The Complete Day Trading Course (New 2020) [Udemy Course]

[100%] Free Udemy Course: Cracking The Crypto Trading Code

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[100%] Free Udemy Course: Cracking The Crypto Trading Code

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[100%] Free Udemy Course: A CRYPTO-Trader's Guide to Technical Trading.

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Cryptocurrency complete bitcoin Ethereum Altcoins (8 hr) free download -

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Is Growing Fast. Master Cryptocurrency Use & Successful Investing In Bitcoin & Altcoins!

What you’ll learn
Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and others are growing exponentially in value.
However, we are still in the early phases of an emerging market. Which means there is tremendous upside and great opportunities for investors in Cryptocurrency but also more risk for those who do not understand this rapidly evolving market.
“Great! Learned a lot. He gives such a concise and clear presentation. Easy to follow. Personable. Brilliant! Highly recommend this course to all who are new to cryptocurrencies and investing in general.” Getty A
“First time with an online course at Udemy I’ve very impressed with the depth of the content and the quality of the presentation.” Emma S
You will learn:

Plus much more!
The Crypto world is ever changing and since you own the course for life all course updates are included for free!
Let’s face it, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can seem intimidating but at the end of this course you will feel confident

Taught by a top Udemy instructor who specializes in investing courses with many years of teaching and investing experience this complete course will help you to master the world of Cryptocurrency.
To get started just click the button to enroll in the course.
Thank you so much for your interest and I look forward to seeing you in your first lesson!
Steve Ballinger
Who this course is for:
Download link:
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List to 35 + FREE Udemy - Valid for 1-2 days

List to 30 + FREE Udemy and some will expire soon.

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Does investing my $1000 make a difference?

Does investing my $1000 make a difference?
Investing your $1000 in the short term may do wonders if you know what you are doing. Not that you become wildly rich overnight but creating a little movement may just inspire you to delve deeper into long-term investments. Big money starts from small money. Learning first in small ways to make bucks can trigger your mindset principles into thinking growing rich and changing bad habits into productive ones. Wallex suggests some ways that you might just discover your Midas touch:
1. The stock market.
This is where your small investment can turn into a significant amount of money in just a matter of hours. When playing the stock market, set your stop-loss limits to avoid depreciations. Knowledge is key when you choose this emotional money making option. It is a matter of reading and understanding the moving averages to enter into a timely trade. But unless you learn how to play the stock market well, you can suddenly lose the little you have, Pay attention to moving averages. Usually, the potential for an either upside or downside happens when stocks break through the 200-day moving averages. Yet, it is best to learn how the stock market works.
2. Trading commodities.
The law of supply and demand dictate the price of commodities. When there is a short in supply, there is a rise in demand, and so prices increase. There is a huge impact whenever there is a threat to the demand-supply chain. It is important, therefore, to have a nose for news. Metals like gold and silver, energy such as gas and oil, agriculture, and livestock, are some of the commodities among many others. Investing in commodities makes you enter into pre-arranged agreements or futures contracts. You may try the London Metal Exchange or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as many others.
3. Trading options.
FOREX and stocks are types of investment vehicles where you can trade small and trade often. Buy money calls fifteen days before the release of corporate earnings and sell them a day before the release.
4. Trading cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and others are making waves. There are even 3,000 other cryptocurrencies to choose from though only a few matters. Trading platforms also abound in that a fair amount of educating yourself from, say, Udemy, will give you a good picture of intricate crypto trading. Try looking for an exchange such as Wallex, Coinbase or Kraken learn trading patterns, check breakouts of long-term averages then you may start trading. Wallex can provide the needed assistance to have a breakthrough in this rising investment vehicle.
5. Real estate contracts.
This is more of acting as an arbiter by brokering the deal between sellers and buyers rather than buying the house and renovating it yourself. Try using Kent Clothier’s REWW to know how the real estate market works. Watch for Wallex’s Titan real-estate Fund being launched this July as well. Flipping real estate contracts can earn you fast cash with a small investment of from $500 to $1000. This is highly recommended by even renowned real estate investors.
6. Enroll in money-making courses.
If some words herein do sound foreign to you, don’t click out and go spend your $1000 buying things you’ll regret later. Online money making courses are proliferating and with due diligence in researching and finding one that’s right for you, you are on your way to making amounts of money from your $1000 investment. Well, do start by investing in yourself. Acquire education in the ways of money economics. Learn the language and the systems. There are E-books, social media marketing, funnels, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and the list goes on and on. Discover your passion. You will be glad you did.
And as your money grows, Wallex provides the help you need in securing your earnings from your newfound investments. Wouldn’t it be a great idea opening an Active Rate Custody Account at Wallex Custody? We offer you a high monthly return of investment on your deposits starting from 0.5%. Drop us a query at: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Wallex might just be the help you really need all along.
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[udemy] Free Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain courses for the Risk-Takers

Deal Link
Price: $0
Savings: 100% off
Retailer: udemy
The Bitcoin Basics
Step-By-Step Cryptocurrency Investment Course + eBook ... nt-course/
Cryptocurrency Trading Explained
Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto ... ve-crypto/
Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain ... urrencies/
Blockchain cryptocurrency course 101 for absolute beginners ... beginners/
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If you didn't buy bitcoin, and didn't mine it, ... where did you get it? Examples...

If you earn in bitcoin, you will prefer to spend in bitcoin (versus going through the friction of "cashing out" into fiat). This occurring will "close the loop", lessening significantly the conversions to and from fiat.
What would change that you would be earning inn bitcoin in the future? Well, ... you might:
Things are just getting started ...., just wait until gig marketplaces like Uber, DoorDash, and AirBNB offer to pay in bitcoin to attract more service providers. Or when payment in bitcoin is an option for those who make bulk payments -- such as Udemy which pays instructors their commissions and TryMYUI wich pays their testers.
What other ways have you ended up with bitcoin, other than buying from an exchange?
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Bitcoin: understand, buy and sell crypto currencies.

