasks. It may seem daunting at first, with people offering $2 to write an essay (seriously though.. no homework here), but there are gems to be found. Two of my best jobs have been creating meal plans for $60, and finding the name of a book for $80. Cancel that. SL is now power mods that block the decent work and only allow the trash jobs. No longer worth the time. I only leave it up as people ask about it when I don't.
/signupsforpay: Since slave labour does not allow paying people to sign up for websites, this is where to go to make a few bucks with signups. From connecting your gas and electric information, to signing up with Acorns, I have probably made a grand total of $100 here. Nothing overly special, but $100 is $100.
/giftcardexchange: This is one of my favorites, because you can buy and sell all of those gift cards you have/want. Have a $20 gift card from a family member that you will never use? Sell it here for 80-90%. Want to buy Amazon gift cards for less than face value? Get 'em here. I do a lot of buying on Amazon, so this sub has easily saved me hundreds over the course of using it. Caution: Trade carefully.
I know this is a lot of info and a bunch of it is repetitive from my last post, but I wanted to provide as much info as possible for the compiled post. Hope it helps!
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Decentr ($DEC) - foundational cross-chain and cross-platform DeFi protocol

Decentr is a protocol designed to make blockchain/DLT mainstream by allowing DeFi applications built on various blockchains to “talk to each other”. Decentr is a 100% secure and decentralised Web 3.0 protocol where users can apply PDV (personal data value) to increase APR on $DEC that users loan out as part of of our DeFi dLoan features, as well as it being applied at PoS when paying for stuff online. Decentr is also building a BAT competitor browser and Chrome/Firefox extension that acts as a gateway to 100% decentralised Web 3.0
Allows DeFi Dapps to access all Decentr’s dFintech features, including dLoan, dPay. Key innovation is that the protocols is based on a user’s ability to leverage the value of their data as exchangeable “currency”.

A fee is charged for every transaction using dPay whereby an exchange takes place between money (fiat and digital) and data, and vice versa, either as part of DeFi features or via a dApp built on Decentr. They are launching pilot programmes in the following industries:
  1. Banking/PSP Industry: On Product launch, due to Decentr’s powerful PSP connections (including the worlds #2 PSP by volume), a medium-scale pilot program will be launched, which will seed the network with 150,000 PSP customers in primarily the Spanish/LAC markets, generating revenue from day one.
  2. “Bricks and Mortar” Supermarket/Grocery Industry: Decentr aims to ensure the long-term competitiveness of “bricks and mortar” supermarkets against online-only grocery retailers, such as Amazon, by a) building secure tech that allows supermarkets to digitise every aspect of their supply chains and operational functions, while b) allowing supermarkets to leverage this incredibly valuable data as a liquid asset class. Expected revenue by Year 5: $114Mn per year.
  3. Online Advertising Industry: Decentr’s 100% decentralised platform credits users secure data with payable value, in the form of PDV, for engaging with ads. The Brave browser was launched in 2012 and in 8 years has reached over 12 million monthly active users, accented by as many as 4.3 million daily active users.
Decentr recently complete their token sale on a purchase portal powered by Dolomite where they raised $974,000 in 10 minutes for a total sale hardcap of 1.25M. The $DEC token is actively trading on multiple exchanges including Uniswap and IDEX. Listed for free on IDEX, Hotbit, Hoo, Coinw, Tidex, BKex. Listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. Listed on Delta and Blockfolio apps.
➡️ Circulating supply: 61m $DEC.
➡️ Release schedule and token distribution LINK -> NO RELEASE UNTIL 2021.
➡️Contract Address - 0x30f271C9E86D2B7d00a6376Cd96A1cFBD5F0b9b3
➡️Decimals - 18, Ticker - DEC
➡️Uniswap link:
$DEC Token utility:
A tradeable unit of value that is both internal and external to the Decentr platform.A unit of conversion between fiat entering and exiting the Decentr ecosystem.A way to capture the value of user data and combines the activity of every participant of the platform performing payment (dPay), or lending and borrowing (dLend), i.e a way to peg PDV to tangible/actionable value.Method of payment in the Decentr ecosystem.A method to internally underwrite the “Deconomy.
Simon Dedic - chief of Blockfyre:
Spectre Group Pick :
Patrons of the Moon/Lil Uzi:
tehMoonwalker pick who is a TOP 5 influencer per Binance:
Holochain was one of their earliest supporters and they share a deep connection (recently an AMA was conducted in their TG group):
Technical Whitepaper:
Recent Articles:
Chad Gang STRONG Community:
Community News Channel:
Recent Uniswap trades:
Wallet holder tracker:
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Best Trading Platform?

