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2017 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 19: First Unanimous #1 of '17, Good Week to Choose Red Over White Sox, Brewers Back in Top 10, Could the Cubs Drift Out?

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Transparency: this link shows all votes and some added statistics.
Hey sportsfans--it's time for Week 19 of baseball's Power Rankings--19 weeks ago our Power Rankings brought forth on this subreddit, a new project, conceived in Statistics, and dedicated to the proposition that no teams are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great analysis, testing whether our rankings, or any ranking so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of this website. We have come to dedicate a portion of this site, as an arguing place for those who here have their biases and hate the Dodgers so that this subreddit might thrive. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week.
We had one guest voter this week. The right and honorable thugmuffin22 represented the Dodgers.
Please treat voters with respect when questioning them--it's all volunteer work.
If something is a little messed up, please let me know but I might not fix it cause Splatoon 2 arrived today!
Total Votes: 29 of 30 possible.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Dodgers 0 f you told a Dodger fan from 2016 that Kershaw was injured, Agon is also injured, and some rookie was in his place, Urias had season ending surgery, Rich Hill is barely averaging 5 innings a game, Ethier and Toles are absent leaving a backup Mariners infielder with a career .700 OPS playing left, Puig is hitting eighth, Forsythe is at second with a sub .700 OPS, , he would only scream "FUCKING FRAUDMAN!" Then you tell him that we are 36 games up on the Giants and lead the whole league by a massive margin, he would be so confused 79-32
2 Astros 0 With the division lead down to only 15 games, the Astros are thankful that George Springer's return could be as soon as tomorrow. 71-40
3 Nationals 0 The Nationals, with a good third of their team injured (or on paternity leave! Congrats Gio), walked into Wrigley and took 2 of 3 from the defending World Series champs. In what could very well be an October preview, the Nats have to feel good with how things played out. This is a team that can roll with anyone, and they aren't going to fold when they fall behind like in some prior seasons. 65-44
4 Red Sox +4 The additions of Devers and Nunez to the lineup have shown to be brilliant. Hanley taking some time at first takes some fo the pressure off of Moreland's feet, which will help with his bat. The return of Pedroia with add more flexibility to this lineup, and may help prevent Devers from being overexposed so soon in his career. This team looks good morving forward. 6 straight wins including 2 from a very good Cleveland team. I had tickets to Tuesday's game and was gonna take my sister and one of her firends, but since I am old and had to work the next morning and wouldn't have gotten home until 2AM, I gave her my ticket and she took another of her firends. I missed the game of the year. At least the Sox look like they are hitting their stride and playing to their potential. 63-49
5 Indians -1 The Indians have traded wins and losses with the 2nd place Royals over the past week and remain 2.5 games up in the AL Central. A tough schedule in August will test Cleveland's mettle as they deal with injuries to RHP Josh Tomlin and OF Lonnie Chisenhall. 59-50
6 D-Backs -1 63-48
7 Yankees -1 With two days off and 7 games against Boston in August, our fortunes are very much in our own hands. Outside of Severino our pitching has seemed off-and-on all season, but in reality, the Yankees have the 6th best fWAR in the MLB for starters, and Gray only strengthens that. Combined with arguably the best bullpen in baseball, that makes you feel pretty confident if the Yankees can go on a tear in August and September for a well constructed roster in a playoff series. 59-51
8 Rockies +1 Lucroy's already been a big boost to the team that previously had the worst catchers in the league, and Neshek's been solid, too. The Rockies just need to tread water for the next 2 months with the other divisions in the NL being a total joke and the Dodgers hopefully pulling an 01 Mariners 64-48
9 Cubs -2 The Cubs have come down to earth a bit from their hot start after the break. However, their schedule becomes significantly easier for the rest of the season, especially in the short term. The NL Central looks to be a nailbiter for a bit longer, if not until the very end. 58-52