Bitcoin: understand, buy and sell crypto currencies.
Buy / trade bitcoins from 10 euros! No investment knowledge is required Have a browser and an internet connection to follow the courses and place your buy / sell orders Be enthusiastic and ready to learn effectively step by step!This is THE subject of the moment and LA techno will revolutionize your wallet! Bitcoin is the first crypto currency of a long series that has managed to create a virtual currency that is not managed by anyone: live transaction no matter where you are in the world. And now it has also become an investment asset that has made + 1320% from 2016 to 2017!This course is the most complete of Udemy France (3h): it will give you the means and the methodology to understand how crypto currencies work, buy Bitcoins and all the others available on the market, trade, sell and secure your assets.Discover and learn crypto currencies with a trainer recognized in this area ✓ Who has mastered the subject since the beginning of crypto currencies (2009) ✓ Who actively invests ✓ Who participates in the blockchain!In 3 hours, this course will allow you to:Understanding the blockchain and discovering crypto currencies Know the differences and the specificities of each before buying Buy crypto currencies with your bank card / by transfer on safe sites Discover the trading tools Understand the different market places (Coinbase, GDax , Bitsamp) Choose your investment technique Know the crypto currency purchase platforms (Binance) Secure your crypto currencies on your computer or USB key Be aware of responsibilities and taxes.This course will give you all the keys to invest calmly and be able to speak on this subject.
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Get Marketing Now

Love the concept, love the website, but I came a across you guys on a random YouTube vid, rather than a reputable source. From a aesthetic perspective you have a far more appealing logo then lisks shitty chipped crystal (people judge books by their covers and all that jazz). You need to be contacting/posting on every magazine, youtuber and forum dedicated to the Cryptos space. Do a big press release. I also just completed an excellent crypto trading course on Udemy and they had a whole section on how to choose what Altcoin or ICO to invest in. One of the main points they stressed was that you should only choose to invest in coins that have dedicated a large proportion of their funds raised towards marketing. They have examples which spent 40% on marketing. I believe in Ark, but it needs far more exposure.
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Oauth2 token requests to Coinbase Pro (crypto exchange) Help

Hi all. Iv been learning JavaScript on UDEMY so I can create a day trading robot on the Coinbase Pro crypto currency exchange as its impossible to safe guard my investment without one. I need more control over stop orders than CoinbasePro offer on their site.

I got so many ideas how I would apply my trading logic but I cant trade because I cant yet connect to the secure API using my passphrase, key and secret key that I have set up. I am still very much a noob and don't know if I have the right tools in the first place? I am using XAMPP as a local host and sublime text for my editor. I have the documentation from the DEV site but Iv got no success from my first attemp.
The example below is asking to place a buy order for 1 bitcoin (fat chance of that lol) but i would at least like some sort of error that show I actually communicated with the API properly. Until I can do this Im just stuck and I can't find any examples on the web for my specific problem, Iv even wrote to UDEMY support for help. Meanwhile Im just watching my investment go down the pan!

CoinbasePro DEV site -

This is the nodeJS example but Im using just JavaScript so this is probably the problem. Is nodeJS the compiler or should I be using PHP and run it from XAMPP? These are the basic things I am struggling with. To me Im not clear enough on which are compiler, translators, what software is best to run server side. I really dont want to pay for a host server yet as wanted to run locally. Im not confident enough to know whats secure yet lol. This is basic basic stuff but when I was at college in the early 90s its was only COBOL and C++ and Iv forgotten everything!

How would you guys do this? What tools would you use?

// My .JS file
var crypto = require('crypto');

var secret = '3aoS68gJFzCU----MY-SECRET-KEY----wuRpd9ZmS5UMP6EYkfDwbiD3bwRWw==';

var timestamp = / 1000;
var requestPath = '';

var body = JSON.stringify({
price: '1.0',
size: '1.0',
side: 'buy',
product_id: 'BTC-USD'

var method = 'POST';

// create the prehash string by concatenating required parts
var what = timestamp + method + requestPath + body;

// decode the base64 secret
var key = Buffer(secret, 'base64');

// create a sha256 hmac with the secret
var hmac = crypto.createHmac('sha256', key);

// sign the require message with the hmac
// and finally base64 encode the result
return hmac.update(what).digest('base64');

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CargoX- The future of Ocean Transport & Global Trade Logistics with Blockchain !