I’ve been trading for a couple years, but I’ve just begun to take it seriously in the last few months. Robinhood is too simplistic for me and is dragging when I’m trying to open/close contracts. Suggestions on a new platform? I use my phone consistently but also have a laptop. I have about a 25k portfolio and like to day/swing trade options. I’m thinking about getting into crypto, and looking for a bit more research capability, as well. ThinkorSwim? Is this different than TD? Thanks in advance.
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The next XVG? Microcap 100x potential actually supported by fundamentals!

What’s up team? I have a hot one for you. XVG returned 12 million percent in 2017 and this one reminds me a lot of it. Here’s why:
Mimblewimble is like Blu-Ray compared to CD-ROM in terms of its ability to compress data on a blockchain. The current BTC chain is 277gb and its capacity is limited because every time you spend a coin, each node needs to validate its history back to when it was mined (this is how double spending is prevented). Mimblewimble is different - all transactions in a block are aggregated and netted out in one giant CoinJoin, and only the current spending needs to be verified. This means that dramatically more transactions can fit into a smaller space, increasing throughput and lowering fees while still retaining the full proof of work game theory of Bitcoin. These blockchains are small enough to run a full node on a cheap smartphone, which enhances the decentralization and censorship resistance of the network.
The biggest benefit, though, is that all transactions are private - the blockchain doesn’t reveal amounts or addresses except to the actual wallet owner. Unlike earlier decoy-based approaches that bloat the chain and can still be data mined (XMR), Mimblewimble leaves no trace in the blockchain, instead storing only the present state of coin ownership.
The first two Mimblewimble coins, Grin and Beam, launched to great fanfare in 2019, quickly reaching over $100m in market cap (since settled down to $22m and $26m respectively). They are good projects but grin has infinite supply and huge never-decreasing emission, and Beam is a corporate moneygrab whose founding investors are counting on you buying for their ROI.
ZEC is valued at $568m today, despite the facts that only 1% of transactions are actually shielded, it has a trusted setup, and generating a confidential transaction takes ~60 seconds on a powerful PC. XMR is a great project but it’s valued at $1.2b (so no 100x) and it uses CryptoNote, which is 2014 tech that relies on a decoy-based approach that could be vulnerable to more powerful computers in the future. Mimblewimble is just a better way to approach privacy because there is simply no data recorded in the blockchain for companies to surveil.
Privacy is not just for darknet markets, porn, money launderers and terrorists. In many countries it’s dangerous to be wealthy, and there are all kinds of problems with having your spending data be out there publicly and permanently for all to see. Namely, companies like Amazon are patenting approaches to identify people with their crypto addresses, “for law enforcement” but also so that, just like credit cards, your spending data can be used to target ads. (A) Coinbase is selling user data to the DEA, IRS, FBI, Secret Service, and who knows who else? (B) What about insurance companies raising your premiums or canceling your policy because they see you buying (legal) cannabis? If your business operates using transparent cryptocurrency, competitors can data mine your customer and supply chain data, and employees can see how much everyone else gets paid. I could go on, but the idea of “I have nothing to hide, so what do I care about privacy?” will increasingly ring hollow as people realize that this money printing will have to be paid by massive tax increases AND that those taxes will be directly debited from their “Central Bank Digital Currency” wallets.
100% privacy for all transactions also eliminates one HUGE problem that people aren’t aware of yet, but they will be: fungibility. Fungibility means that each coin is indistinguishable from any other, just like paper cash. Why is this important? Because of the ever-expanding reach of AML/KYC/KYT (Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer / Know Your Transaction) as regulators cramp down on crypto and banks take over, increasingly coins become “tainted” in various ways. For example, if you withdraw coins to a mixing service like Wasabi or Samourai, you may find your account blocked. (C) The next obvious step is that if you receive coins that these chainalysis services don’t like for whatever reason, you will be completely innocent yet forced to prove that you didn’t know that the coins you bought were up to no good in a past life. 3 days ago, $100k of USDC was frozen. (D) Even smaller coins like LTC now have this problem, because “Chinese Drug Kingpins” used them. (E) I believe that censorable money that can be blocked/frozen isn’t really “your money”.
Epic Cash is a 100% volunteer community project (like XVG and XMR) that had a fair launch in September last year with no ICO and no premine. There are very few projects like this, and it’s a key ingredient in Verge’s success (still at $110m market cap today despite being down 97% since the bubble peak) and why it’s still around. It has a small but super passionate community of “Freemen” who are united by a belief in the sound money economics of Bitcoin Standard emission (21m supply limit and ever-decreasing inflation) and the importance of privacy.
I am super bullish on this coin for the following reasons:
Because it doesn’t have a huge marketing budget in a sea of VC-funded shitcoins, it is as-yet undiscovered, which is why it’s so cheap. There are only 4 Mimblewimble-based currencies on the market: MWC at $162m, BEAM at $26m, GRIN at $22m, and EPIC at $0.4m. This is not financial advice and as always, do your own research, but I’ve been buying this gem for months and will continue to.
This one ticks all the boxes for me, the only real problem is that it’s hard to buy much without causing a huge green candle. Alt season is coming, and coins like this are how your neighbor Chad got his Lambo back in 2017. For 2021, McLaren is a better choice and be sure to pay cash so that it doesn’t get repossessed like Chad!
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How Bitcoin saved my life?

