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For anyone who's a beginner and looking at getting into day trading CFD's on US Stocks, this guy is good to follow on YouTube.

For anyone who's a beginner and looking at getting into day trading CFD's on US Stocks, this guy is good to follow on YouTube. submitted by vegan-weirdo to Daytrading [link] [comments]

CFD-Trading: Wer sind die YouTube-Typen, die dich reich machen wollen? | STRG_F

CFD-Trading: Wer sind die YouTube-Typen, die dich reich machen wollen? | STRG_F submitted by bicefish to de [link] [comments]

CFD-Trading: Wer sind die YouTube-Typen, die dich reich machen wollen? | STRG_F

CFD-Trading: Wer sind die YouTube-Typen, die dich reich machen wollen? | STRG_F submitted by knallrotesgummiboot to germanvideos [link] [comments]

Developing a new strategy, can I please get some opinions from people familiar with VIX hedges

I trade CFDs on a MM model, as proof I am not a CFD noob that will destroy my account here is my equity graph with X as trade number and Y as performance in %. The period of obvious change is when I developed my current strategy. I was leveraged 8X long in the March crash and 2X in this weeks one, so my risk control has worked so far, although I took a massive hit to unrealised profits. I have never used a VIX hedge so if anyone has experience with them any help would be great.

My new plan:
The whole idea is based upon keeping it as simple as possible, whats more simple than S&P longs. In essence the trade is a pyramiding BTFD on SPY with max leverage set at 20X and a VIX hedge.

The Products:
-CFD on the S&P spot price, there is no expiry or rollover. There is however a holding cost of 2.69%PA paid at 1700h NY time.
-CFD on VIX futures contract, furthest out. No holding cost, but expiry will be between 1-2 months depending on entry point.

Position Sizing:
-Entry 1: Long S&P at 1X account value, Long VIX at 1/4 S&P trade value.
The 1/4 comes from this information I found "According to the CBOE Website, on average, the VIX rise 16.8% on days when the S&P 500 index drops 3% or more. This means that if the SPX move down by 10%, the VIX can potentially shoot up by 56%. To play it safe, the fund manager assumes that the VIX will rise by only 40% when the SPX drops by 10%."
-Entry 2: Repeat of entry 1 which is pyramided on top of it. This makes the trade 2X, all subsequent entries will add 1 the leverage amount.

Risk Management:
-Upon entry 2 the 'take profit stop' of entry 1 and the 'stop loss' of entry 2 will be set to a position slightly above break even for the trade, including interest and VIX roll over losses.
-Profit off VIX will be taken in event of a major crash that shuts down the main position.
- In the event of VIX spike >50 VIX may be shorted at an equal level to the long that is open

Entry 1 Rules:
-VIX >28
-S&P retracing
-S&P in uptrend as defined by HHHL in 4h chart
-MACD has convergence between indicator line and price action (shows continued momentum)

Subsequent Entry Rules:
-As per entry 1 rules
-Current position profit >5% of position base value, increasing by 2% for every extra entry

Exit Rules:
-If I hold a strong conviction the market will drop severely
-If max leverage has been reached, close down some profitable positions to increase cash balance which in turn lowers leverage value. This will allow the strategy to continue to grow further.
-Profit on VIX may be taken if: VIX is in profit, has a declining price, and contract expiry >2weeks. The hedge position will then be rolled onto new furthest contract.

I will update this as the thread continues by strike though for removals and italics for admission
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Guide: Shorting ASX stocks/index

Many people want to understand how to short the ASX without going through CFD's.
So I made a guide on how BUY citiwarrants in order to get short exposure. It's kind of like buying PUT options, but far less complicated and has a lot less fees.
It's also very similar to trading BBUS and BBOZ which many of you are familiar with, except you can do it for stocks as well.
I'm not a financial advisor, nor is this financial advice. This is simply an educational video on how I trade citiwarrants to get short exposure to the markets.
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Mis recomendaciones para los que están empezando en forex

A los 15 años empecé en este mercado y hasta el día de hoy ( 19) lo sigo operando. Pasé por todos los mercados ( cfds, futuros, acciones, etc) y este es uno de mis preferidos.
Tickmill y Hotforex. Ambos están regulados por la FCA ( UK) y no van a tener ningún problema en cuanto a retiros ni va a ocurrir nada extraño.
Canales de youtube ( setups, análisis técnico, acción del precio, etc)
Rayner teo, Illiya Sivkov, Tradeciety, The trading channel, Technical FX, Hunterfx, RockzFx.
Páginas de instagram educativos y donde suben setups
@strade_ninjafx @forexdoc_htc @illyrian_forex.al @aurealtrade
Mis recomendaciones a la hora de operar
Siempre recomiendo hacer mucho backtesting de una sola estrategia hasta que seas muy bueno en ello, mientras más simple, mejor. Recomiendo seguir los setups y análisis de traders profesionales y que vayas metiendo en demo y veas como se mueve el mercado, esto acompañado de un estudio intensivo.
No recomiendo señales ya que esto te hace dependiente y creeme que te vas a sentir como si estuvieras apostando ya que no vas a saber porque el proveedor tomó esa señal y vas a ir a ciegas. La mayoría de grupos son estafa y vas a perder dinero. . Lo que si recomiendo es meterte un grupo en donde suban los análisis, con posibles entradas, con sus razones por las cuales tomarían la operación y que vos sepas en qué trade te vas a meter, sin ir a ciegas como hacen todos en los grupos de señales.
Personalmente creo que forex es el mejor mercado para aprender a operar y para gente de poco capital. Luego podes pasar a futuros que es un mercado bastante lindo o quedarte en en forex, es cuestión de gustos. Acá a forex le tienen un odio tremendo pero es porque hay gente que no lo sabe operar y quema la cuenta. Pero si haces las cosas bien como mencioné mas arriba, con un buen backtesting previo, una gestión de riesgo y un riesgo beneficio 1:2 o superior, vas a ir bien.
Una vez que ya seas rentable podes aplicar para programas de fondeo como yo he estado haciendo estos años, es una buena forma para gente que es rentable y no tiene capital suficiente para vivir de esto . Actualmente tengo 12 cuentas fondeadas en ftmo de 100k y una de futuros en earn2trade. . Si alguien tiene una duda no dude en comentar.
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What broker should I try next after Trading 212?

Hey all.
I've been using trading 212 for over a year now to buy and sell (only invest acc never done CFD's/shorting).
I really like the platform but I want to be able to buy a stock and sell it straight away (scalp) which obviously you can't do on T212. I see these youtube channels who will scalp all day and make much more reliable profits even from a few thousand pound/dollar buys.
What platform would you recommend me to move onto next? The shoring side of T212 is pretty awful imo, the spreads are crazy, I've shorted lots on the practice accounts and the stock have to nosedive so badly to even get tiny profits when shorting on here. I'm just looking for a more professional scalpable platform and one that you don't need to have like something dumb like 50 grand in for the account to stay open!.

Any advice greatly appreciated - Thanks.
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Analyzing the YouTube cooking video scene and stars

After watching Folding ideas video on , Cooking on the Internet for fun and profit, I felt inspired to have to discuss what is the current landscape of online cooking shows. This is a sort of exploration of how things are, what it means for restaurants, cooks or even cooking in general and how it will shape the industry in general afterwards. In ways this is sort of a review and comparison of the various YouTube personalities and what does it mean to be a YouTube star. Following the 3 pillars that Folding Ideas had laid out, Personality, Information and Spectacle, I will rating the personalities/channels based on a 6 point allocation system Like a skill pool and application of their points therein, the max could be 6 in one category at the detriment of the other skill sets.
Binging with Babish
Personality: 2
Information: 1
Spectacle: 3
If there was a leader for cooking shows now, it is Babish. His appearance on reddit tapping into the internet nostalgic nerdom has gave him popularity and the ability to bank on it. What I find interesting from the rating is that his spectacle isn’t that he’s is incredibly flamboyant or crazy with what he is doing, it’s just that his non face, one camera and hands only production is his spectacle. That is is his trademark and recognition. Why not the idea of how he recreates pop culture meals and then make a “gourmet” version of it? It would be more recognized but it is shown that with his Basics with Babish spin off series with equal fame means that his spectacle is not limited to only that purpose. As much as I would like to say he is the benchmark of which cooking shows should be judged now, I feel an all around person is actually impossible to become popular because balance does not inspire people, it is the stacking of it one aspect that changes it.
Adam Ragusea
Personality: 2
Information: 2
Spectacle: 2
Adam imho is as equal footing as you can have with as a YouTube star. His own video discussing the aspect YouTube cooking is interesting in the fact that his production is exactly what his most famous video is all about. It’s about stirring the pot and going against tradition in for the sake of doing so. I’ll make it plain, I sort of don’t like him for specific reasons unknown. As as chef I do see the slight arrogance in some of his instruction which is typical of chefs of renown and often celebrated. He has the knowledge and even the connections but I think because due to the allocation of his points evenly, no aspect supports his arrogance which would require a 3 or 4 to make up for those shortcomings. Plainly said, if he is that arrogant, it needs for him to have point allocation into more skill column to justify it. Because it is so even, his jack of all trades make’s him less of an expert and more of a columnist.
But I do respect that. Because in the long run, because of that one video that had netted him the most views, it allows him to basically be free to do anything. From information about sourdough research, to social commentary about media consumption of Mario Batali, to just a regular emphasis on one show, to ingredient/technique analysis, he’s basically someone who is the complete product of cooking shows of the 90’s food show boom. He is what Good eats is but the acts of act 1 Information, Act 2 preparation, and Act 3 execution, focuses on either just 1, 2 or 3 but sometimes never all of them at the same time. Toss in a splash of the analytical mind of Bourdain (courtesy of his Journalism degree) and that is who he is.
Chinese Cooking demystified
Personality: 1
Information: 3
Spectacle: 2
And now we enter one of the niche shows. Catering to a specific cuisine, the information is the spectacle. The interesting thing is when I approached my rating system, I almost considered making it just a personality and information rating with the spectacle being the difference between the two learning towards whichever side. CFD clearly takes on the Babish way of hands only presentation with voiceover. And in comparison with Babish it touches upon an amazing thing, that the production values are the invisible thing that makes the show appealing. Quite often I imagine myself thinking about how these hosts are talking out loud during the film portion and then reframing the same scene in their voice over work, polishing words and ideas. Unlike one shot recording, it’s like a 2nd take on the food and being able to do that shows how much that polish appeals to our sense of media.
What I find super interesting that is CFD clearly has less kitchen equipment that most other shows for good reason. Reflecting the space availability in Asia and just the different equipment and techniques used in Chinese cooking, there is an indirect extra amount of information being conveyed to the viewer. Was it not for the production value, this could have been mistaken to many home cooks channels showing off their techniques with bowls that they have readily at home, non industrial grade kitchen equipment and DIY set ups for shows.
What I admire about this show is that this video on Mapo Tofu sums it’s completely, a deep delve into their mission statement, casting off the adaptations of Chinese dishes and creating authenticity and personality from the information.
Joshua Weismann
Personality: 2
Information: 2
Spectacle: 2
What is interesting is that he is one of the few chefs amongst the pantheon on YouTubers. A lot of the other ones are actually have a career in video production. Looking at his point allocation, you see that I am essentially putting him in the same category as Adam Ragusea, which isn’t a bad thing. In the second similarity comparison why this makes sense is because Joshua has many things in common. The awareness of media consumption of cooking shows (aka business transition video) how he opens his shot and closes it with the cupboard which hearkens to Good Eats, and his often shown B roll. This is a chef fully aware of what makes a good show, hitting all the tropes of it and one that the audience begrudgingly accepts because we know that is what we want.
The recognition that he is a chef helps to credibility especially considering he has a handful of videos reflecting how to cook more efficiently and how to think like a chef and he has created niches within his own channel with Fermentation Fridays, his Making series where he makes an at home version of a fast food item. A similar vein of Babish and Gourmet Makes. Tapping into those niches it makes me wonder what is the fascination with recreating a food item that exists at home where the whole point of consuming the food item is to not have to make it in the first place. Everyone can make chicken sandwiches, everyone can have this product available at a fraction of the time and effort and yet the recreations engages audiences.
It shows that the making series has the highest views of any other type of videos on his channel with often exceeding 1 million views (the Church’s chicken burger being the first pre pandemic topping out at 5.9 million). Which once again goes to Ragusea’s point about what you want to be known for won’t necessarily be what you will be known for. The pandemic certainly helped if only for people to be nostalgic for the items they cannot get to but can be recreated at home for comfort.
But I don’t see Joshua as that. I recognize him first for his sourdough series but also for a mishmash of other things. Like the rating indicates, he’s a jack of all trades in the 3 pillars and the entry point for consuming his videos is vast enough to engage with people with concise videos that balance what the videos are like (notice buzzwords like Easiest, Ultimate, Guides and How Tos), acknowledgement of the media he is presenting these products (cupboard intro, production value and b rolls) and information. Comparing with him and Adam, who would I choose since they are so similar? Joshua of course because his cooking show is probably as closest to the spectrum end of old TV network cooking shows than of the Streaming. But consider this. Like I mentioned before Adam is representative of the culture of cooking audience consumption and the end product of it. Joshua is more the end product of cooking show production and represents what tropes are associated with said genre.
My name is Andong
Personality: 3
Spectacle: 1
Weird comparison here with Andong and Joshua. Imagine this. Joshua has his branding as shown to focus on how to cook. It’s technique driven instructive. Andong has a branding that is about the food but his diversity for the food is all across the map. And that is the point. A Russian born filmmaker who studied in China and lives in Berlin, his channel is probably the most representative of the host than any other on this list. His personality is the spectacle and IMHO a lot of that has to do with being a filmmaker, his background but also literally his background. The set he uses is the evolution of what a kitchen set from a TV show looks like. It literally looks like a non-fuctional display of the show and as seen in one of his BTS videos, it is his living room.
So being the first one where it is all personality what do I have to say? Andong is just oozing it. It’s crazy how comforting his personality and enthusiasm is that permeates through all his videos regardless of content. What do I mean by that? Doesn’t Joshua and Adam have that same enthusiasm? They do, but their enthusiasm is from informing the audience of a method that makes sense. The act of informing what makes it’s amazing. His culture series fantastic.
However with Andong his enthusiasm for the food is literally for the food. Not how it’s made, not how but the amazingness that this thing even exists and he wants to share that love for that dish with you. With him I feel there is no effort needed to explain why this is great, it’s just there. It helps when has people over to test the items to eat, but if there was any YouTuber who is shares the joy of say Bourdain enjoying a meal, it would be Andong. The positivity is backed up with the food vernacular of foodies. THe draw is learning about the food he is cooking and not necessarily what the technique is hence heavy on the information culturally that the technique.
Pro Home Cooks
Personality: 1
Information: 3
Spectacle: 2
The low on the personality scale again. I have nothing against Mike Green but like a few on here, the focus is on the food. His sandwich series, goes hand in hand with his sourdough obsession. His focus is on education but in a different way than others. With the courses he offers on the side as well drive to actually make pro cooks at home, he reminds me a lot of Joshua in that but he seems to have a bit of an emphasis on guests to be the expert on whatever subject he was discussing. It is interesting how his channel managed to continue on without his brother probably because of the lack of personality. When you create a brand that isn’t dependent solely on the host(s), it can survive beyond it’s initial concept. But even in the title it offers what it’s intent is, to make you a pro cook at home. Wanting to inspire people beyond just entertaining them goes a long way and it shows in Mike’s “Mistakes” series which shows a side to cooking rarely seen “fixing/prevention” of cooking mishaps.
Alex “French Cooking Guy”
Personality: 3
Information: 3
Spectacle: 0
Ok I know what you are saying. Where the fuck is the spectacle. Well guess what, his personality is the spectacle. The information is part of the personality, which is also spectacle. Alex is the purest example of why I originally humoured a 2 metric system of just personality and information and what the different of emphasis is the spectacle. But the second you enter his video section, especially his most recent ones, it is obsession. His series are not a weekly thing or whatever was edited conveniently. They are back to back to back which emphasizes how he produces. And it works. His croissant series was 11 installments in a row (14 if you count the 3 tempering chocolate series beforehand) and other videos exhibit the same amount of dedication and format.
But this isn’t to say just because he is French that is why his personality is so engaging from a Western audience who is more familiar with English speaking chefs. Andong has a personality that goes beyond just the charm of his accent (in fact it was a conscious choice for him to make it in English to reach more viewers). Alex has more in common with another personality that isn’t even a Chef and that is Adam Savage. His film production skills takes him to a next level away from cooking shows because look at his studio, it literally looks like a garage/lab. With his engineering videos and focusing on one aspect of an item for an entire video where others would just focus on maybe max 2 minutes, the spectacle is almost a pure 6 from personality and information by sheer amount of what he was bombarding you with it. He is the science teacher that makes you excited for a subject through empathy and his sheer enthusiasm.
Bon Appetit
Personality: 3
Information: 0
Spectacle: 3
This artcle explains a lot. Bon Appetit has the benefit of creating crossovers. The MCU/Network television of shows. In a weird way Mike Green of Pro Cooks at Home is similar to Bon Appetit by trying to sell a lifestyle in cooking. The “Perfect series” is much like the Avengers style mash up and their own running series plays on the strength of the people’s personalities. TBH Bon Appetit is one of the last places I’d go for informative instruction, but I would go purely for the entertainment. I’m not saying it’s empty of information, I just feel there are a lot more resources I would scour before defaulting to Bon Appetit. And that is what is awesome about this Channel it actually created a formula for success where a lot has failed even well funded non independent and cook focused driven channels. As emphasized in the article it is because of the strength of their personalities.
Like Babish and Joshua, I feel that Bon Appetit is one of those channels that had a culture existing outside the show through it’s memes. With Claire inspiring the most of them and Brad’s “wodour” they have reach the hall of farmers like “Bam” EVOO and “That’s for another show…” slight effort they have created a meme machine that transcends their informative content and shine in the personality content.
Fine Dining TV and Chef Epic
Personality: 0
Information: 4
Spectacle: 2
Wow. All information no personality. This must be awesome right? Wrong. There is a reason that these two channels has averages of a few thousand views the lack of personality. Remember Pro Cooks at Home? This is the result of having zero personality to tether all the information together. A lot of people just don’t have personalities for the camera and that percentage does translate into the chef population as well. But remember that most of famous YouTube Chefs are filmmakers first. Even Alton Brown was a director for commercials before starting Good Eats.
But isn’t the spectacle just the wealth of information you get in how the dish is created? Well of course...if you are part of that industry. Remember this is just my opinion but as my opinion as a chef, gleaning just a clue to what they used to make the dish allows me to reverse engineer how to make it. That is why I value the information at 4. But the spectacle is fucked. In a lot of these videos, the consideration of how to show the act of plating and cooking is cold and efficient, not the way a show plates for the audience. This is like seeing a magic act in the backroom in the Prestige. You see how the illusion of the food is made, but in doing so some of the magic of this plate appearing on your table is lost. At the end of the day it is just an item to the chef, for service for the business not selling you the culture, lifestyle, the promise of being able to make the food. The story is not there.
Don’t get me wrong I love these two channels. I wish for them to have more views and more engagement. But without a host to fill in the gaps between why I am traveling to this restaurant or learning this technique, we lose our stand in for us in that video. The relationship between chef and audience is lost because we can’t eat it and we don’t have anyone to empathize and live through when it is eaten.
John QuilteFood Busker
Personality: 3
Information: 2
Spectacle: 1
And then you have someone like John Quilter. Ex chef, visiting places that are showing off said techniques and engaging with it through him. The video on the pork chop amazing, showing his engagement with it as well. Like Joshua has many videos on How Tos, Perfects and Tips For, I feel his evolution isn’t maintaining consistency but his evolution in general. From what I gather I see he lives for the work. He just works and the burn out came from it. It’s sad because there is nothing wrong with his content, but this is an example of how high barrier to entry for the online cooking show is. He had been doing this for years, even longer than Babish! But to what end do you keep on doing it to a lack of engagement? This seems to be the exact same effort that caused Folding Ideas to abandon his cooking show attempt, not for a lack of love but from the level of consistency required for the effort.
Food Geek
Personality: 2
Information: 4
Spectacle: 0
On the opposite side of the Chef Epic and Fine Dining TV, we have the Food Geek. Much like any other entry on this list devoid of spectacle, Sune’s spectacle comes from his personality and information. His sole emphasis on the methods for sourdough and his experiments make his contribution vital in a way that makes America’s Test Kitchen and Serious Eats so amazing. The ASMR-like voice is perfect for delivering the reaction and results of the experiment that reassures that he did this so you don’t have to. The information is the story which is so weird because where Chef Epic and Fine Dining TV are trying to show you a story, it’s just too short. It’s a collection of short films about kitchens not a cooking channel. Food Geek accomplishes something I feel is more needed in the cooking show genre as we all grow more in education about cooking.
Urban Butchery Channel
Personality: 1
Information: 3
Spectacle: 2
Butchery is that niche that only a handful of chefs will every touch. Once again the information is part of the spectacle and the knowledge of Franco is amazing. But as you can see the apparent “dryness” of the subject has given it few views. It goes to show that even specialization does not guarantee popularity even if the subject is totally focused on said speciality. Bon Appetit has it’s own butcher series that is equally as dry yet garners more views because of their massive media presence. But like Food Geek, this is exactly the informative channel I wish can inspired people to take the next step in their cooking education and journey. To bridge the gap between source and end product for the consumer.

Ultimately all these stars are contributing to the cooking landscape in some shape or form. These shows are repackaging the basics in how media changes with each decade and generation. Julia's was almost a supplement to her book after the success of her demonstration, Pepin a continuation on PBS, Emeril, Alton, Jamie, Rachel, Nigella the embrace of the Food Network channel, and Babish and Bon Appetit being the YouTube era. All of them were teaching the basics of what we all knew but almost adding ever so slightly upon the next generation entering adulthood or college. The education gets better with each generation but I feel it always has to develop the "personality" of the person through all the basics and before introducing something different such as curry, pad thai, and like Andong more euro centric dishes. Ultimately these chefs and content creators are challenging how we view cooking, how we should approach it and most importantly educating us.
I hope in this post pandemic world, that these channels and as a whole can lead people seeing their relationship with food in a different way. To what is possible, what is considered delicious and ultimately what can bring us together as a community as food always has.

If you have any other channel that is worth mention do discuss it of course. Always out there looking for more channels. I do have other channels to suggest but their impact sort of fits so closely to other entries on this list that it didn't seem worth mentioning.
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Finally, Bityard reminds new users the importance of private keys, private keys, as the name implies, is the key to open their own assets. Once lost, the bitcoin stored in the wallet will not be recovered, so be careful and take good care of yours.
How can Bityard help new investors?
Bityard is about to launch a new function. There are alot of experienced investors using our platform who no longer need to spend long hours of hard work watching investment. So we tought about doing a function that you basically copy their transactions, no need to pay for a bunch of tuition fees, lose money then lose all confidence in the investment.
This copy function function is a simple system, you can query the investor's performance, what others buy, just follow the purchase, follow the star to buy his investment strategy, and enjoy the same profit as him, Bityard will do everything to help you on your first steps.
Bityard: Complex Contract, Simple Trade
Bityard is the world's leading digital currency contract trading platform, headquartered in Singapore, providing safe, simple, and fast digital asset trading services to customers in more than 150 countries. Bityard adheres to the product concept of "complex contract, simple trade", and develops to bring customers extremely simple digital currency trading experience.
Want to start? Open an account immediately in 30 seconds, and get your registration gift at: (www.bityard.com)
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CFD Trading Explanation

Hi guys, I’ve just posted a video explains some of the basics of CFD Trading so that people starting out can start to understand what it is and if they should be doing it! Like and subscribe if it helps 😀
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Hohe Verlustquoten beim Handel mit CFDs

Ich habe mir letztens mal einfach ein paar Finanzprodukte zum investieren angeschaut und verglichen, und konnte mir eine Eigenheit des CFDs nicht erklären:
Sämtliche CFD-Broker schreiben auf ihren Plattformen die Quote der Konten aus, die mit dem Handel von CFDs Verluste machen. Allerdings handelt man an sich bei einem CFD einfach nur "geleveraged" auf einen Basiswert. Natürlich wird dieser einem in einem Derivat verpackt over the counter angeboten, aber die Kursdeckung war bei den Wertpapieren die ich betrachtete (DAX-Aktien) eigentlich immer gegeben.

Wie schafft also ein großer Anteil der Kunden es, sich mit dem Handeln von CFDs so zu verschätzen? Die Kursbewegungen stellen ungefähr die des Basiswerts da, heißt das also das ein ähnlich großer Anteil sich mit dem Handeln der DAX-Aktie an sich verschätzt? Ich habe mir ein paar Gedanken gemacht die stattdessen eine Erklärung darstellen könnten. Vielleicht könnte mir jemand mit beruflicher Erfahrung die ganze Sache etwas näher erläutern.
  1. Höhere Provisionen, Marktplatzgebühren (macht eigentlich keinen Sinn bei einem OTC Trade), Übernachtfinanzierungskosten und Spreads als beim herkömmlichen Handeln von Aktien. Diese stellen eine höhere Gewinnschwelle da und haben deswegen vielleicht auch noch einen größeren Psychologischen Einfluss.
  2. Trader lassen sich zu leicht zum schließen von Positionen mit großen Roten Zahlen beeinflussen, da sie sich des hohen Hebels nicht bewusst sind und vernachlässigen, das die Position in der Zeit in der sie so schell einen Verlust erlebt hat auch ohne Probleme wieder in den Gewinn schießen könnte. Dagegen spricht allerdings das die Verluste mit zunehmender Trading Erfahrung laut der französischen Börsenaufsicht zunehmen, hier ein sehr interessantes Video zum Thema: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTZCTzf1vtE&t=399s . Dies spricht auch gegen das Argument das vielleicht mehr unerfahrene Trader direkt bei CFDs einsteigen.
  3. "Manipulation" durch den Market Maker. Hier kann man der Kreativität freien lauf lassen, da in den Konditionsverträgen denen man mit dem eröffnen eines CFD Kontos zustimmt meistens Haftungsfreiheit für die Broker in Fällen von technischen Problemen, plötzlichen Spreadausweitungen und was noch alles unerwartet zu Verlusten führen könnte, festgehalten ist. Ich könnte mir also vorstellen das hinter dem front-end eine Art Algorithmus arbeitet, der einen bestimmten Kundenverlust garantiert. Wenn die Kunden an sich schon genug dumme Entscheidungen treffen um dem Broker unter dem Strich einen Gewinn einzubringen muss der Algorithmus nichts machen, doch treffen die Kunden gewinnbringende Entscheidungen greift er ein und bedient sich einer Palette an Möglichkeiten von der Unerreichbarkeit des Servers zu plötzlichen Spreadausweitungen zum Zeitpunkt der Positionseröffnung usw.
Die letze Möglichkeit scheint mir schon fast die einzige Erklärung um eine derartige Verteilung der gewinnenden/verlierenden Kunden zu erklären. Ist das alles Humbug was Ich hier erzähle? Kann gut sein. Ich handele jetzt seit rund 3 Monaten über ein Demokonto beim S Broker mit einer Rendite von 50% meines "virtuellen Kapitals" aber werde für Echtgeld sehr wahrscheinlich eine andere Investmentmöglichkeit wahrnehmen. Ich vertraue nicht darauf, die Ausnahme in einer Statistik von Kunden die gegen Banken wetten zu sein. :)
Ich freue mich über eine Diskusion in den Kommentaren. Sorry falls ich eine Reddit-Regel nicht beachtet habe, dies ist mein erster Post.
Beste Grüße,
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CFD Trading Explained For Beginners

Hi guys, I’ve just posted a video explains some of the basics of CFD Trading so that people starting out can start to understand what it is and if they should be doing it! Like and subscribe if it helps 😀
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Learn to trade in these hard times

I’ve made some videos for beginners to start trading! And also some videos for the advanced. I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow on CFD Trading but if you want to learn to make money from your phone check out some of these vids! If you found them helpful please like and subscribe 😃 Any feed back greatly appreciated!
Also if your interested I have a reddit community called Howtotrade
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CFD Trading Explained For Beginners

Hi guys, I’ve just posted a video explains some of the basics of CFD Trading so that people starting out can start to understand what it is and if they should be doing it! Like and subscribe if it helps 😀
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Learn to trade and invest

I’ve made some videos for beginners to start trading! And also some videos for the advanced. I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow on CFD Trading but if you want to learn to make money from your phone check out some of these vids! If you found them helpful please like and subscribe 😃 Any feed back greatly appreciated!
Also if your interested I have a reddit community called Howtotrade
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CFD Trading Explained For Beginners

Hi guys, I’ve just posted a video explains some of the basics of CFD Trading so that people starting out can start to understand what it is and if they should be doing it! Like and subscribe if it helps 😀
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Learn to trade while at home

I’ve made some videos for beginners to start trading! And also some videos for the advanced. I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow on CFD Trading but if you want to learn to make money from your phone check out some of these vids! If you found them helpful please like and subscribe 😃 Any feed back greatly appreciated!
Also if your interested I have a reddit community called Howtotrade
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Why eToro really sucked...for me

This is a summary of my experience with eToro. For my use case and experience eToro really sucked. It may not be the case for many people who use it and for whom it worked well but I was extremely dissapointed and thought i would share my experiences with other people. They are advertising everywhere and I am plagued by eToro youtube videos every 10 minutes or so, which is very annoying (googles advertising of things you already used or own).
So I decided to try eToro a few months ago. I needed to buy bitcoin fast while it was at a low price and had no fiat stored on my exchange accounts, didnt want to wait 1-2 days for a transfer. I opted for eToro for a few reasons:
- European company - Accepts credit cards (with caveats as I found out later) - Low / Transparent fees as advertised in some cases no-fees (not for crypto as i found out)
Sounds great so far, I signed up, verified and bought my bitcoin. Its when I started to use the platform and getting to know it, that I found all the things that were wrong with it. Of course it is all in the terms and conditions and endless useless articles on their help pages that often lead nowhere which of course everyone reads before joining ..... yeah right.
In my defence I am not new here and have a number of exchange accounts I have been doing small trades over the years but am largely a hodler. I was expecting to have somewhat of a similar experience as other exchanges...this turned out to be far from reality.
Challenge 1: WTF is a CFD
It is bullshit for a clear definition. It is basically paper trades. You do not own any of the assets you have on the platform as it is a Contract For Difference which basically means you are trading the asset only “virtual” and eToro promise to repay the worth of your contract. Bought for 6k now it is 7k means they owe you 7k (Not in bitcoin). They do allow you to move SOME assets to a non-tradeable wallet (will cover it as a separate challenge). So OK, a pain in the ass but I will go with it, Bitcoin is supported for withdrawal.
Challenge 2: Buy bitcoin with credit card (responsibly, i have cash just needed to secure the buy) and withdraw it
Bought bitcoin, around 2k worth, left it on the account as there was good volatility at the time. Did a few trades and made a couple of hundred euros worth of bitcoin on top of what I originally bought..success. Now I am ready to withdraw it to move to my hardware wallet as I was not intending to use eToro for too long. I was not able to withdraw..why?
If you are on the Bronze level (less than 5k on the account) and you have deposited via Credit Card you CANNOT withdraw! Silver level (5k+) you can only withdraw after the funds have been there for 180 days if i recall correctly, also varies by country. Wait what?! They happily took the credit card payment without giving me a warning and effectively holding my bitcoin hostage?! After cursing and ranting for a few hours I contacted support who have provided me with a workaround. In order to withdraw your bitcoin you must deposit the same amount in FIAT via Bank Transfer (in which case all activities are supported), you can then withdraw the bitcoin to eToro wallet and then withdraw the remaining amount in FIAT. This solution worked but took multiple days.
Challenge 3: Move Bitcoin to Hardware wallet
So this is probably the biggest catch I have found with this platform comparing to others. eToro doesnt have a wallet, instead it is some kind of a subsidiary called eToroX which is a different app and website but THANKFULLY you can log in with eToro credentials. In order to withdraw you must first move your funds from eToro to eToro Wallet which has a fee of 0.00050000 Bitcoin...OK...but theres a catch. On the eToro platform each time you make a purchase it is an individual open trade which cannot be merged. So you if you bought your coins in multiple trades, say 3 times, you will have to pay this fee for each trade that is open...complete bullshit...and requires MANUAL validation, which means a person from eToro has to approve this transfer, I had to wait for several days.
Ok now thats over I want to move it to my ledger form the eToro wallet app. App shows how much I have and what the fee is 0.000138. I have to manually calculate the amount minus the fee and enter it. It worked! No it didnt, there is some kind of a bug in the app which is getting it wrong and not allowing me to send it though. Waiting for a reply from support right now to figure out WTF. Likely some kind of a decimal point difference which probably means i will leave some dust on the platform.
Other things that I didnt like:
- Buy/Sell price: there is a clear difference in the buy and sell price. The moment you buy the asset it is no longer worth that amount because the sell price is significantly lower. I guess this is how they collect fees...not very transparent - No volume data: Why? A person from eToro acknowledging shortcomings tells me they dont have volume indicators because there is not enough real volume on the exchange and it would not be helpful. (because it is not a full blown exchange many may be used to) - The moment you deposit money or go a level up you get assigned an account manager, these vary per level. You get an email from them introducing themselves randomly, I initially thought it was a scam and ignored the emails. They called me, i had an honest conversation with them, this platform sucked for me. - Once you transfer to eToro wallet you cant transfer back to eToro trading platform - Coins supported by eToro wallet Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and XLM....all else is CFD only but they say they are going to add more - Copy Portfolio is a great way to lose money and have somebody else to blame for poor choices, if this is what you like, sure i guess
Not everything is bad of course, if you are happy with CFD's and want a single place to trade all these assets like selected crypto and stocks it is a good place to do that, apps are kind of OK. But it definitely was not for me and I would not recommend it to anyone who is a crypto USER
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CFD Trading Explanation

Hi guys, I’ve just posted a video explains some of the basics of CFD Trading so that people starting out can start to understand what it is and if they should be doing it! Like and subscribe if it helps 😀
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Learn to trade

I’ve made some videos for beginners to start trading! And also some videos for the advanced. I’ll be uploading a new video tomorrow on CFD Trading but if you want to learn to make money from your phone check out some of these vids! If you found them helpful please like and subscribe 😃 Any feed back greatly appreciated!
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Trading 212 for learning to trade stocks for beginners

youtube video
I’ve started a 212 trading account and this is a screen recording of my account stocks | portfolio on my CFD Crypto currency’s and long term investments. Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link https://www.trading212.com/invite/FME... Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100? | We both get a free share! If your looking to get in to the stock market then trading 212 is the best start for beginners and you can invest as little as £1
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CFD Trading - YouTube CFD Trading - YouTube 36. Live CFD Trading - Tutorial for beginners 1000 modi per fare trading con i Cfd Qu’est ce que le TRADING sur CFD ? - YouTube

Cfd Trading On Youtube TOP CFD Broker Forex, Crypto, Rohstoffe Alles schnell und einfach direkt online traden! In our separate guide about eToro, you can get more information about this social trading platform for CFD contracts. Try the best trading app for begginers AvaTrade. Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI), AvaTrade offers a variety of asset choice for CFD trading. The company works only with accounts that have verified their identities. Consult relevant financial professionals in your country of residence to get personalised advice before you make any trading or investing decisions. Daytrading.com may receive compensation from the brands or services mentioned on this website. Risk Warning: Trading CFDs on leverage involves significant risk of loss to your capital. The commodities market is also a fairly active one for CFD trading. It may be a popular one in 2020 as well, given that some commodities have performed far better than the average major stock or currency. Gold’s trading value, for instance, has been at an all-time high, as the “yellow metal” attracts investors who may be fleeing other markets. List of the best CFD Broker 2020 – Trusted reviews. Due to the large choice of different offers on the internet, it is difficult to find a secure and reputable CFD Broker today who can offer the client good trading conditions. Especially international it is confusing through many comparison sites because they do not always recommend the best CFD provider.

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CFD Trading - YouTube

Here I place a couple of CFD trades. (one long, one short), to show you the basics of trading on a CFD platform. Alpha Broking https://www.jbalpha.com/ Subsc... 🎁CLIQUE ICI pour augmenter tes revenus grâce à notre Nouvelle FORMATION BOURSE OFFERTE ️ http://alti-trading.fr/formation-offerte ↓ PLUS D'INFOS ↓ Le ... CFD Trading Examples. http://www.contracts-for-difference.com/cfd-trading-examples.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Let's take some CF... Go to http://www.cityindex.co.uk/cfd-trading/ to learn more about CFD trading. This eight-minute webinar from leading CFD trading provider City Index is a co... Everyday experienced traders are moving from futures and forex trading to CFD’s. New traders are learning how easy it is to begin trading CFDs and why it req...