Hi ! Interested in informing yourself about one of the best examples of solving real life problems by introducing the blockchain into the equation? Then look no further and read about CargoX !
Not only will this allow you to participate in of the most anticipated and already very succesfull projects out there (hardcap of 7 million got sold out in around 7 minutes) it will also learn you how to look at future icos differently just by looking at what a project is trying to accomplish and problems its trying to resolve.
Don’t feel like reading ? Watch this CargoX youtube short:
Did you know? Logistics are the backbone of all global trade. Some 90% of all goods in global trade are handled by the sea shipping industry each year, making shipping one of the world’s biggest industries. And this industry still uses one of the world's oldest methods for issuing proof of ownership. Paper. Around 400,000 trees are felled just for the printing of Bills of Lading. Per year. Whoever has the Bill of Lading owns the goods in the container, making this piece of paper the most important document in global logistics. Blockchain and Smart Contracts are made for this industry.
About the Project Bill of Lading (B/L) document is the most important document in the global logistics industry. B/L is the mandatory document needed for every container that boards an ocean cargo ship. Over 50 million B/L paper documents are issued every year. Value of B/L document equals the value of shipped goods. Only holder of this document can claim the container at the destination port. Unfortunately, paper B/L documents themselves are the root cause of many challenges that plague the industry. aims to disrupt the global logistics by introducing Smart Contract B/L documents based on blockchain technology, replacing old-style paper bill of lading documents. Problems and proposed solution - a Smart Contract based Bill of Lading By tokenising the Bill of Lading documents using the Ethereum blockchain network, we solve the biggest problems of logistics and supply chain management:
PAIN 1 — SPEED: These paper documents need to be sent from exporter to importer, and have an average travel time of more than a week while swapping hands of 2–3 courier delivery services.
PAIN 2 — LOST: The longer the voyage, higher the chances for documents to get lost or even stolen. Which would not be a problem, if the process to resolve it wouldn’t be a complete bureaucratic nightmare and the replacement document wouldn’t require over 20 days to be re-issued.
PAIN 3 — COST: Cost of issuing and transporting one paper B/L document is between $100-$180.
Blockchain-backed Smart B/L will offer a superior service at a fraction of the cost (<$12). Users of CargoX Smart B/L will be able to transfer cargo ownership rights in a safe and transparent way, in mere seconds instead of weeks. = 100x faster, 10x cheaper and many times safer than ever before.
The Team with Industry connections: The team brings together more than 100 years of experience in the logistics, programming, IT and crypto. is not a competitor to logistics companies, as it brings value to the whole supply chain (currently industry wastes over $5 billion per year only on paper B/L documents postage). We have a signed agreement for a Q2 2018 pilot with one of the world’s largest logistics company. Read more about the team at
-Why to invest into -Easy to understand product, with perfect use case for blockchain. -Immediate B2B utility, strong added value for users, partners and early adopters -Wide industry support, 2018/Q2 pilot -planned Complete team, already hard at work - Rapid development and adoption roadmap -Upsell and Upgrade possibilities for the second phase -Realistic crowdfunding target (at $7MIO - one of the lowest in ICO industry) -With every new partnership, with every new user, the value of CargoX will increase, and we believe this will reflect in the price of the CXO token as well.
CargoX has an answer to real life problems rooted in one of the biggest industry branches of the world combine this with great roadmap, experienced team and dedicated token holders the potential is huge ! Regardless if you got in a while ago or are still looking for a project to invest in make sure you take a good look at CargoX ! (pro tip: hold on! Combined with efforts of the CargoX team we as token holders decide the worth of our coin !
Upcoming: February 2018 ICO The ICO will run in February and allow everyone to buy CXO tokens.
Q1 2018 First Crypto Cargo Payment option CargoX CXO token will be added to as a payment method. Paying for services with CXO tokens will give importers additional discount.
Q1 2018 Release of B/L eXchange protocol We will be releasing our B/L eXchange protocol and announcing the first beta trial Smart B/L sea-freight shipment.
Q2 2018 Smart B/L dApp Release of Smart B/L eXchange dApp. We have already signed an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier - one of top 10 in the world) for the test trial. The Smart B/L will be issued in Asia for a container shipment from Asia to Europe.
Q2-Q4 2018 First customers Adoption of first NVOCCs, importers and exporters.
Q1-Q2 2019 Add-on features (Banks & Insurers) ... Extending the protocol to accommodate L/C instrument equivalents, insurance agreements
Other links: CargoX on the national news with 7min !! of coverage after reaching the 7 million hardcap in around 7 mins ! Suppoman Udemy mentioning CargoX as one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in :
Best of luck and may the Cryptogods shine their light upon us all !
(feel welcome to join us on reddit (already here) bitcointalk : telegram official ICO telegram holders group : CargoX HODL
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Learn and build: Ardor Bootcamp class now free on Udemy

While we're all weathering the bear market together I figured I'd make a resource available for free. I made this class on Udemy about Ardor, and today switched it from paid to free. There's nothing in the class about trading/ROI/getting rich quick, its all about the actual functionality of Ardor. This is the type of content that will help move crypto from get-rich-quick-scheme to actual use. It has a bunch of exercises that are real life examples of how it could be used.
If you're looking for some way to contribute/build in this space (rather than just sitting around waiting for the next bull cycle), this is a great starting point.
Why should you take the class?
- no programming experience required
- learn to use a functioning decentralized marketplace
- learn to set up shares (called assets in Ardor) and distribute dividends to them
- learn to set up decentralized voting/polls
- give you some way to learn and improve yourself rather than wallowing in pity about your 90% losses
- its literally completely free
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Hilo General de Bitcoin, despues del Hardfork, viene la evolución.

Hilo continuación del que venimos, para postear opiniones y noticias que no merecen hilo propio. Iré modificándolo poco a poco para dejarlo bien.
[QUOTE=Sr.Mojón;18954032][B][SIZE="5"]Hilo Oficial del Bitcoin[/SIZE][/B] [SIZE="5"][B][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]XI Edition[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE]
[I][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]100% genuine, original, unadulterated bitcoin, madafakas. Contraindicado y no apto para cardíacos o si usted padece del corazón[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]
[B][SIZE="3"]Cotización en tiempo real[/SIZE][/B] [IMG][/IMG]
[SIZE="4"][B]Venimos de...[/B][/SIZE] [url][/url] [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (IX)[/url] - 07-nov-2015 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VIII)[/url] - 27-jul-2015 - [I][COLOR="Gray"](retornado del exilio político)[/COLOR][/I] [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VII)[/url] - 13-ene-2015 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (VI)[/url] - 14-ene-2014 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (V)[/url] - 27-nov-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (IV)[/url] - 24-oct-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (III)[/url] - 22-abr-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (II)[/url] - 11-abr-2013 [url=""]Hilo oficial del Bitcoin (I)[/url] - 06-mar-2013 [URL=""]Guía para el absoluto novato en Bitcoin[/URL] - 02-jul-2011
[I]*En estos hilos hay gráficas y noticias de sus respectivas fechas.[/I]
[SIZE="4"][B]¿Que coño es bitcoin?[/B][/SIZE] [YOUTUBE]ceef71b0zSo[/YOUTUBE]
Los cimientos de BITCOIN: [youtube]ZDNZTiCtbIY[/youtube]
Ejemplo visual de una BlokChain: [url][/url]
[B][URl] [/url] >>> What da FAQ oficial full nodo [url][/url] VPN [url][/url] [url][/url]
[B]Dificultad[/B] [URL=""]Bitcoinwisdom - Difficulty[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Network Graphs[/URL]
[SIZE="4"][B]Charting y cotizaciones: [/B][/SIZE] [URL=""]Bitcoinwisdom[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoinity[/URL] [URL=""]TradingView - Bitcoin[/URL] [URL=""]Coinorama[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Charts[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]Historical data completa[/COLOR] [URL=""][/URL] [URL=""]Pizza Charts[/URL] [URL=""]BFXdata[/URL] [URL=""]Bitcoin Analytics[/URL] [url][/url]
[U]-.nuevos_2016:[/U] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] ** ,muy interesante [url][/url] [url][/url] [url=]Satoshi Converter[/url] *Para saber el cálculo en usd/eur en unidades menores al Bitcoin. [url][/url] *Para saber el cálculo entre fiat-cryptomonedas
[SIZE="4"][B]Noticias: [/B][/SIZE] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
[B]Exchanges[/B] [URL=""]Bitstamp[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]BTC-e[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Kraken[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]SEPA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Gemini[/URL] - [COLOR="SlateGray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Coinsetter[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]Coinbase Exchange[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]USA[/COLOR] [URL=""]OKCoin[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]China[/COLOR] [URL=""]Huobi[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]China[/COLOR] [URL=""]Bitfinex[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]Hong Kong[/COLOR] Mas..[url][/url]
[B]Herramientas[/B] [URL=""]QTBitcoinTrader[/URL] [URL=""]Cryptotrader[/URL] - [COLOR="slategray"]Estrategias y bots para Quants[/COLOR] [URL=""]Fee Calculator[/URL] [URL=""]Alertas[/URL] [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Gurus de Bitcoin:[/SIZE][/B]
Andreas Antonopoulos Charlie Shrem Peter Thiel Arvin Narayand
[B][SIZE="4"]Cursos:[/SIZE][/B] -. [url][/url] (paper sobre una sidechain que servirá para incluir un sistema descentralizado de oráculos en Bitcoin.) In-depth Udemy Course(over 8 hours of video tutorials) -. [url][/url] Coursera Cryptocurrency Course(61 videos in 11 sections) -.[url][/url] Khan Academy Bitcoin Course(9 ~10 minute videos) -.[url][/url] Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series(over 7 hours of video tutorials) -. [url][/url] Introduction to Bitcoin(3 hour course available via free trial) -. [url][/url] Introduction toDigital Currency - MOOC offered by University of Nicosia -. [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Deep Dive Technical Resources: (pá los valientes):[/SIZE][/B] Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies (Princeton's 300 page textbook) [url][/url] Bitcoin Developer Guide [url][/url] Bitcoin Ninja [url][/url] Bitcoin Protocol Specification [url][/url] Epic List of Research Papers [url][/url] How the Bitcoin Protocol Actually Works [url][/url] Mastering Bitcoin [url][/url] Epic List of Bitcoin Books [url][/url] Epic List of Many Blockchain Books [url][/url] Programming the Blockchain in C# [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]Documentales:[/SIZE][/B] Bitcoin Films [url][/url] Bitcoin in Uganda BrRXP1tp6Kw Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock [url][/url] Life on Bitcoin [url][/url] Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine K8kua5B5K3I The Bitcoin Doco [url][/url] The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin [url][/url]
[B][SIZE="4"]otras cosas de este año 2016:[/SIZE][/B] [url][/url]
[url][/url] is a small USB stick that allows you to spend Bitcoin like a dollar bill. Pass it along multiple times. Connect to any USB to check balance. Unseal anytime to spend online. Trust no one.
[url][/url] It can be used to split any "secret" (i.e. a password, text file, Bitcoin private key, anything) into n number of "shares" (each the same size in bits as the original secret), requiring that exactly any number t ("threshold") of them be present to reconstruct the original secret.
[U]Compra rapida Por Claudius:[/U]
Y por ultimo:
[I]P.D1:*¿que puede pasar si se amplia el Tamaño de Bloque?[/I] [url][/url]
P.D2:[url][/url] [I](primer ejemplo de lightning_network)[/I]
explicacion del video anterior: [SPOILER]Todo lo hace en la testchain de Bitcoin. Abre un canal con 0'04 testcoins y efectua el pago de 10000 milisatoshis para comprar la ya famosa imagen de los gatitos viendo la luna.
No hay transacción de vuelta, es símplemente un pago que se ha realizado a través del canal que habían abierto.
En la blockchain (en realidad, en la testchain, puesto que se está utilizando la cadena de bloques para pruebas que tiene Bitcoin) se ha realizado una transacción, que es la transacción necesaria que hay que hacer para establecer el canal.
La transacción de compra de la imagen (la de los 10000 milisatoshis) es la que se hace fuera de la cadena de bloques.
A ver, el canal se establece por un importe de 0'04 bitcoins (testcoins, en realidad). Una vez realizada la transacción de 10000 milibitcoins en la lightning network, el balance de ese canal cambia a 0'04 bitcoins - 10000 milibitcoins.
Pero lo bueno del asunto es que el canal de pagos es bidireccional y, se supone, que formará parte de una red (la lightning network) de manera que el balance se irá reajustando conforme las transacciones de la red vayan necesitando hacer uso de dicho del canal de pago que has abierto.
Cuando cualquiera de las dos partes decida cerrar el canal, entonces el balance que contenga en ese instante será el que se fijará en la cadena de bloques.
Las transacciones que emplean el canal de pago son "off blockchain", esto es, se realizan sin necesidad de ser reflejadas en la cadena de bloques. La única transacción que ha necesitado utilizar la cadena de bloques es la necesaria para crear el canal.
El canal no se ha cerrado, ha permanecido abierto.[/SPOILER] P.D 3:
P.D 4: Los iré añadiendo poco a poco que son un huevo: [url][/url]
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I'm only a tiny online retailer, but I've decided to offer bitcoin as a payment option at my store. Short story inside.

I know larger online retailers are finally adopting bitcoin (albeit at a slow pace), and I'm definitely not the first among tiny online retailers to be accepting bitcoin, but I'm ecstatic about finally being able to offer it at my store! I want to share with you my story in case any small retailers like me are still on the fence about adopting bitcoin.
As a small business owner, I'm pressed for time and money. It's obvious that bitcoin will save me money on transaction fees because I travel often, but it wasn't until a few things started happening that finally allowed a small retailer like me to offer this exciting new currency.
All the above addressed my concerns about adopting bitcoin for my business. So, if you are a small retailer still on the fence about accepting btc I hope my experience have made your decision clearer. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have here!
Speaking of bitcoin-exclusive discounts: My store, Postertext - Art prints for book lovers will be offering a whopping 25% off on your entire order this holiday season. If you have a friend who likes to read, then definitely check out our store. The designs are made entire out of text from your favorite books!
EDIT: Thank you for all the support! It just dawned on me that you guys might be interested in our Linux poster - featuring Tux the penguin himself.
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TriForce Tokens Blockchain Gaming Welcomes Angel Investor David Drake to Advisory Board

Blockchain-powered gaming platform TriForce Tokens is pleased to bring on board LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake as an advisor, strengthening its bid to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry with proven venture capital expertise.
January 9th, 2018 Milton Keynes, UK — TriForce Tokens has reached yet another significant milestone in recognition and acceptance, with renowned venture capitalist David Drake joining the team as an advisor. Already supported by established academia in the form of Coventry University and gaining formal legitimization through the backing of the UK government’s Innovate UK, TriForce Tokens is well positioned to make the necessary moves in the gaming industry.
With this latest development, TriForce Tokens stands to leverage on Drake’s vast experience in managing and leading efforts across a variety of funds including realty, VC and hedge funds, for which he has acted as GP and LP investor with partners. He maintains unique access to 100,000 investors through The Soho Loft Media Group, which has been producing and sponsoring over a thousand finance conference for over 15 years, partnering with media leaders such as Thomson Reuters and sponsors from Nasdaq and NYSE.
Drake chairs the NY-based multi-family office LDJ Capital which has more than 50 global directors and maintains relations with institutions and family offices that manage assets worth $1.5 trillion.
David Drake is considered as a founding father of crowdsourcing in the US, having founded the US Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and US CrowdFunding Professional Association (CfPA).
He joins TriForce Token’s growing advisory of gaming, blockchain and computer security experts that already includes individuals such as Vadim Bulatov, a marketing lead and games industry veteran with an impressive portfolio that includes World of Warships and Master of Orion.
David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital. “TriForce Tokens have big ambitions to shake up the gaming industry with the introduction of unique strategies to harmonize the games community. I recognise the exceptional aspects that this project is introducing to the industry and with its strong backing from the business division of a globally-recognised University in the UK plus the advisory team, it is a serious contender for this space. We look forward to helping this project grow and the team to realise their vision.” — David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital.
Strategic industry partnerships
TriForce Tokens continues to grow from strength to strength, not only with its technological development and product, but in its efforts on the business and commercial aspects of the company. Its intention to revolutionize online gaming through blockchain innovation is underlined by its partnerships with some of the industry’s most recognized advocates.
It has gained full membership of trade association, games and publisher network, TIGA, in the UK, and is a corporate member of Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association.
Triforce Tokens’ partnership with Coventry University Enterprises Ltd also ensures corporate and business viability, as it pursues an IP audit on technology and brand with the UK government’s Innovate UK.
About Triforce Tokens
TriForce Tokens represents a real chance of becoming integral to tomorrow’s gaming industry by centering its relevance to the online gaming community development, focusing on the very real needs of developers, publishers and gamers, tackling directly their many concerns and challenges.
Indie developers can look forward to a rapid deployment of features such as tournaments, P2P trading and peer ranking on any game with any platform. Its FORCE tokens native to the platform seeks to harmonize digital wealth across platforms, meaning that users need not replace existing revenue models. FORCE tokens can be traded with other users or earned and given as rewards for completing tasks and winning competitions, or as self-determined fees for P2P transactions.
Thanks to blockchain transparency, FORCE tokens will foster communities that are more satisfied, safer and practise better ethical values, encouraged by a unique honour system that rewards collaboration. Blockchain authentication will also mean that publishers regain lost revenue from piracy.
Player retention is addressed through developer access of deep player insights provided by big data and behavioural analysis, allowing them to always provide players with unique and new experiences.
The Team:
TriForce Tokens is backed by an ensemble of experts from a range of sectors, including corporate management, online gaming, computer security and blockchain development.
Some of its key team members include:
Pete Mardell, CEO
Mardell established himself as a strong engineering professional with his work on a range of technical web applications when he was Head of Development for a recruitment agency in the UK. An avid gamer, Mardell is also a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast. LinkedIn:
Raza Ahmed, CTO
Ahmed has vast experience as a Senior Full Stack Web Developer and qualified blockchain developer, with expertise in Solidity (Ethereum), Javascript, SQL, Node.js, and AngularJS, among others. An MSc holder in Software Development, Ahmed has developed web applications for almost eight years. LinkedIn:
Dr Nazaraf Shah, PhD Research Engineer
An associate professor at Coventry University’s Faculty Research Centre for Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Dr Shah currently lectures in Ethical Hacking and Computer Security. Profile:
Jakub Kafarski, Front-end Engineer
Kafarski has worked on front-end engineering for the likes of Noveo, Madkom and Ericsson across Poland, UK and Sweden. He is skilled at JavaScript, React, Redux and Node.js and is a member of Mensa. LinkedIn:
Sorina Rusu, System Developer
Rusu is a passionate developer with extensive experience in PHP and Node.js. Her good organization skills and dedication has been key to her successes with consulting and tech firms in Romania as well in the UK. LinkedIn:
Jacob Ashby, General Manager
Ashby’s enthusiasm for learning led him to hone his leadership skills and business acumen at University of Westminster. His current role takes advantage of his experience in working with customer and client support. LinkedIn:
Haider Malik, Senior Full Stack Developer
A Javascript expert, Malik also doubles as an instructor at learning academies Udemy and Fullstackhour. LinkedIn:
Simona Patrut, Marketing
Patrut has a strong marketing background, including a management role at Romania’s Hilmi Medical Center, where she has managed entire product marketing cycles. She is an expert at building new partnerships for strong brand awareness. LinkedIn:
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DISCLAIMER: The authors of this article by no means are advocating, advising or persuading anyone to invest in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs or any other form of investment. Investments are subjected to market risks and you must do your own research before investing and seek financial advise and help from qualified personnel. Any businesses or companies quoted in this article have not paid us financially or through any other means for profit or gain. The authors also do not intent to challenge, disrespect or disobey any specific government, institution or personnel of authority including Banks, Financial regulators, governing bodies and laws of the land. All viewpoints in this article are our own and does not relate to any company, partner, employment or body that we are associated with in our day to day life.
THE HEADLINE: As we reflect upon on 2017, it is probably fair to make a bold statement that it has been a phenomenal leap forward for the trio of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the ICO. Here is why: • Bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency and once defamed as a ‘hyper-coin’) hit another all-time high passing $8000. Today, Bitcoin is worth about $50 billion and has been accepted under the law and tax frameworks of Canada, Australia, and Japan. • Ethereum network (platform) and its own fuel ( coin) Ether has appreciated more than 2,800% since it was launched in 2015. • Underlying Blockchain technology is no more a hype, it is disrupting every industry through its secure public ledger • ICOs have raked in over 3.6 Billion Dollars, the largest ICO in 2017 has been Filecoin raising over 257 Million Dollars. This is the just beginning of the ICO revolution where IPOs and traditional stock exchanges are going to become a thing in the past.
Let’s admit it. We either have a tribe of people who love the whole concept of decentralized and autonomous Peer to Peer network completely secure and away from the control of the regulators and bureaucrats OR you still belong to the other tribe, you think Cryptocurrencies are dark alleys and ‘good’ people should stay away lurking in these areas. We respect views on either side and we would like to just attempt to demystify few basic practical concepts here that one should know if you are new to this so called “Crypto Tribe”.
EVOLUTION OF CRYPTO AND BITCOIN The first internet currency, known as DigiCash, was created by David Chaum and is said to have its origin from Netherlands. This was arguably the first attempt, but the idea failed and the company went bankrupt in 1998. Keeping up with the trend PayPal ( one of the global leaders in Payments Industry) was next to follow-up and became highly successful, but did not create an actual cryptocurrency. So history was made when the first real cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was invented by someone went by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and went online in 2009. There has been several failed attempts to identify this person. This ground breaking and revolutionary makes it possible to take to replace central authorities, government, watchdogs bureaucrats and politicians with the decentralized blockchain, and take power away from Wall Street. Bitcoin has already broken its own records several times since it started. The chart below will obviously blow your mind if you have not tracked Bitcoin recently. In less than 8 years Bitcoin has given over 8000% return. From 0 to 8000 USD per coin. And ofcourse there are talks of the next bubble and market for Bitcoin crashing down anytime. Really? Let’s address them a bit later in this paper.
The legacy of crypto goes back to the days of World War II when cryptographic systems were devised to securely transmit messages between various parties. All has happened is the technology and evolution has progressed since with the advancement of Computer systems and underlying hardware and software. We hence now have a very powerful system on the network for anyone to harness.
WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN? A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a hash pointer as a link to a previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data. A blockchain can serve as "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way not in citation given. For use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks, which requires collusion of the network majority. And that is the latest Wikipedia definition for you. However, in layman terms, what is the best way to explain it? Let’s think of a used-car for a purpose of illustration. The new buyer would like to ensure that the car is genuinely owned by the seller, that the car servicing history is fully up to date and any major issues has been picked up transparently in the car service history. In real world that may not be possible always. Let’s take another example. We go to our regular family doctor ( GP). Their computer has full history of our health records from illness, diagnosis, medicines and treatments. If we go to another city, it would be very important that the new doctor has full information as well. Sometimes things do not work that way. And this is where the power of Blockchain comes into play. Blockchain is like a decentralized and distributed computer or electronic database existing on multiple computers at the same time ( but not owned by any big company specifically atall). The database keeps growing continuously as new sets of key information, or ‘blocks’, are added to it. Each block contains a very important information - timestamp and a link to the previous block. These then actually form a chain, everyone in the network gets a copy of the whole database but the database is not managed by any particular body, person or corporation. Entire old block are preserved forever and new blocks are added to the ledger irreversibly, making it next to impossible to manipulate by faking documents, transactions and other information. And yes, hackers know this and they have no interest in this area as they cannot manipulate here. They will most likely to continue to pry on large private businesses and public sector for ransom not Blockchain for a very long time or may be forever! It is also worthwhile mentioning here that since Blockchain runs on a public network, there are concept of ‘mining’ and rewards to the ‘miners’. In simple terms, people are rewarded for allowing their computers to be used for harnessing the ‘processing power’ of Block execution. Every new transaction on a block ofcourse needs to be executed. Now that you have got a bit of history of the whole Cryptocurrency and Block chain technology mumbo-jumbo, you may be thinking what about another term ICO which everyone keeps talking at the Pub and every now and then on various websites and journals. What are ICO really? Let’s get that out of way as possible.
THE DAWN OF INITIAL COIN OFFERING ( aka ICO) You are probably already familiar with the traditional stock market and the concept of Initial Public Offering ( IPO), so we will not go too deep into it. But in a nutshell, until recently businesses have raised money from the public by listing their businesses on the famous stock exchanges. Ofcourse, it is not possible for Mr. John Smith from a little village selling his home made secret strawberry jam globally until he has deep pockets. Neither he can even dream of getting his business listed on a stock exchange to raise cash from public. Hence listing businesses and raising cash has remain the forte of the big and bold with the backing of Venture Capitalist firms, Private Equity firms and the Brokers. And ofcourse there has been the means of the “Angel Investor” who would give cash by taking significant equity stake in a business started by the entrepreneur with their blood and sweat. Then emerged the concept of “Crowd Funding”. Online project funding websites like kickstarter, crowdcube, seedrs emerged. They allowed entrepreneurs to request for funds from the public. But these methods have raised limited funds, grossly regulated by the local authorities and not everyone could raise money from here. So you may ask what IPOs and Crowdfunding has anything to do with Blockchain technology and ICOs? Well what if we say that there are investors out there who believe in the disruptive nature of Blockchain Technology and are also early adopters of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Then there is whole liberal aspect of the unregulated market which makes the whole world shift towards a very different perspective. Now an entrepreneur could actually raise money for building their business from very early stages ( sometimes from just a concept level) and accepting the money not in traditional currency ( aka Fiat currency) but Cryptocurrency. And further, each of these new projects could even release their own version or token of an underlying cryptocurrency or digital currency. Now that’s sexy and awesome isn’t it? Well, we are not going to down the route here to inform the readers it is good or bad practice in this paper. We will leave that opinion formation to yourself. Now that you got a high level understanding of ICOs, the next thing you may want to know is that it is pretty straight forward to invest into an ICO ( we will cover more in this paper later). But you need to understand is ICOs just like an IPO are for short duration. Usually they last for few weeks (typically 4 weeks). You get bonus Tokens or the crypto coin to invest early. Once the ICO minimum target is reached ( Softcap) the coins gets listed on the CoinExchange and they start trading. Coinexchange? What are these then? Quite simple, just go back to the analogy between a traditional stock and traditional stock exchange. Very simple concept really. How you buy, sell and do the nitty-gritty just differs. Since there are no brokers or regulators involved here. The whole process is really simple and quick. It may worthwhile sharing a quick snapshot of the ICO market worldwide: It is mind boggling to see that new businesses in really concept stages are raising more money than traditional businesses in just few hours of ICOs getting listed. Obviously this is really bothering lot of people in high ranking posts. We are not here to again debate who is right or wrong here. What we essentially want you to understand is some of these ICOs are really shaping the next wave of revolution.
How many of you believed that a Smart Phone with a so called ‘mobile app’ would be worth billion of dollar? Look at Uber, Alibaba, Airbnb, Facebook. Why no one complains about their valuation? May be because these businesses have backing of very large venture capitalists, Private Equity firms? But who runs these VCs and PE firms? Do you really need 70 Billion Dollars to run a Taxi mobile app? We honestly do not know. But what we know for sure is disruptive technologies and businesses built on top of them always have an edge. And then you combine the technology and handover its power to the people you create a social eco-system that is so strong and powerful that it can override and form its own status. And that is what is happening with the ICOs. People are investing into their trust and belief. Now that’s more powerful than any single bank, government or institution !
If you have followed this paper so far, you should have started to get an idea of what is really going on here about the trio – Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencices and ICO. However, I am sure you still have may have zillion questions about how you do certain things. Let us try give you answers to some of the most common questions asked by those who really want to get involved.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question 1: I am interested in buying and investing into a Cryptocurrency. Should I buy Bitcoin? Answer: Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency. We can not advise you anything specific as you need to do your own research. The number of cryptocurrencies available over the internet as of 6 November 2017 was over 1172 and growing. A new cryptocurrency can be created at any time. By market capitalization, Bitcoin is currently (2017-08-19) the largest blockchain network, followed by Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Litecoin.
Question 2: I am interested in investing into a ICO that what research and due-diligence I need to do ? Answer: We are glad that you mentioned the two magical words “research” and “due-diligence”. That is the most important golden nugget that we want you to take-away from this paper. Never-ever invest into a ICO unless you have researched it for how long it takes to build a strong opinion. Here is a good article that gives some really good tips. One quick tip from us would be ensure that Team is really strong and they are genuine people.
Question 3: How do I find out about upcoming ICOs and useful related news and press releases? Answer: There are plenty of websites now that can give you early headsup and keep you well informed. Our favourites are ICOBENCH, COINDESK, ICOALERT.
Question 4: Where can we buy and sell ICO and cryptocurrencies? Answer: If you are newbie, it may be a good idea to ask someone in your close network to guide you. There are lots of information and instructional video available on Youtube and other social media network and blogs. Sometimes too much information leads to confusion. You may also want to look into tutorials and training available at UDEMY.COM. But please steer away from self-proclaimed gurus. Do not buy any quick rich scheme related courses and scams. We have found that for beginners or are good starting point for Ethereum Blockchain related transactions.
Question 5: When is a good time to invest in Cryptocurrency? Answer: We wish we had the crystal ball to give you the answer. If we had this crystal ball in 2009 ( when Bitcoin started), we would be very rich people right now. But with a bit of research and education, you can master this. You need to make your own decision when is the right time for you.
Question 6: ICO and Cryptocurrency are all hype and dodgy? Answer: We are assuming you are a beginner, you do not know enough about Blockchain technology and how it works, you possibly have not spent enough time learning and tracking about cryptocurrencies. There is also a possibility you have never invested in a cryptocurrency or ICO. Or possibly you invested in a ICO that was a scam. You possibly could be a sophisticated investor in property, traditional shares, gold, forex and much more. But may be you do not want to know any more about Digital currencies or Technology as it is not your “comfort zone”. So the question is how much of homework you have done to assess if this whole concept for you is really interesting or completely ruled out? The decision end of the day is yours.
AUTHOR: Avijeet Jayashekhar: Has over 20 years of entrepreneurial, management consulting , Technology leadership in UK Financial Services Industry. He also has a long successful property investment business in UK. In his last stint, as Vice President of Barclays Bank UK, he managed large Technology Programme in next generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process automation and Digital Payments including Blockchain. He has track record of setting up 3 successful global Technology businesses. Integrally part of the London Fintech and PropertyTech businesses, he is a popular mentor and speaker. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Computer Science, a Business Management Qualification and Project Qualification from Stanford University. He is a British Citizen of Indian origin and lives near London with his family. Linkedin:
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What should I learn to create this system?

I have been using a manual method to trade crypto currencies for around a years now and it has been giving great returns. The main method involves dividing coin price movement over a long timeframe (one or 2 years) to different phases and ignoring short term noises. Crypto Currencies are traded just like stocks so the system will be similar.
I started learning data science in python for this and other similar purposes last month (I am doing undergraduate in computer science and have strong programming knowledge but my mathematical knowledge is bad (Upto A Level Maths)). I want to create a system for it because it will be faster and it will remove bias and i can experiment other stuffs too. I learned the basics of data science and charting from udemy and now have started doing Machine Learning Courses in coursera and datacamp along with quantopian and financial courses from udemy. Because of my weak mathematical background - i have been doing some extra work on Theoretical Machine Learning courses.
Where should i focus more of my time on to create such a system? I want to complete all these courses but i want to learn enough to create a system like this first if it is possible (Easier to continue learning when you have something for it) Is learning Machine Learning suitable for a task like that (I have done some basics and i am not sure yet)? Should i focus on Machine Learning related programming courses more (datacamp) or the theoretical part too (The coursera course which is a bit harder)? What field inside Machine Learning (if yes)? Also for being better at this later - what courses should i do (that i am missing here)?
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What should I learn to create this system?

I have been using a manual method to trade crypto currencies for around a years now and it has been giving great returns. The main method involves dividing coin price movement over a long timeframe (one or 2 years) to different phases and ignoring short term noises. Crypto Currencies are traded just like stocks so the system will be similar.
I started learning data science in python for this and other similar purposes last month (I am doing undergraduate in computer science and have strong programming knowledge but my mathematical knowledge is bad (Upto A Level Maths)). I want to create a system for it because it will be faster and it will remove bias and i can experiment other stuffs too. I learned the basics of data science and charting from udemy and now have started doing Machine Learning Courses in coursera and datacamp along with quantopian and financial courses from udemy. Because of my weak mathematical background - i have been doing some extra work on Theoretical Machine Learning courses.
Where should i focus more of my time on to create such a system? I want to complete all these courses but i want to learn enough to create a system like this first if it is possible (Easier to continue learning when you have something for it) Is learning Machine Learning suitable for a task like that (I have done some basics and i am not sure yet)? Should i focus on Machine Learning related programming courses more (datacamp) or the theoretical part too (The coursera course which is a bit harder)? What field inside Machine Learning (if yes)? Also for being better at this later - what courses should i do (that i am missing here)?
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[WTS] Economics answers to questions on Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies

Hi there,
I just graduated with an Economics degree and I would like to put it to use. I would like to answer any questions people might have about Bitcoins and Crypto-currencies and their implications in the world economy. My goal is to help others understand crypto-currencies so that they catch on and change the world for the better.
For my degree I've taken courses on international trade, monetary economics, and macroeconomics that are related to crypto-currencies. I'm knowledgeable about securities markets and will soon be writing the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). I have worked for an investment club in the past and right now I'm planning to work either as a business analyst or in banking. I have a technical background too. I have built and configured computers since I was young and I have some training in computer networks (CCNA). I also mine BTC and LTC right now.
I want to explain to the average person why crypto-currencies are worth paying attention to. Like why a decentralized currency might be better than a centralized one. Questions on the nature of money, deflationary vs. inflationary money, how banking systems might adopt to online currencies, tax implications, different types of behaviour that crypto-currencies encourage vs. what fiat currencies encourage, how central banking works, how fiat money is created and distributed, how crypto-currencies are created and distributed, how CC relates to precious metals, if intrinsic value means anything, how CCs being adopted could influence economic behaviour, etc, etc, etc.
I'm hoping to work for tips so here are my addresses
BTC: 13dfnuU1XnMHPFSgsNboMgUJaqhxiGtsYS
LTC: Lda7pzUhRzXzaUVQ7A2YTatLkjDd5jd3mv
(you can also tip me using the bitcointip feature, if you know how to use it)
To give you something right now here is a great series of lectures on Bitcoin, mining, speculation, and so on given for free.
Ask away :)
-It may take me a while to read, think, and research some questions but I promise to do my best.
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