Hello everyone,
I will tell you my story, and I'm sorry if it is a long post, but I don't wanna miss any details. So I've been living in Italy for 4 years now, and just recently, in March, I lost my job duo to Coronavirus situation. I was devastated. Just my rent costs more than $600 a month (500 euros) and living maybe $400 so alltogether about 1k let's say.
When I lost my job, I somehow survived to the half of the April and then I was left with 100$ in my pocket and litetary no hope.
I am from Serbia, an my familly isn't wealthy at all, so I used to send them money.
With that $100 bucks, I couldn't go back to my country, nor could I live here... So I was sooo depressed, I didn't eat for days.
I was always trading some crypto for fun, but my profits were never more than $50 a month.
On April 24th, I saw my first wallet being mentioned here. I was sure there was no money on it because I didn't use it since 2012, so I downloaded it to check the balance. It took me hours to log onto it since I forgot my password.
When I got into it, I almost had a heart attack. I had 1,79 BTC on it. I fainted at first, but when I saw it was legit, I transfered that money to bitcoin wallet and sold $10k worth of it, and paid my debts, bought a new pc and laptop, and started an online business.
My life went from 0 to 100 in just 6 hours.
So when you feel depressed next time, always remember that there is a way out, you just have to figure it out.
TL;DR: I went from homeless guy to having a business in just 6 hours.
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How do you personally keep your crypto safe?

I am starting to explore cryptocurrency trading, and firstly want to make sure that I take security seriously.
So was interested to know, those of you who trade/invest in bitcoin and other cryptos, what do you do to make sure your crypto is as safe as possible? For instance, secure emails, VPNs, password managers, hard/cold storage, operating system, dedicated laptop...
I am more interested in keeping things safe from hackers/anyone who might steal, rather than government / authorities as I don't plan on doing anything dodgy, but interested to know what others do and why.
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What is Crypto Legacy Pro? See Our Detailed Review BITCOIN PROFIT REVIEW: SCAM OR LEGIT?