10 Brewers +2 So bad news, Milwaukee once again has scored the fewest runs (17) in the last seven days. Good news, Milwaukee also has the lowest Team ERA in the last 7 days (2.03). Middle news, Milwaukee went 4-3 over the last seven. Counsell's Crushers really need to get back to crushing the ball, if they don't the playoffs will simply be a hopeful wish 59-54
11 Rays 0 The Rays took a series vs an injured Astros team but couldn't find any offense vs the Brewers. If it wasn’t for a Souza Jr walk off on Sunday, the team would have been swept and potentially only score 1 run vs the Brewers. Highlights of the week include a cycle by Longo, a gem vs the Stros by rookie Pruitt in his hometown and the lack of a complete bullpen implosion. The team continue a tough stretch vs the RedSox and Indians and when every game counts for the WC race, they Rays cant have an extended losing streak like they did after the break. 58-55
12 Royals -2 Alex Gordon has been a star for the Royals, and a player that will end up in the team Hall of Fame. His number may well be retired when his career comes to an end. Yet, he cannot hit any longer, and it is time for Ned Yost to make a hard decision when it comes to Gordon's playing time. 57-53
13 Cardinals 0 if the cards can win tonight they'll be at .500 for the first time since the beginning of june. don't get your hopes up, unless your hope is that the cards won't win tonight 55-56
14 Mariners 0 James Paxton and Edwin Diaz won pitcher and reliever of the month in the AL, and we picked up Yonder Alonso on the waiver wire. Maybe he'll help us creep past a game or two above .500? Probably not. 57-56
15 Angels +1 Apparently blowing large, late leads and losing 11-10 is the new Sunday tradition for the Angels. On an off-the-field note, RIP to one of my all-time favorite Angels, Don Baylor. 55-57
16 Rangers -1 I have a huge mancrush on Joey Gallo and his monster dongs. His OPS since mid-June has been great, he's been on a tear crushing 5 homers in his last 6 games and it's always a treat watching him step up to the plate, knowing that he's likely going to either hit a homer, strike out or walk. His all-or-nothing approach would have been frowned upon 20 years ago (he's basically Russell Branyan's spirit animal), but he's got something else going for him: his own subreddit, /gallofaces, where his amazing facial expressions are on display. What a beautiful man. 53-58
17 Orioles +3 So apparently Tim Beckham is a god now. Gausman continued his resurgent second half, Machado is hitting the crap out of the ball, Schoop learned plate discipline and has transformed into a top 5 second baseman, and I continue to not understand this team. The question is now if the rotation will be able to keep the team in enough games to sneak into a Wild Card spot. And now that Chris Tillman is in the pen, the odds have improved some. Which is depressing to type. 55-56
18 Pirates -1 Following a trade deadline where one over-the-hill reliever was replaced by another, GM Neal Huntington was accused (not unjustly) of shuffling deck chairs. The Pirates are not a bad team, but they aren't playoff-caliber either. They are caught in the middle ground of mediocrity, and the front office needs to decide if they are going to make the necessary upgrades to push this team over the top or start rebuilding. The Bucs' middling performance played out on the field this week, as they went 3-3 against two of the worst teams in the NL. They did, however, acquire relievr George Kontos and utility man/crusty vet Sean Rodriguez, the latter of whom hit a walk-off homer on Sunday. PLAN THE PARADE. 54-57
19 Marlins 0 Going 2-1 against the Nationals was pretty great. Having to work hard to avoid getting swept by the Braves immediately afterward? Less great. We'll see whether or not the series win against the Nats was a fluke very soon, since there's a 4-game rematch in Washington this week. Between that and a 3-gamer against the Rockies, the next power rankings might have us a little lower. Gotta believe! 52-57
20 Twins -2 A .500 week to bounce back from our terrible start to the second half. We're feeling out of the race at this point but are thankful that we can watch a team that we feel has a chance out there every day. This season is one to build on for next year with optimism, especially as the FO has shaken up the org from top to bototm. 53-56
21 Tigers +1 Justin Upton has been having a quietly wonderful season, mashing 21 dongs, swiping 10 bags, slashing .281/.367/.533 with a 139 wRC+. It will be interesting to see if he exercises his opt-out clause that was written into his contract for after his second season with the Tigers. If he does not use the clause, he is set to earn $88.4M over the next four seasons. A few weeks shy of his 30th birthday, will JUp choose security or will he chase one more large contract before his performance inevitably declines? This week: 2 at PIT, 2 vs PIT, 3 vs MIN. 51-59
22 Blue Jays +1 I still can't believe we got something of value for Francisco Liriano 52-59
23 Braves +1 Ozzie Albies has officially arrived in Atlanta, the next cog in the Braves' future. An understandably difficult series with the Dodgers and a couple wins over the Marlins made up a decent week, and the Braves will be looking for revenge against the Phillies starting today. 51-59
24 Mets -3 I went to two games of the Dodgers series. There was a Dodger crowd. They cheered for the away team. That angers me much more than losing does. 49-60
25 Athletics 0 Yonder Alonso, the A's lone all star was traded this weekend to the Mariners. Sonny Gray, the A's lone good player, was also traded at the deadline to the Yankees. woe is us. But, hidden in all the transaction news lies a pretty decent team- some of the time. 50-62
26 Reds +1 Nothing of note has happened to the Reds in a long time. Just a whole lot of losing. Homer Bailey is really bad. I just found out yesterday that one of my friends went to high school with Scooter Gennett and knows him pretty well, so that's neat. 45-66
27 Padres +1 The trade deadline has passed, and September callups are still a few weeks away. These are the dog-days for a rebuilding team. But we still have Brand Hand. That's enough for me. 49-61
28 Giants +1 Brandon Belt might be dead, Pablo Sandoval is back, Jarrett Parker is the best left fielder in Giants history, Albert Suarez is basically Andrew Miller, and Buster Posey stole two bases in the same game. What a week. 44-69
29 White Sox -3 The White Sox won a game on Monday, which was cool. 41-68
30 Phillies 0 R.I.P. Darren Daulton 40-69
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Week 10 r/baseball Power Rankings -- A tie for #30 to 13 decimal points, rankings stabilize, Astros continue climb

Tony Gwynn -- 1960-2014 :(
Around the Horn
It's Manic Monday!
More information is in the AUXILIARY POST.
A new voter for the D'Backs will be joining us next week, (old voter retiring with a great voting record).
Total Votes: 27
# Team Δ Comment Record
1. A's This week we played the Angels and the Yankees, and had what most would call a good showing. The Friday game against the Yankees was our worst loss of the year. But then we took the Saturday game, featuring a half an hour power delay. That Sunday game featured Norris hitting a home run (he hit 2 on mothers day to show he loves his parents more than you) and Josh Donaldson broke out of his 0-33 slump with a weak single. 42-27 (+0)
2. Giants The Giants are heading to the South Side for the first time in 11 years this week to take on the White Sox, then make a quick pit stop in the desert to take on the Diamondbacks before returning home from a relatively quick road trip. Santiago Casilla is back off the DL, with Brandon Belt due back by the end of the month, so that’s nice. Sadly, Chicago native George Kontos was optioned to Fresno before the upcoming White Sox series. What’s that? You want me to talk about how they played this last week? 43-27 (+0)
3. Blue Jays The Blue Jays of Toronto went 3-4 this week, and now have a 4.5 game lead in the always-competitive American League East. A highlight of this week came in their game verus the Twins on Monday. The Twins tied it up in the ninth, scoring two runs. Fortunately for fans of Toronto, the Blue Jays walked-off in victory with a run of their own in their half of the inning. 41-30 (+0)
4. Brewers Beating the Mets in New York, losing to Cincinnati in Milwaukee. The Brewers are giving up some ground to a good St Louis team. A trip to Arizona and Colorado should give Milwaukee the ability to increase their lead in the NL Central 41-29 (+0)
5. Angels It was an up and down week for the Angels but perhaps the greatest highlight was the insight provided by my pal dukiduke after Ernestblow Frieri's whimsical 9th inning on Saturday. Meanwhile, new villain-in-chief, David Freese, is at an all time high ... in strike-out rates. But with more strike-outs comes more power ... unless you're David Freese. His ISO is .060. By comparison, Juan Pierre's career ISO was .068. Yes, Juan Pierre would be a bigger power bat than David Freese at this point. Of course, the alternative for the Angels at third base is John McDonald, but at this point, he gives as much offenseive production as Freese and is much better on defense AND not even Mike Scioscia would be stupid enough to bat him clean-up, unlike he does with Freese. Thankfully, ye of little portion control is letting Trout steal bases again, much to the surprise of literally everyone. 37-31 (+0)
6. Tigers The Tigers still remain atop a tight AL Central, but for how long? Inconsistent play, along with a nightmarish ninth inning, has prevented the Tigers from pulling away from the others. At least Andy Dirks and Joel Hanrahan are progressing towards a July return. 36-229 (+0)
7. Cardinals The Cards split two games in Tampa and then swept the Nationals at Busch, a good way to head into 7 more home games against the Mets and Phillies. 37-32 (+3)
8. Braves It wasn't the best week for the Braves, but they once again have the division lead after a really great (in the competitive sense) series against the Angels. Most of the bats were awake with one notable absence: Freddie Freeman. Freddie's recent performance could either be disturbing or a sign of better things to come. He's striking out at an uncomfortable rate, and his batting average has dropped from .305 to .275 in the last 19 games. You can construe this as him having legitimate struggles for the first time in a while. Others might think that when he inevitably turns around, the Braves will be looking pretty pretty pretty pretty... pretty good. 36-32 (-1)
9. Dodgers Literally the Astros, the dodgers are the worst thing to happen to sports ever. This team can't even strong together a good week and gain any ground on the first place giants. DFA Mattingly 37-34 (+0)
10. Fake Expos After the Nats took 3 of 4 againt the Giants I wanted to come in here and sing our praises, but we turned around and got swept by the Cardinals for another week of doing a whole lot and not really making a move either way. Of importance: The Nats are 1-5 against the Braves this year, so the four game series next week is a BIG opportunity to not only move up in the standings but also exorcise some demons. 35-33 (-2)
11. Royals The Royals are presently riding a seven game winning streak, catapulting them into the second Wild Card spot. While it is far too early to begin printing playoff tickets, just seeing the Royals in a playoff spot this late in the season is encouraging. 36-32 (+7)
12. Orioles Why is it the pitching and offense never click at the same time? That's quality starts in 9/10 games. And a 5-5 record to show for it. That's what happens when you average 3 runs per game over that span. Even Ubaldo had a quality start! And he has more walks than hits alloweed this month! By a decent margin too! Yay, $50 million dollar man! But everyone's starting to get excited about Kevin Gausman, who has allowed two runs total in two starts against the A's and Jays over 13 total innings. And Dylan Bundy just started a minor league game yesterday. I'm trying not to get too excited... 35-33 (+1)
13. Marlins If you haven’t seen Casey McGehee lately, let me tell you that he’s doing well. Hitting behind Giancarlo Stanton for much of the season seems to agree with him: Casey’s slashing .309/.363/.389 with 43 RBI so far in 2014. His current 10-game hitting streak is the cherry on top. If you haven’t done your All-Star voting yet, consider #HitsMcGehee (official Twitter hashtag, look it up) for NL 3B. In other news, the Fish scored 4 runs in the 9th inning on back-to-back nights vs. the Buccos and did NOT win either of those games. Bullpen has been better; rotation is inconsistent. 35-33 (-1)
14. Mariners Even with a five game losing streak on our back, we've still managed to be competitive in every one of those games (maybe outside of the Tanaka domination.) We continue to hear rumors of Walker's return, and of Paxton's further pushed off return... but what really interests me is how this FO will go about re-energizing this tepid M's offense. With Kendry's swooped up by the Twins, the only thing really out there is a trade... and I'm not ready to part with a whole lot of pieces in this system. 35-34 (-2)
15. Yankees The road trip is over. We got pounded by Oakland last night, but at least you could say that we're done being on the road, especially for this old of a team -- but the Yankees actually are .448 at home and .564 on the road, so I don't even know what to think. In April, we had a full strength rotation, and we were 15-11. Since then, we've lost three of our starting rotation and we're 20-22. That feels like how we should perform until Sabathia and Pineda get back (August). Maybe I'm just being too much of a pessimist, but it feels like we really grind out the wins we get. 35-33 (+0)
16. Indians It's been a weird week for the Indians. For starters(heh), our starting pitching has gone from starting to get in their groove to just playing like shit. We havent had a starter go past the 6th inning in just over a week and it's going to kill our bullpen. On the bright side the fact that we split with the Red Sox can be attributed to the bullpen playing perfectly in Franconas heavily matchup based pitching scheme. The Tribe managed to stay close in the division regardless of playing a lethargic week and the ALs best home team hosts both the Angels and the Tigers. 35-35 (-2)
18. Pirates 34-35 (+4)
19. Rangers Since the last rankings, the Rangers have won three and lost three. They finished a four game home series against Cleveland last Monday, getting destroyed 17-7. They then split a series at home against the Marlins before taking two of three from the Mariners in Seattle. MLB's worst pitching staff continues to rack up shutouts. Yu Darvish blanked the Marlins on Wednesday, and the next day Nick Tepesch and a cadre of relievers shutout King Felix's Mariners. Thanks to the blowout served up by Cleveland the team was outscored 33-24 this week. All in all they played fairly well but they still rank 21st. 34-35 (-3)
20. Reds The week opened with the Reds and their offense looking absolutely ridiculous; fortunately it also ended with the Reds stomping on an amorphous, bloody pulp formerly known as the Brewers' bullpen. Perhaps Votto has been giving his teammates some pointers because since his return they have averaged 5 runs a game and have a record of 4-2. Mat Latos came back in full swing throwing 6 innings of dominant shutout baseball before the bullpen threw his work to the wind. With the team completely healthy besides the man made of glass, Sean Marshall, the Reds should be looking to make their run at contention right now. 33-35 (+0)
21. Twins 32-35 (+2)
22. Red Sox For the fiirst time in a long time, pitching really isnt the problem. Deucebront and Bucchoke are on the DL, but we dont have bats. Like most things in baseball, once one thing goes good, then the other goes bad. I'm quite upset about it, but hey, we are not going on crazy wins and loss streaks. The person I am most optimistic is BROCK HOLT \O/. Let's go Sox 31-38 (-2)
23. White Sox The Sox started the week strong winning the first two games of their three game set against the Tigers, however they would go on to lose their next four. Over those four loses the Sox have shown shades of last years offensive problems scoring a total of 6 runs during this losing streak. Chris Sale recorded his first loss of the season despite giving up only one run in Thursdays 4-0 loss to the Tigers. 33-37 (-4)
24. Astros Astros finished with a 6-4 record the last 10 games they have played, with the starting pitching continuing to do well. The bullpen has been doing a solid job but we still don't have a proven closer than can close games. The offense is doing an ok job but it has much more room for improvement. 32-39 (+1)
25. Mets 31-38 (-2)
26. Phillies It's been a surreal sort of week as the end of an era drags itself further into inevitability. It's all capped off by a bittersweet taste of that reality as Jimmy Rollins took his rightful place atop the Phillies all-top hits list, a moment that allowed the fans and players to reflect one last time on the accomplishments of this core of local legends. It won't be perfectly timed, but Rollins' successor is on his way, as highly-touted prospect J.P. Crawford was promoted to high-A. 29-38 (+3)
27. Cubs Rizzo and Castro continue to lead this sad offense with the help of Luis Valbuena of late, and the team hasn't played too bad these last few weeks. It won't last long though, as Samardzija, and Hammel are definitley gone soon, as well as the possibility of losing Bonifacio and Valbuena too. 28-39 (+0)
28. Padres Rest In Peace Mr. Padre. Seriously one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Just a pleasure to be around. I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said, but just know when you hear stories about him in the coming days, he truly was as nice as you hear. 29-40 (-2)
29. D'Backs 30-42 (-2)
30. Rays Even though their record has said they’re the worst team in baseball, the Rays now play like the worst team in baseball. Earlier in the week, the Rays had a 31-inning scoreless streak and made pitchers like Erasmo Ramirez look unhittable. The problems have mostly been offensive (surprise surprise!), and while it looks like some are breaking out of slumps (Longo, Loney), others have looked completely lost at the plate (Joyce, DeJesus, Escobar and pretty much everyone else…). With the Rays as clear sellers, there will be a lot of trade rumors and speculation to weed through, which should be interesting with all the players the Rays have on their books for the next few years. 27-43 (-1)
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Nationals v Giants NLDS preview

I was just kinda bored and I was inspired by EnsignObvious so I decided to make a NLDS preview for the Nats and Giants for shits and giggles, mostly shits. Enjoy I guess?
Positions Nationals Giants
C Buffalo Buster Posey
1B Wheelz Brandon Belt
2B Asdrubal Cabrera. Joe Panik
3B Tony Two Bags Pablo Sandoval
SS Desi Brandon Crawford
LF Bryce Michael Morse
CF Denard "2014 NL OF GG" Span Gregor Blanco
RF a gnome Hunter Pence
SP1 Stras Jake Peavy
SP2 Zimnn Zam Tim Hudson
SP3 i barley no her lol Madison Bumgarner
SP4 Gio Ryan Vogelsong
CL Droooooooooooooooooooooooooo Santiago Casilla
RP Broark, Clipboard, Thonton, ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ, Craig "Houdini" Stammen, Detwiler, *Jerry “Dammit Jerry” Blevins, *Soriano Yusmiero Petit, Sergio Romo, Jean Machi, Jeremy Affeldt, Javier Lopez, Geroge Kontos, *Tim Lincecum
Bench ZimZam, LOBaton, Kspinosa, *Kevin, *Nate 2.0, *Mr. Clean Dan Uggla, Andrew Susac, Travis Ishikawa, Joakin Arias, *Juan Perez, *Matt Duffy
Manager Mad Matt Bruce Bochy
*denotes “IDK”
C: I think both Ramos and Posey are even behind the plate. Ramos throws out people better (.375 CS% compared to .298 CS%). However, Ramos has had a down year offensively. His power numbers are way down this year. While our beloved Buffalo has been hitting into double plays, his Giants counterpart has been tearing it up with a .977 OPS in the second half. The Buffalo is no match for Posey, by a large margin, in this department. Advantage: Giants
1B: Thank god 2013 LaRoche decided to go away because I like 2014 LaRoche better. Not only does he have a sweet ass beard now, he is also has a very nice bat and he walks a ton (4th in the majors for BB%). He is horribad against lefties though. I’m expecting Matty to put in Ryan at first against Bumgarner and let LaRoche sit it out. Belt has been hitting pretty nicely too, as of late at least. He was out most of the season due to injuries. I think he got hit in the face during BP and suffered a concussion (lol). What’s not lol is his performance last night because he went 2 for 3 with 2 BB and 3 RBI. Overall, Wheels and Belt are pretty equal. Advantage: Tie
2B: Praise be Rizzo for getting us our beloved Ass Cab in our time of need! His bat was pretty hot when he first arrived but has since cooled off. Defensively, he has been very good (he’s a shortstop playing second base huehuehue). As for Joe Panik, he’s has had a standout rookie year. He appears to be a contact hitter since he is batting .305 right now with a .063 ISO. For this, Panik probably beats out Air Conditioner, but just by a little bit. Sorry Animal Cracker :c Advantage: Giants
3B: Anthony “Subbed All-Star” Rendon has built himself a pretty sweet sophomore year. He is the Nats’ MVP with an All-Star+ caliber 6.6 WAR (tied for 3rd in the majors). He is also the 6th best base runner in the Majors and the leader in runs scored in the NL (that’s some all-star shit right there). Not to mention his defense which is as solid as my Rendoner after he hits 21 dingdongs (all-star). Pablo Sandoval is a pretty good third baseman himself, although he is not all-star caliber which Anthony Rendon is. For this reason, Anthony “the NL lost the All-Star game bc I wasn’t voted onto the team” Rendon wins this one. Advantage: Nationals
SS: Believe it or not, this has been Ian’s worst year in three year and he just had his 3rd straight 20-20 season and his defense is pretty solid, although he’s had quite a few error this year. Brandon Crawford has been going hard as of late (he hit a mother hugging grand salami last night!). Desi and Crawford have equal in defense, so Crawford’s recent tear puts him ahead of Desi even though Desi has had a better year. It should be noted that Crawford has a .411 BABIP so he could regress at any time. Advantage: Giants
LF: Bryce Harper and Mike Morse are both equal in offense for the past two months I would say. Michael has been out for a month because of an oblique strain, though, so when and if he comes, back he will be ice cold. Also, his defense is horrid. Like really bad. I’m giving this one to Bryce because his defense is better, his offense as of late matches the Beast, he’s probably very hungry to prove himself this postseason, and the fact that Bryce has actually swung the bat at least once in the past month. Advantage: Nationals
CF: Span is a very good defender but he is also having a great year offensively. He’s hitting .302 with 39 doubles and 31 stolen bases. Also, he literally never strikes out. As for Gregor Blanco, think of him as a poor man’s Span. He doesn’t hit for power, similar Span, but he also doesn’t hit the ball at all. Okay, maybe that’s over exaggerating, but the point is that he hits .260 and it’s not at high as Span’s .302 so there. Advantage: Nationals
RF: Jayson Werth is my favorite Nat. He has a very nice beard. He is a really fun interviewee. He did this.. He is basically Jesus. He is also good at baseball. Although he couldn’t replicate his offense from last year, he’s still been a force to be reckoned with at the plate. He is 5th in the majors for OBP at .394. Although he hasn’t had as many Werthquakes this year, he still has a .849 OPS. He’s pretty dern good for 35 years old. Hunter Pence has also been having himself a good year as well. He has an OPS of .777 and he has very good baserunning. However he didn’t do this. Jayson wins. Advantage: Nationals
SP1: Strasburg had a very rough beginning and middle of the year. His era went up to as high as 3.70 at one point. So why is he starting game one (probably)? Because he’s Stephen motherhugging Strasburg. 1.13 ERA for the month of September. 10.1 K/9 and 1.3 BB/9. 2.94 FIP, 2.56 xFIP, and 2.64 SIERA. Ace stuff man, I’m telling you. Jake Peavy was acquired by the Giants this year via trade. Since then, he has a 2.17 ERA for a 3.73 ERA on the year. I feel that Strasburg is the better pitcher here, since he has insane underlying numbers and he will be eager to pitch well after being infamously shutdown in 2012. It’s Strasmas Eve everyone Advantage: Nationals
SP2: Zimmermann has had a career year. 2.66 ERA and 2.68 FIP. Also add in two complete game shutouts, one of them being a no-hitter. He has a 8.2 K/9 and 1.3 BB/9. He’s basically an ace. Tim Hudson sports a 3.57 ERA. Nothing to write home about except for the fact that he dominates the Nats. I think he’s never lost against us, although last time at home, we tagged him for 2 runs (1 earned) and got him out after 5.1 innings. I don’t believe in voodoo shit (see Braves) so I think we can get him in the postseason. Advantage: Nationals
SP3: Fister has had a career year. His ERA is 2.41, one of the best in the league. He also basically never walks anyone. He also pitched a CGSO his last start. This guy is an ace. He will face off against Bumgarner (inb4 Fist Bum jokes) who is the Giant’s ace. His ERA and FIP hover around 3.00. He just pitched a CGSO his last start so this guy ain’t no chump. He’s also probably going to win the Silver Slugger. This will probably be an even matchup (I think we gonna fist the bum though lel) Advantage: Nationals
SP4: Gio struggled in the beginning of the year but he’s finally starting pitching like 2012 Gio aka Ace. Ryan Vogelsong has seen better days. He has a perfect 4.00 GPA ERA and he’s been pitching like that for basically the whole year. Gio is the better. Advantage: Nationals
CL: Storen has been shut down all year who was just recently promoted into the closer role after Soriano imploded. Casilla has been shut down all year who was just recently promoted into the closer role after Romo imploded. Advantage: Tie
RP: Over the regular season, the Nationals (3.00 ERA) and Giants (3.01 ERA) have both had equal bullpens. We will be adding Tanner Roark though, who is literally Greg Maddux 2.0 while the Giants will be adding Lincecum (maybe?). Advantage: Nationals
Bench: I don’t really know too much about the Giants’ bench players except that it appears that Arias sucks. I do know that our pinch hitting has been pretty poopy this year. However, we got ZimZam sitting on the bench and he basically walks off every time. Advantage: Nationals
Manager: Bochy has been with the team through two world series wins and he has more experience than Matt. Bochy probably gets the go-ahead here, but honestly, managers don’t affect the team’s performance as much as the actual team performing. Advantage: Giants
Intangibles: Apparently the Giants are jesus during even years. But, during our ten game win streak, I felt something really special in my natitude. I felt the ghost of the 1994 Expos empowering the 2014 Nationals, 20 years after the lost season. This is our second time coming in to the postseason and I feel like a lot of our guys have something to prove like Strasburg who was shutdown in 2012, Harper who everyone thinks sucks or something, Zimzam who really wants to help the Nats win a World Series or something, and Storen because… well.. yeah. Advantage: Intangible
TL;DR: The Nationals have a deeper lineup and rotation made of aces. I would say the defenses of both team are equal except in left field where anything hit outside of a 5 feet radius of Morse will land for a hit. The bench and bullpen are pretty equal too except the fact that we have a starting position player on the bench and an ace in the bullpen. Giants’ have even year voodoo but in the words of Jayson Werth: We don’t have time for bullshit. Prediction: Nationals


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