What is Crypto Legacy Pro? See Our Detailed Review BITCOIN PROFIT REVIEW: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Trading for Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies, as well as EO coin, Litecoin, and Etherum.
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Is Crypto Legacy Pro Scam or Not?
Is Crypto Legacy Pro legit? Taking a range of things into thought, this software appears to be genuine. For instance, the way in that it works is cheap, practical and scientifically smart. Plus, all the Crypto Legacypro client testimonials shared on the product web site praise and approve of this software. So are several freelance Crypto Legacy Pro reviews featured on-line? All of that implies that this might be a real piece of software.
Pros OR Advantages ofCrypto Legacy Pro Platform
Users claim that profiting with Crypto Legacy Pro System is as straightforward as selecting the correct signal. You are doing not require any trading skills or expertise to create the Crypto Legacy Pro App work for you. Neither do you need to be knowledgeable regarding cryptocurrencies? Additionally, you are doing not need to slave away or toil the full day to create cash through the Crypto Legacy Pro platform. Instead, you merely would like to pay 15 minutes every day on your device to attain that.
Considering many client testimonials featured on the product website, it is safe to mention that the Crypto Legacy Pro app works just as promised. One trader, for instance, lauded the software for permitting him to make $fifty eighteight. sixty two in twenty four hours. Another one pointed out the very fact that he was able to form profits not solely from Bitcoin however additionally from alternative cryptocurrencies like Evercoin courtesy of the same system. Official claims from the creators state that members create a mean of $2000 every week with the Crypto Currency Legacy App.
You require a comparatively low amount of capital to urge started with the Crypto Legacy Pro App. As an example, you can start making profits by investing as little as $250. As such, you are doing not want to worry concerning creating a big budget to be able to profit from this trading signal software as you would possibly assume
Can You really Build Profits Trading With the Crypto Legacy ProSystem?
The robot reports that there is no limit as to the quantity of cash you'll build. One of the key factors that verify how much you'll create is clearly the quantity of investment you make, but, we have a tendency to recommend that you start with the minimum demand of $250.
Free instant access to your own trading account, when finishing the fast Crypto Legacy Pro sign up process, thus that you'll start profiting immediately. Unlike other various trading software, you do not have to wait for a bound period in order for your account to induce approved initial before you can .
Crypto Legacy Pro Coaching Decision
Last but not least, new members receive a free Rapid Fire coaching call where a professional coach will help them get founded and build the initial profit. Not thus many similar companies will hold your hands till you're ready to go it alone as Crypto Legacy Pro will. Plus, the corporate reports that new members are ready to make a minimum of $100 in their initial trade if they take the call. Also, check our latest review of the Bitcoin Aussie System here.
How to urge Strted with Crypto Legacy Robot
Getting a Crypto Legacy Pro membership is as simple as following the easy steps below:
Open an account: Visit the product website and fill out the form that claims “It’s Not Too Late To Join Us”, which is located next to the merchandise video. After getting into your 1st name and your email address, click on the orange button below that says “GET ACCESS NOW”.
Crypto Legacy Pro AccountThen enter your second name before selecting a brand new auto-generated password, if you are doing not like the initial password. You can do so by clicking on the blue button that claims “CLICK TO COME UP WITH PASSWORD” next to the password field. Once that, enter your phone range and click on the button below that says “START NOW.”
Step 2: Check With Demo Trading: When a successful initial Crypto Legacy Pro login method, this optional feature permits you to apply trading with the software, using virtual currencies, before you begin performing life trading with actual cryptocurrencies. It's a great means to test the software and see its effectiveness before putting money into it.
Crypto Legacy Pro DepositAfter you check and ensure that the software works, you will want to feature money to your account to start trading. You'll do so through your mastercard or debit card not to say via bank transfer services.
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I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week  Beginner Crypto ... Cara Mining LTC Profit 150 ribu Perhari dengan Laptop / PC - Mining Bitcoin 2020 Best crypto currency to mine on laptop or PC - YouTube Best Laptop for Trading - YouTube How to trade on binance using laptop

If you do not intend to do much on your laptop asides stock trading, this machine is good enough. Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop is the best laptop for day trading. Below are some of the Pros and Cons of the Samsung Chromebook 3 Laptop that earned it a spot in our list of BBest Laptop For Trading to get in 2020. Pros. It is a very affordable device. How to Mine Crypto on Laptop Mining on a laptop in 2020 is significantly different from the one in 2009, but it is still possible. Users who want to make some profit from cryptocurrencies, but do not want to invest a large amount of funds have the opportunity to earn money using their everyday equipment. Crypto trading is the most famous method of making a profit on the exchange, which appeared long before the most popular exchange assets of our time and the first cryptocurrencies. Trading means making a profit from fluctuations in the price of assets, which changes under the influence of supply and demand. Currently, a large number […] Start your crypto trading platform or market place by integrating the open-source API. Visit Binance. 17. Gemini. This cryptocurrency exchange platform focuses on trading at low risk, but confirming recurring purchase across the order books is the central part of its goal. This platform is working to promote adoption to cryptocurrency since 2016. Fortunately, trading laptops are as powerful as trading desktops, so you should definitely get a trading laptop if you plan on traveling a lot. CON: Only 2 Monitors When using a laptop, you can only have 2 monitors: Your laptop monitor and one external monitor. But as I explained earlier: two monitors are perfect for 95% of traders, so you’re ...

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I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week Beginner Crypto ...

Follow me on Instagram: Best Laptop for Trading and the laptop we personally use for trading ;) **15.6-Inch Dell XPS ... Cryptocurrency Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Signal Finder. जानिए किस कॉइन का रेट बढेगा मिनटों में - Duration: 15:45. Open4Profit 22,979 views With low mining difficulty and high potential returns choosing the best cryptocurrency to mine was a no-brainer. Discover our algorithm's undervalued coins l... Day trading while traveling the world. What I carry in my mobile trading office. - Duration: 4:39. TRADEPRO Academy 23,108 views I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week I Beginner Crypto Robinhood Get two free stocks when you sign up to this Stock Trading App: