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[Standard] Mono-G without any 4 drop creatures. Meta and and Sideboard Guide.

Greetings Spikes!
I am re-posting this because the original was removed because the title was too click-baity.
This season I was able to win the race to #1 with a somewhat off the beaten path version of Mono-G. I was able to hit Mythic #1 12 hours after the ladder reset with a 93% win rate. Since, I have been able to maintain the #1 spot by the end of each day [EST] and am sitting at #2 as I write this article. As to the rest of my resume, I've only been playing Magic seriously for about a year. I've made Mythic five times and have finished in the top 200 in 3 of the last 4 seasons.
Every major client updates my goes haywire so I don’t have the stats from my initial climb to #1. Untapped became live again for me yesterday and you can see and track my results here
The List: Rumti MonoGreen
You might notice a shift from typical mono-G decks. It runs zero 4 CMC+ creatures. That means no Questing Beasts or Gemrazors. The list runs 26 creatures in the main, all of which are 1-3 CMC. It relies on 4 of primal might, 3 Vivienne, 2 Nissa, and 2 Henge to close games that go long.
If you want to see the deck in action and hear me walk through my plays as I go I’m on twitch at 6-12pm eastern M-F.
Notable Card Choices:
Primal Might – I run 4 of primal might because it does what questing beast was supposed to do but better. It’s the best response to an on curve Nissa as long as you have at least 3 power on board, which you almost always do. On turn 4 you can pump a 3/3 to 6/6, clear their land with the fight effect, and take Nissa off the board. In the same situation questing beast gets chumped by the land or the land trades with your 3/3 and you get in for 3 or 4 damage on Nissa and they untap with a huge advantage. In addition to the great use case I’ve outlined above the card has no downside. Unlike other fight effects Primal Might can give you additional reach out of nowhere even if oppo has no creature on board. It also serves as a win condition late game, especially if you manage to untap with a Nissa on board. 20/20 stonecoil anyone? Yes please. Primal might lets mono-G fight with all of the ramp going on. It’s the MVP of the deck, hands down.
Scavenging Ooze (scooze) – Not a lot has to be said about this card. Everyone knew it was going to be good when it was revealed and the fact that it keeps all the Uro decks in check is a beautiful thing. It’s our one equalizer in our worst m/u (rakdos sac) and it performs well in just about every match up in the meta because it heals, gets bigger over time, and manages mitigates oppo’s access to very powerful graveyard synergies (Uro, ECD, Tamiyo). I include it as a 3 of because while it’s a very powerful card, graveyard creatures are a limited resource and they lose value on the 2nd and 3rd drawn in a lot of match ups. I include 1 in the side for Vivienne fetches and to go to 4 of in certain match ups (4 of Uro decks and Rakdos Sac)
Garruk’s Harbinger – I’m very high on this card in the current meta. I keep trying to get it to a 3 of in the deck but I can’t settle on what would be a good cut. The strengths of the card are that it’s a 3 mana 4 power card which activates a card draw if you are shattered on turn 4. It cannot be ignored so oppo typically has to use premium removal to take it off the board or take unfavorable trades. If your Garruk’s Harbinger forces an early sweep, draws an ECD or even an extinction event you should feel good because that’s a critical card out from the oppo for the cost of a 3 drop and perhaps one of your 1-2 turn plays. Four power is also a breakpoint in the mirror and Temur Rec because he can trade with Ambusher and Questing Beast at 3 CMC.
Growth Chamber Guardian – This is an old staple that always goes in and out of favor. With this deck, it joins the Great Henge and Garruk as another way to gain card advantage when you flood or are otherwise low on resources. It can end up being 12/12 worth of stats for effectively 1 card draw when you are in a board stall or a top/deck race. It synergies very well with both Henge and Vivienne as their counters also proc the tutor effect. Just like Harbinger, it can get to 4 power which is important in the mirror, VS. Temur Rec, and trades favorably with Nissa lands. You can often continue to swing with this at 2/2 if you leave 3 mana open during the attack phase because they must respect the adapt. This is one of the more difficult cards to maximize it's impact because you really need to know oppo's interaction spells and when it's safe to adapt and when not to.
Nissa, Who Wins the Game – Nissa couldn’t find a comfortable spot in mono-G lists previous to M21 because there just wasn’t a good way to capitalize on all the mana she gave you and a 3/3 for five that can set you back on lands if dealt with just underwhelmed. However, M21 gave us two premium mana sinks that can take advantage of Nissa in big ways in Primal Might and Scooze. Couple that with Growth Chamber Guardian and Stonecoil Serpent and you have 11 cards in deck that can make full use of her abilities. The fact that this list already controls the board in 90% of games, it is a very tall order for your opponent to deal with her through combat so she demands targeted removal. You are often putting your opponent in the position of choosing between dealing with your board or dealing with your Nissa and that’s a great place to be.
Notable Exclusions:
Questing Beast (QB) – A Mono-G list without Questing Beast?! What is this heresy?! Look, I get it. QB is a staple and a house and the paragraph of card text could instead be replaced with “play me” in all caps. But hear me out. This deck has 15 mana sinks and lives on double spelling/ability on turn 3 and 4. You will often find yourself in a position where you need to eat Uro out of the yard with 4 mana on board and wouldn’t it be nice to do that and play a Garruk’s harbinger? If you had a QB in hand you are choosing between letting the Uro Recur or putting a 4/4 creature on board that will likely net you less damage than the Uro is going to heal for. This list runs 1-3 drop creatures exclusively in order to give you the flexibility to capitalize on your mana sinks and still develop board. 4 CMC creatures routinely lead to awkward turns. That said, I put in the side for certain m/u which I cover in the SB guide below.
Gemrazor – I love Gemrazor. I’ve played hundreds of games with this card and they’ve won me my fair share. That being said, it just isn’t optimal in this list. It has anti-synergy with pelt collector and Henge, it invites 2 for 1’s and it incentivizes not going as wide as possible. I tried using it as a SB card but it always felt like I could be doing better things with the slot so it got the cut.
Ram Through – I run zero of these in the main because Primal Might covers your targeted removal for game one. While Primal Might being sorcery speed is a big drawback, the fact that it’s not a dead card against low/no creature decks and it’s superior flexibility just make it the superior card for game 1. That said, I put 3 ram throughs in the side to bring in against the mirror and Temur Rec.
Match Up Guide
I’ll go into as much depth as I can for what I consider the top tiemost popular decks and then spend a little less time on the rest of the field here.
Temur Rec (favored)
While it might not feel that way when they go off, the deck is favored against Temur Rec due to the amount of pressure it can consistently generate in the early game and the fact it can close out games with haste creatures after post sideboard. There are Temur Rec lists out there that are very favored against mono-G (storms wrath, flame sweep, brazen borrower) but I find at the top of the ladder people haven’t sold out to stop the mono-G monster yet and are running decks that are tuned more for the Ramp match ups. This could change at any time, but I do not see it being the case any time soon, with the popularity of the ramp decks right now.
It is important to get in for all the damage that you can and in most cases I do not advise letting the threat of an ambusher stop you from maximizing your potential face damage in game 1. It is more likely that holding back your 1-3 power creatures on turn 4 is going to give oppo additional turns to stabilize than oppo is going to drop an ambusher to blow you out. Not that it never happens, but this is a game of playing to your outs and limiting your opponent’s outs. I prefer to give Temur Rec fewer turns whenever possible. Be very careful with your growth-chamber guardian adaptations because they have a lot of instant speed interaction to punish you.
IN – 3x Ram through (for ambusher) 1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops. 1x Scooze
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 4x Primal Might, 3x Vivien
This is a very aggressive sideboard plan. Basically, you are side boarding out all of the cards that they can gain advantage against with negate/aether gust. Playing a Nissa, a henge, or a Vivienne is great if you can resolve it but more often the impact is you skip turn 4/5 and they negate/gust for 2 and turn the corner on you. By going to 36 creatures you are always going to have a turn 1/2/3 play and then if they gust your turn 4 it’s not so bad because you already have enough pressure on board that they need to do two or three things per turn to stay alive which is a tall order even for Temur Rec.
Bant Ramp (favored)
This is another situation where if they hit their dream draw it can be a lights out situation regardless of what the home team plays. Fortunately, we are much more likely to hit our aggression than they are to find the perfect answers. Bant Ramp sacrifices a lot (durdles) to try to race to Ugin8 and you can often close games before they get there. Additionally, Nissa and Stonecoils routinely put them in situations where Ugin8 is no longer an out for them. I cannot tell you how many games I have won with a 4/4 stonecoil or a Nissa on board when he drops his Ugin8 and weeps because big daddy Ugin just isn’t enough.
Garruks Harbinger is a big performer in this m/u because it triggers card draw from an on-curve shatter which can keep you on plan and mitigate the lost value. Additionally, if he cannot answer it immediately you quickly begin to outvalue his answers. Harbinger can also draw an ECD out which they would rather have for your Nissa’s later but since they can’t let harbinger connect, they have to drop it. One final thing to remember is that the great Henge cannot be minused away by Ugin8 when he is first played because it is 9 CMC. This can let you recover sometimes, but it is not often relevant.
IN –1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops.
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 3x Vivien
To be honest, I do not think I have perfected the sideboard plan against Bant Ramp and at the current time the meta isn’t settled enough to have an always correct strategy. A lot is going to depend on what you see in game 1. If you see a 4feri, the value of questing beast and shifting ceratops goes up and the value of your fight spells goes down. I am comfortable saying that your primal mights need to stay in so that you can deal with Nissa when she comes down. Other than that, I think you can reasonably go a lot of different ways.
What I have settled on for now is a similar plan for the Temur Rec sideboard, I dump all my non creature spells (except Primal Might), go to 35 creatures and dare them to stay alive. I used to board in some interaction so I can clear Jolreal more consistently, but I have found it marginally better solution to just add pressure until they are forced to chump with her.
Sultai Ramp (favored)
Suiltai Ramp plays similarly to Bant Ramp but instead of Shatters and heavy bounces they run extinction event and some bounces and some spot removal. This list does a really good job of diversifying the power across odd and even creatures, so extinction event isn’t likely to be a blow out situation as it is in more traditional mono-G lists. Does not mean you love to see it, but you can often recover and keep pressure on. Garruk’s Harbinger’s are again good here because they blank eliminate and heartless act and dodge casualties of war as a creature option. Be very careful with your growth-chamber guardian adaptations because they have some 2-cost instant speed interaction to punish you. Sultai Ramp could improve their odds against you with ritual of soot but I haven’t seen a lot of it (I’ve seen some, but never 4 of and it just hasn’t blew me out routinely in the m/u).
Sultai will often drop down a Cavalier of Thorns and put you in a spot where if you kill it he gets a premium card out of his yard. Scooze and Primal might are your hero cards in this situation. You can eat away his best options, primal might the Cavvy boi down and go upstairs for massive damage all at the same time. Noice! Primal Might can also get you over a big shark, krasis, or Uro to close games for you.
IN –1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops 1x ooze.
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 3x Vivien 1x troll
While the original 60 is very strong as long as oppo doesn’t hit a great casualties of war, I like to mitigate the value they might get from casualties and go max aggression post sideboard. This is very similar to the Bant Ramp plan but since Sultai is more effective at populating the graveyard I bring in the 4th scooze here.
Rakdos Sac (unfavored)
Our main deck only runs 4 primal mights for our removal which just isn’t enough to consistently keep up with their must answer threats (4 priests, 4 devils, 2 Judiths with 2 call of the death dwellers to recur them). And they can block your biggest non-trampler forever once they resolve the cat/oven.
It’s a game of hope they don’t draw more of those critical dudes than you can respond to and hope that you can win with an alpha strike or two before they can swing the game with a call of the death dwellered Judith/devil or multiple priest sacs. Bonus footage, all 26 of our main deck creatures are claimable. It is just a tough match up. However, Scooze can tip the scales if you can keep one on the board and they cannot claim it down. Most of my wins come on the back of scooze delaying their game plan long enough for me to get wide and the fact they cannot profitably block us without the cat/oven in play.
IN – 3x ram through, 2x titanic brawl 1x scooze 2x questing beast
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2viv, 4x Growth-Chamber Guardian
Post board, the deck runs 11 interaction spells and we bring them all in. Titanic Brawl is a particularly strong performer in this matchup because you have a lot of ways to get a 2 power creature with a +1 counter on it which means you can often answer their priest at instant speed for 1 mana. It’s a tough call and I’m not yet sure it’s correct, but I take out the Growth-Chamber Guardians because you want your trolls available early to fight down priests and they have so many ways to make it impossible to adapt them that they seem to be the weakest creature available to make room for your interaction. I go down on Nissa and Viviene’s because we can’t reduce our creature density too much or we won’t be able to stick anything to the board to fight with. Vivien can be great in the m/u but she can just as often put you in a tough situation where she’s a 4 mana fight spell that gets pinged down or easily/cleared or she buffs up one of your guys just to have them get claimed and take her down for free.
Mono-Green standard list (favored)
As long as you don’t get aggroed down early the long game is typically in your favor. Longer games end up in board stalls waiting for the first person to break symmetry. This is where Nissa gives us the advantage because she not only generates 3/3s every turn but she lets us win the scooze battles, make bigger stonecoils, and primal mights and more flexibility with Growth Chamber Guardians. Their big advantage is that they have Gemrazors and we do not. However, it can be very tough for them to hold their Gemrazor until you get a Henge down because the fight for the board is so important. Keep in mind that Gemrazor can nuke a stonecoil too, which can be worse than them hitting your Henge in some situations. Try not to expose yourself to a situation where they can blow you out with a mutated Gemrazor if you can, but don’t play around it so hard that you give up the board entirely.
Your main goal in the early game are to keep them low enough that they can’t get a cheap henge down while forcing or taking the most efficient blocks you can. It is okay to let them get upstairs for big damage if it means you get to set up a board state that they can’t attack into next turn.
Primal Might is a key card and should be used to maximum advantage. For instance, using it on a barkhide troll in the early turns so you can get upstairs for 4-5 damage will almost always be regretted later.
We are okay with them getting a henge down once both sides are in top deck mode because we have Growth-Chamber Guardians, and Nissa, Who Wins the Game to break symmetry. Ulting a Nissa with lands on the board often leads to an inevitable win.
IN – 3x ram through 2x questing beast 1x Garruk’s Harbinger
OUT – 2 scooze, 2 barkhide troll, 1 forest, 1 stonecoil serpent
Ram throughs and Vivienne are important to answer their questing bests as primal mights end up 2 for 1ing yourself. It’s also handy to keep them off their Lovestrucks/Oakhome adversaries. It’s a tough call, but I go down to 1 ooze in this m/u. We have to choose something to take out and since the graveyard is a limited resource it’s often best to hope to get one early, but if you don’t just deal with the ones they put down and then an empty graveyard ends up making them vanilla 2/2 which just isn’t a winning card.
Mono-red (favored)
This is a pretty straightforward m/u. The only real decision to make is when can you pressure there life total versus when you should stand back and make a big wall. My rule of thumb is only attack when you are certain you can’t get punished for it. It is very nice to put them in a situation where they can’t win if they attack because the crackback would be lethal, but you have to watch out for the same thing on your side and they can put out extraordinary amounts of dmg out of nowhere. The first time I lost a game that I couldn’t otherwise lose because I wanted to get in for 5 was the last time.. Against cavalcade version you want to remove everything they drop as much as you can to keep them off their 1/1s. Against big read you want to use your removal on Steamkins early (but not late), Anax, and Torbran.
IN – 3x ram through, 2x titanic brawl
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Garruk’s Harbinger, 1x land
Be mindful that they bring in claim from the sideboard and love to put cleave on your lovestruck for the win, make sure you can’t block to survive such a play. They also bring in a LOT of removal from the side. Lava Coils, Redcap melee’s etc… Don’t fall for the bait of blocking a Fervent Champion with your lovestruck beast just to have them redcap/lava coil your most important creature off the board.
u/W Yorion
This deck runs similar to bant ramp but they always run 4feri and multiple shatters. Scooze is still good because of ECD but not as good as against Uro decks. There aren’t a ton of primal targets outside of Yorion himself, but the pump on it is still very relevant game 1.
IN: 1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x QB, 3x Shifting Ceratops
OUT: 1xHenge, 1x Vivien, 4x Primal Might
This is the rare m/u that you can ditch all your interaction in exchange for cards that help you add pressure and go wide. The QB and the ceratops are to mitigate the power of 4feri. You always want to clear 3feri and 4feri unless you have lethal, otherwise they can enable oppo to get a death grip on the game through instant speed shatters, feeding their graveyard for ECD and phasing out key creatures. I go down on a Vivian because phase out can really make her awkward but she’s still your best anti-shatter turn 4 play.
Temur Rec
IN – 3x Ram through (for ambusher) 1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops. 1x Scooze
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 4x Primal Might, 3x Vivien
Bant Ramp
IN –1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops.
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 3x Vivien
Sultai Ramp
IN –1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x questing beast, 4x shifting ceratops 1x ooze.
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Henge, 3x Vivien 1x troll
Rakdos Sac
IN – 3x ram through, 2x titanic brawl 1x scooze 2x questing beast
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2viv, 4x Growth-Chamber Guardian
Mono-Green standard list
IN – 3x ram through 2x questing beast 1x Garruk’s Harbinger
OUT – 2 scooze, 2 barkhide troll, 1 forest, 1 stonecoil serpent
IN – 3x ram through, 2x titanic brawl
OUT – 2x Nissa, 2x Garruk’s Harbinger, 1x land
u/W Yorion
IN: 1x Garruk’s Harbinger, 2x QB, 3x Shifting Ceratops
OUT: 1xHenge, 1x Vivien, 4x Primal Might
EDIT: The chat has won and I have added 2 castle's to the main! I haven't played the list with them, but the arguments for the include have been very compelling. I'm also testing two blast zones in the side instead of the 2 destiny spinners to try to improve the rakdos m/u.
submitted by ITTITT to spikes [link] [comments]

[GUIDE] 33 Gampley Tips and Tricks for New and Veteran 75-cap FFXI Players

Hey everyone, this'll be a long post. I started this out as a script for a Youtube video but I don't have the time anymore to continue recording and editing it so I decided to adapt it into a Reddit post here so that it doesn't get lost. This is going to be geared towards both returning and seasoned players in the FFXI private server scene and is going to be pretty general so that it is applicable regardless of which server you choose to play on (for the most part). So, here it is, 33 gameplay tips and tricks for 75-cap FFXI servers:

1. Signet Accuracy and Evasion

Tip one: while it is widely understood that Signet gives you conquest points and crystals when fighting, did you know that Signet also gives you accuracy and evasion when fighting monsters that are the same level or lower level than you? You will gain these bonuses when fighting a monster that checks as TW/EP/DC/EM. This only applies to the target you are currently engaged with and gives a bonus of 15 evasion and 15 defense. You can see this yourself if you open your character sheet in the equipment menu and checking your defense before and after engaging a monster while having Signet on. This will only apply to Signet and not to the ToAU or WotG equivalents: Sanction or Sigil.

2. Spend your CP

For tip #2, speaking of conquest points, don't forget to spend them. This is an extra boost of income for newer players that you get pretty much for free since you'll getting EXP anyway. When you start out you'll be rank 1 and the rank 1 items are not that great. I'd recommend doing the rank missions to get to rank 2 pretty quickly, you can do them at level 10 pretty easily for every nation. The rank 2 items cost 2000 conquest points and the most desirable ones from each nation tend to be
W: Merc. Knife (conquest ranking 2nd+ place)
W: Merc. Hachimaki
B: Decurion's Shield (conquest ranking 1st place)
B: Decurion's Dagger (conquest ranking 2nd+ place)
S: Royal Spearman's Spear
S: Royal Spearman's Horn (conquest ranking 2nd+)
but be sure to visit the auction house to check the going rate for all of the point items available to you and make the decision what will net you the most gil OR if you see something that you like for your job you can spend points and keep it. When you get to rank 3 later it will open up more items to spend points on (like the desirables: M.C. Belt, Cent. Sword, R.S. Mufflers) so definitely keep that in mind. If you do not know where to spend your points, it's the same NPCs that give you signet, the guards in your home nation that stand at the gates to the wilderness areas.
If you ever want to reference the conquest point item lists without having to be at the gate, the following wiki pages will help you out:'Oria_Conquest_Points_Items

3. +2 Accuracy = +1% Hit Rate

During the first tip I mentioned an accuracy boost for having Signet on. If you do not know how accuracy works, every +2 accuracy is 1% hit rate bonus. Every 1 point of evasion your target has is -1 accuracy for you. When accuracy and evasion are exactly equal, the attacker has a 75% chance to hit the target. If an attacker has 110 accuracy and his target has 100 evasion, the chance to hit is 80%.
Every level difference between two entities is also + or - 2% hit rate. For example, if you are fighting a monster 5 levels above you, you take a -10% hit rate penalty down to 65% rate if acc and eva are equal.
This should give more clarity on what an item does when you come by it and see the the accuracy or evasion stat on it. For example, on the very popular Battle Gloves when you see the +3 accuracy and +3 evasion stats on it, it should come to mind now that what these gloves are giving you is +1.5% hit rate against monsters and -1.5% hit rate for the monsters against you.
This should also give clarity on why it feels like Incredibly Tough (IT) monsters can feel so evasive in EXP parties. At the lower levels, monsters that check as IT in EXP camps are typically about 7-10 levels above your party. I'm going to use the number 8 as an easy, round number to work with... what this means is that before accuracy and evasion are even considered, your base hit rate against an EXP party mob post-level-penalty is going to be about 75% - 8*2% or 59%. That's not a great rate at all and the only significant way to compensate for it is to build up your accuracy stat. This is why accuracy is so important in EXP groups.
There is a hard floor and hard cap to any player or monster's hit rate. The minimum possible hit rate is 20% and the maximum is 95%. Getting a metric on what your hitrate is during a fight can be done using the Deeps plugin which will be discussed more in tip 12.

4. STR, DEX and AGI affect combat stats

For this tip, some of the core stats affect your combat stats. STR affects attack. Every point of STR is +0.5 attack for one-handed weapons and +0.75 attack for two-handed weapons (this two-handed setting may differ from server to server but this is the most popular setting). Every point of DEX is +0.5 accuracy for one-handed weapons and 0.75 accuracy for two-handed weapons. Every point of AGI is +0.5 evasion. A good example of these stats in action is in the item Emperor Hairpin which has +3 DEX, +3 AGI and +10 evasion:
For one-handed users, the total bonuses work out to be:
+1.5 Accuracy (this is +0.75% hit rate!)
+11.5 Evasion (remember, this is the native +10 but with the AGI bonus factored in as well)
For two-handed users:
+2.25 Accuracy (this is +1.125% hit rate!)
+11.5 Evasion
Now, since +4 DEX/AGI = +2 acc/eva = +/- 1% hit rate, then, transitively, you can think of every 4 DEX equalling +1% hit rate and every 4 AGI equalling -1% hit rate for your target against you.
Another thing to note is that your 3-letter stats are often modifiers for weapon skills and that DEX is a modifier for Thief's Trick Attack (+1 DEX = +1 flat damage for TA if THF is main job) and AGI is a modifier for Thief's Sneak Attack (+1 AGI = +1 flat damage for SA if THF is main job).
Each weapon skill has its own stat ratios which can be found individually on the wiki. For example, Fast Blade has a 20% modifier on both STR and DEX so if you have 40 STR and 50 DEX, you are getting 40*0.2+50*0.2 which is a +18 DMG stat bonus added onto the DMG listed on your weapon for the damage calculation of this skill. The application of these stats for magical weapon skills works a bit differently and will not be covered here. Take note that there is an "oldid" in the URL linked for Fast Blade on the wiki. With the release of Adoulin, all weapon skill modifiers were changed which is outside the scope of 75-cap... so to get accurate information you'll need an older version of the wiki page. More on that in a minute.
In addition to aaaaalll this, STR in particular has one more bonus and applies to all physical weapon skills: every +4 STR is equal to +1 weapon damage for weapon skill and normal attack calculation. This, on top of the fact that STR also gives +attack and is very frequently listed on weapon skills as their modifier, is the main reason that the strategy of stacking absurd amounts of STR is so popular when you get to higher levels. At this point I don't think anyone needs to guess to figure out which stat was SE's special favorite. As a disclaimer, this mechanic is a bit more nuanced than +4 STR = +1 DMG and there is a cap to this bonus based on your weapon rank but for new and intermediate players... don't worry about it too much. If you want to read more on it, the article is here.
In conclusion, STR = damage, DEX = accuracy. For ranged attacks, it's STR = ranged damage, AGI = ranged accuracy. Notice it is AGI instead for ranged weapon accuracy. This is why you'll often see rangers wearing a pair of Drone Earrings. That combined +6 AGI is equating to +1.5% to ranged hit rate and +1.5 to Sidewinder's weapon damage calculation (that WS has a 25% AGI modifier) which is really good for ear-slot equipment.

5. FFXI Wiki

Tip number 5 is going to be your most valuable resource on Final Fantasy XI information for quests, items, missions, maps, monsters, just about everything. You can visit FFXIclopedia (often referred to as the wiki) and type whatever article you need into the search bar at the top right. Whenever you run into a roadblock and find yourself stuck on anything in the game chances are the wiki will be able to help you.
The best feature of the wiki that you will be utilizing constantly is the History button which will let you see a snapshot of any page from past edits. The History button can be found at the far right in a drop down right next to Edit, see this picture if you can't find it. From there, pick the revision you need (refer to following paragraph). At the bottom you can change the view to show 500 entries at a time if the date doesn't go back far enough. For an example of how the History feature can keep you from getting incorrect information, as you can see on the normal Ranger page it shows A+ archery but if we go to a mid-2007 revision then it will correctly tell me A- (accurate to 75-cap FFXI) and also all those level 99 cap abilities and such are gone and out of the way.

6. Combat Skill

Keep your combat skill up! If you are a warrior using a great axe, try to skill up your great axe as much as possible before joining a group. If you are a thief using a dagger, skill that up. Skill will only go up so far when fighting Easy Prey only so it will be a good idea to seek out a few, harder fights on Decent Challenge or Even Match before heading out to Valkurm Dunes or Qufim Island or wherever so that your skill will catch up some more.
Combat skill is the biggest factor that decides how effective you are as a fighter when playing as a physical damage class in a party. The reason for this is that each of your weapon's combat skill is +1 attack and +1 accuracy. This means if you show up to a group and are 15 skillups away from the cap, you are at a -15 attack and -15 accuracy disadvantage to someone else who has their skill up to cap for that level which is absolutely huge. One small caveat: for combat skill past 200, each point gives you +0.9 attack and accuracy instead of +1.0 each.
A huge consequence of this relationship for fresh 75 characters is that combat skill merits are insanely important and you want to dump points into them before other merits in most cases. Each merit into a combat skill increases it by 2 and maxes out at +16 so once you upgrade it eight times you are earning yourself a bonus of +14.4 attack and +14.4 accuracy at the relatively low cost of 210k limit points... WOW!

7. Food is essential!

For anyone past level 10, if you are fighting whether solo or in a party, but especially in a party, always use food! It is a massive damage boost so as soon as you can afford it I would pick up some Meat Jerky to start (you can find it on basic merchants in every starter city for cheap) and upgrade later to accuracy food or Meat Mithkabobs (found on the auction house). Newer players, I encourage to test this yourself and go out and fight a monster without food, use a piece of meat jerky and notice the damage difference. It is very noticeable.
If you are unsure when it is a good time in your levelling journey to upgrade from Jerkies to Kabobs, check your stats in your equipment menu BEFORE using food and AFTER the party's level sync is applied. Meat Jerky's attack bonus will cap out at 136 pre-food attack so if you have 137 or more attack, it's going to be a good idea to snack on the Kabobs instead.
If you are having accuracy issues, Jack-o'-Lantern is good in the Dunes only and other accuracy food is pretty expensive. Bream Sushi (RoTZ, CoP, ToAU servers) and Crab Sushi (WotG servers) seem to be the cheapest and if you are willing to spend more cash, just take a look around in the Seafood section on the auction house.
If you are primarily using ranged attacks instead, Sausage is the main cheap early-game ranged attack food that can be found on Bastok NPCs for 140 gil each. Later on, Coeurl Subs are the best for ranged attack. At higher levels, Rangers get a ton of free ranged accuracy from gear from things such as Archer's Knives, a Ranger's Necklaces and Hunter's Jerkins so I'd stay away from food that gives only ranged accuracy such as sushi. If you do need to mix in a bit of ranged accuracy though, Flounder Meuniere provides a good mix for the early levels and Pot-au-feu (WotG servers only) provides a good mix for the later levels after Flounder caps out.
For mages, Ginger Cookies are great from 10 to 75 for regaining MP. For BLM, you will have better success with baked pies such as Rolanberry Pie for the added INT.

8. INT, MND and Resistance

If you mages are feeling left out so far, don't worry, I've got you covered. For this tip, each point of INT will increase the damage of elemental magic by exactly one point unless you've reached enough INT to reach the soft cap, at which point every point of INT afterward is +0.5 damage. This soft cap depends on your target's INT and is generally not reached against monsters much higher level than you (VT, IT) without the aid of level 70+ equipment, so it's safe to ignore the soft cap before then for grouping and just consider +1 INT = +1 spell damage. INT also affects the magic accuracy of most black magic, including all elemental magic. So it sort of double dips for elemental magic, increasing both damage and accuracy. This is why the stat is so crucial for Black Mage.
Magic accuracy affects the resistance rate of spells. If you don't know how resist works, any spell can be half, quarter, eighth or full resisted. On status spells like Rasp, it is the duration that is either halved or quartered and such. For damage spells, it is the damage that gets halved, quartered and so on. Most status spells, including Slow, Blind, Sleep, Paralyze and Bind either take full duration or half duration; any resists beyond a quarter will count as a full resist, causing the spell to not stick at all. This means a spell like Sleep can only ever land for 60 seconds, land for 30 seconds, or just get resisted. Lullaby is a bit of a weird exception and will always land for 30 seconds if it's not resisted.
MND works in a very similar way, increasing Banish damage by one point per point of MND and increasing magic accuracy of most white magic spells. MND has very little effect on cures mostly due to the ease of hitting the soft cap on the HP restored formula. Cure V is an exception here due to its lack of soft cap: no matter what, every +1 MND equates to about +1.4 HP restored for this spell. On the other Cure spells, MND is pretty negligible. For the most part, the main reason a White Mage would want MND gear in the earlier levels would be to increase the magic accuracy of Slow and Paralyze.
One last very interesting thing is that MND and INT will actually increase your resistance to their respective status effects and magic nukes if you are on the receiving end of the spell. If you are instead being hit by a monster TP move, the modifier will always be INT, even if the status effect is typically associated with white magic, like Chaotic' Eye's Silence (Coeurls) or Palsy Pollen's Paralyze (Flytraps), and so on. They will roll with your INT as the modifier. It is rare for anyone to ever itemize MND or INT just for resistance but it is something to note and may be something you keep in mind now for jobs that have a low base MND or INT.

9. Resting MP Ticks

After you first sit down to rest, the first tick of MP will come in at 20 seconds and then every tick after will be 10 seconds apart. This is something that healers can use much to their advantage to get in extra MP here and there when needed which can really add up. For example, if one of your party members needs a cure while you are resting and you are 7 seconds into the current tick, consider waiting that extra 3 seconds to get another, say, 20 MP before you get up and toss the cure if it's not an emergency. But if you just sat down 4 seconds ago and your next tick is going to be 16 seconds away you may want to get up regardless. Always consider the current situation at hand with the monster your team is fighting to make the call when you need to stand up from resting to cast spells. Early and mid game WHM is a lot about how well you manage your rest cycles. As for how much MP you actually get per 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. tick, below is a link to the article that shows the exact values along the right side of the page.

10. Mog Wardrobes

Use your Mog Wardrobes!!! Most 75-cap private servers have these enabled (Nasomi has Sack/Satchel instead). If you do not know what these are, they are extra storage options in your mog house at the very bottom and they can only be used to store equippable items. The unusual thing about them though is that they can be accessed from anywhere in Vana'diel. Out in the field, open your minus-key menu and then hit the right key and go to view house and you'll be able to move your equipment freely back and forth.
The biggest boon from the wardrobe system however is your ability to equip your items directly from your wardrobes instead of from your inventory. This frees up 16 slots from your main inventory which alone is huge. In your equipment screen after you select one of the slots, hit the storage options button at the very top to change the equip view from current inventory to a wardrobe slot instead.
Mog wardrobes are conveniently auto-detected when using equip macros, meaning /equip main "Light Staff" will look in all your wardrobes for a light staff to equip, and the macro will not break later if you move that staff to other wardrobes or your inventory. The same goes for equipsets.
Some servers may require you to unlock your Mog Wardrobes before you can use them. On the Eden 75-cap private server in particular, Mog Wardrobes must be unlocked by completing content: getting Mog Wardrobe 1 by achieving rank 3 in your nation and Mog Wardrobe 2 by achieving rank 6 in your nation.

11. 60 FPS

Next up are a few tips for Ashita which is a loader for Final Fantasy XI that lets it run in windowed mode and to connect to private server IP addresses. If you use Windower there are alternate ways to use plugins for Windower to achieve the same effects. For tip 11 we have FPS. By default, FFXI runs at the choppy 30 frames per second. The game was originally designed to run at this rate but this plugin allows you to up the framerate to a smoother 60 per second by typing in "/fps 1" into your game's chat line and hitting enter.

12. Deeps

Deeps is a basic damage parser that will show accumulated damage over a parse and percentage of contribution for nearby players. Once downloaded through Ashita in the plugins tab, type "/load deeps" in game and "/dps reset" to start a new parse. The window can be moved by holding the shift key and dragging it with the mouse.
The most powerful part of Deeps in my opinion is the ability to see your hit rate percentages on attacks and weapon skills. When you have had a parse going for long enough to have a decent sample size, you can click on the damage bar for yourself (or anyone in your party) to see a damage breakdown. From there, click on either "attacks" or the weapon skill you have been using. Right click will take the menu back one step. This will give a metric on what percentage of swings have missed, hit, or scored a critical. This is VERY useful for adjusting your build or changing up bard/corsaifood buffs. If your miss rate is around 5% (within reasonable margin of error due to sample size) then you are likely at or beyond the accuracy cap, meaning that some of the accuracy you have in your build is going to waste and can be traded out for more haste, attack or STR. As a physical damage dealer, do not let this important tool go to waste!

13. Recast

Probably the most game changing will be the recast plugin. Normally the only way to check your magic and ability cooldowns is by checking the menu or by making dedicated recast macros per ability/spell. With this plugin you'll be able to see all of your cooldowns in real time on the screen. Like before, it can be moved by holding the shift key and dragging it.
That's all for Ashita plugins but I'd encourage you to read through the plugins list in Ashita itself to see what else you might put to good use. Be sure though to check the rules of the server you are playing on -- not all plugins or addons may be allowed within server rules.

14. Equipsets

Next up are a couple tips related to your macro bars. #14 covers equipsets. You may or may not already be familiar with changing your equipment through macros that use "/equip" for each individual piece. Well, now there is a much easier way to do it within the game client. In your minus key menu under macros there is a second button here called equipsets, hit that and you will have an entire book of equipment sets that you can edit and save. Each one is a snapshot of all sixteen equipment slots and once you have one set up, you can put into a macro in simply one line "/equipset 1" to equip that set and it will update all sixteen slots to match it. Equipsets will automatically detect where that piece is located so if you move gear between your different wardrobes or inventory then it will not break the set.

15. Inline Wait Command

Some macro'd actions cannot be used consecutively without a delay between them (i.e. Boost, then Combo) which can be remedied with a "/wait 1" line between them, however this limits your macro to only using up to three lines instead of six. Sometime down the line, Square added the functionality of an inline wait command at the end of any line using the angled brackets. There are a few applications where this is immensely useful, such as this lastsynth macro that will set up your character to automatically craft for two minutes straight without any additional input while you do something else. The macro for that would look like:

16. Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip #16 -- did you know there are several keyboard shortcuts for some of the most used actions and windows in the game? You can use
CTRL+A to engage an attack
CTRL+W to open the weapon skill menu
CTRL+J to open the job ability menu
CTRL+B to open the pet commands menu
CTRL+I to open your inventory window
CTRL+E to open your equipment window and
CTRL+R to reply to the last tell received
Another neat thing is that every single one of these CTRL shortcuts will also work if you use the ALT key.

17. Aspect Ratio

Now for a few tips within your Final Fantasy game settings. If you first loaded into the game and felt like the game is stretched lengthwise, that's because it is. The default setting for the game is an aspect ratio of 4:3 which was the most common monitor aspect ratio in the early and mid 2000s so, for tip 18, you can go into your Config menu under Misc. 2 and change the ratio to better match your monitor. 16:9 is the most common nowadays so it is likely the option you'll want to choose. The Config menu can be found by double tapping the minus key to get the second page of the minus key menu.

18. Auto Sort

Tip 18 will be the auto sort function inside Config under Gameplay. The default setting is off which means your inventory will fill with loot one slot at a time until it is at max, even if the items are able to stack on top of each other. Enabling this setting makes it so every time an item enters your inventory it will automatically sort and stack if possible. It is something you cannot live without in my opinion.

19. Tell Notifications

A decent bit of Final Fantasy 11 is going to be seeking party with your invite flag up and you might be AFK or tabbed out for a lot of that. For tip 19, did you know you can safely alt+tab out of the game and not have to check back constantly for invites? In the Config menu under Chat Filters there is an extra option to turn on a sound notification that plays when you get a tell. Find "Tell" in the long list of chat channels, hover over it and then keep pressing enter until you see the musical note. You can test it by sending a tell to yourself if you want to hear what it sounds like. Be careful though, this sound will ONLY play if you tab out of the game from windowed mode but if you MINIMIZE the game it will turn off all sound from the game. If you alt-tabbed out of the game in the proper way, you should still hear footsteps of people running by and general background noise. You can actually turn the in-game sound setting all the way down and you will still get a full-volume tell ping if this bothers you. Which leads into the next step...

20. Don't Use

Please, never use or or or any of the very jarring call sounds for that matter. This is a courtesy for the people in your party. The reason for this is that they ignore the in-game sound slider. If you leave the sound settings in-game alone but adjust the windows sound it will sound normal... but some people do it the other way around -- they leave the windows sound maxed and use the in-game sliders. Since calls ignore the slider and always play at max volume, if you ALSO have windows sound maxed too it is insanely loud and will destroy the eardrums of headphone users. In general, use calls sparingly, and if you want to use one, use one of the softer sounding ones like or or . And if you did not know you can test what each one sounds like using party chat even when playing solo. They go up to 21.

21. Avatar Blur Effect

Next up is a rather niche tip mostly for SMNs. When you summon an avatar you'll notice a really pixelated glow effect around the edges of your avatar. This effect happens because, for whatever reason, the blur effect is locked at rendering at the game's native resolution and you are running the game at a higher resolution. You can turn this off by typing "/localsettings blureffect off". This will make the avatar look much cleaner in my opinion. You can turn it back on by just doing the same thing but just typing "on" instead. This is also insanely useful in Dynamis if you are getting a lot of framerate lag during a pull with a lot of summoner monsters that have their avatar out... the blur effect is the culprit for the lag.

22. Aggro Detection Ranges

Many monsters across Vana'Diel are aggressive towards the player, most often by sight or by sound, as long as they check to the player as "Easy Prey" or higher. At higher levels, the lower end of Easy Prey will no longer aggro you. For tip 22, I'd reccommend picking up the distance plugin in Ashita to better understand the detection ranges I am about to mention. The maximum detection range for monsters detecting by sight is 15 yalms and the maximum detection range for monsters detecting by sound is 8 yalms. However, if you are a ninja or have ninja as your sub job and you have the accompanying stealth job trait learned at level 5 ninja, the sight detection range is reduced from 15 to 12 and the sound detection range is reduced from 8 to 5. Definitely keep these numbers handy next time you're trying to path around aggressive monsters in tight spaces. Keep in mind also that there is a minor lag in playemonster position in FFXI so where you see the mob in your game is where it actually was about half a second ago. It's the same reason that players have trouble initiating battle with a melee attack on a monster that is moving around.

23. Running Ahead of Moving Monsters

This is a quick one. Due to the lag mentioned above, if you want to hit a moving monster, you can run in front of it while facing the same direction it is moving in to land your first hit.

24. Jobemotes

You may be familiar with some common emotes such as /wave /bow and /clap. For tip 24 there are also additional emotes you get when you unlock each job. There is one for every single job and they can be used with the command "/jobemote job" such as /jobemote whm or /jobemote war. It's just a little extra bit of cosmetic fun added to the game and adds to the social aspect of the game which is always a bonus. Also in case you did not know, you can find a list of all the normal emotes in the minus key menu under Communication and then Emote List. /jump is the only one that does not work on private servers.

25. Displayhead

For 25, just a quick stylistic tip. If you have a helmet on that covers your character's face or just in general doesn't really match the rest of your armor, you can type "/displayhead off" to turn off your helmet or headgear display without taking off that piece of armor and losing its stats.

26. Skillchains with FFcalc

Skillchains in Final Fantasy are one of the many cooperation mechanics that encourage you to coordinate with your party members. Certain weapon skills can be performed in succession for a skillchain that does bonus damage. This works off of each weapon skill having its own skillchain properties that are each associated with an element and when certain elements are mixed it will result in one of the many types of skillchains. Knowing exactly which skills will chain with which other skills can be pretty confusing. There are some charts you can find if you search around online but for this tip I am going to be recommending a very useful third party program that will help immensely with planning skillchains. It is called FFcalc and can be downloaded here:
Extract everything to a folder and then open the .exe and click the skillchain tab. In the first drop down at the top left, put your own weapon and in the second drop down put your party member's weapon. On the right side, uncheck "Empyrean" and "Merit" weapon skills (they are not 75-cap) and most likely "Relic" as well unless someone has a relic weapon. After that, it gives you a simple list of all the skillchains you can perform with your party member if you go in this order (i.e. Dagger into Sword). If you swap the order (i.e. Sword into Dagger) it's possible to get entirely different results. Level 1 skillchains deal 50% bonus damage, level 2 skillchains deal 75% bonus damage and level 3 deal 100% bonus damage. Continuing a chain with additional skills will add another force multiplier, dealing even more damage than this.

27. Statistics Calculator

For tip #27 we have another external tool, this one is a website instead of a program so it is easier. Just go to this link here:
This is a stat calculator that will tell you the base stats of a character of any given level, race and job combination. This is immensely useful when planning out what your starting race will be and how your sub job affects what your stats are for whatever main job you choose to go with. It will give you information on things like how much HP a Galka PLD will have over an Elvaan PLD... how much INT/MP a Tarutaru BLM will have over a Hume BLM... or how much AGI/DEX you gain playing a Mithra THF over a Hume THF. Your race choice is PERMANENT in Final Fantasy and on top of that each race actually has pretty substantial stat difference from other races. If you are stuck on being unsure what exactly those stat differences will be when trying to plan out what character you want to create, this website is 100% going to be a huge help.

28. Searching by Area

Tip 28, if you see multiple people with their flags up and plan to build an EXP party, make sure a camp spot is open before starting. Many people are going to be familiar with the common comands /sea and /sea all but there is also a search window in the minus key menu that will let you check any area in the game as long as you've visited it at least once. If you know the area's "short name" you can search it up by the chat command as well. Some common ones you may want to get familiar with will be /sea Valkurm, /sea ZiTah, /sea Qufim, /sea YuhtunJng, /sea Bhaflau, /sea Wajaom, /sea MtZhayolm, /sea . This way you can check if a spot is taken. If you see a party there but unsure where they are at... the party leader's name will be marked in yellow so give them a /tell.

29. Provoke is All VE

This tip is focused on Provoke which is the primary enmity-controlling ability, at least in the early and mid levels. If you are a tank and are not a Warrior, likely you are subbing Warrior solely to get this ability. Provoke is ONLY "Volatile Enmity" meaning 1/30th of its effect fades off every second so it is fully gone by 30 seconds when the ability is back off its cooldown. What this means to you as the tank or off-tank is that Provoke is at its highest usefulness the moment it is used and for several seconds afterward since it starts fading immediately. For this reason it is important to NEVER Provoke a monster while it is bound or sleeping -- you are wasting the best part of your Provoke's effects. Again, to clarify, a Provoke that happened 30 seconds ago has absolutely zero effect on enmity. Keep this info in mind when using Provoke to control the pace of a fight for your party.

30. AH Slight Undercutting

This one is a bit controversial since some people despise undercutters but I'm going to cover it since I'm not one of those people and I feel it'll answer a common new player question of "why won't my items sell?" The AH is really basic -- the lowest price item will always sell first regardless of list date of any of the listed items. If a sword is listed at a rate of exactly once every day for 4,950 and is sold at the exact same rate of one per day while a few other ones sit up for 5,000, then the higher priced ones will never be sold due to their price. Because of this simple system, sellers who have an intent to list for a price, like 5,000, will list for slightly under to get the item to sell faster, like 4,950, 4,901 or 4,999 so it is within your interest as a competitor to do the same to get your own items to sell. If there is enough competition for people to sell their items before others, you can take advantage of this as a buyer and put in bids for numbers like 4,800 which might fail but maybe you'll get some hits with 4,900. Once enough sell at 4,900 the price history will basically say "this item is worth 4,900 not 5,000" and the process could continue if there is still competition at the lower price. This is pretty much the basics of how prices fluctuate on the auction house. If you've had something listed for a week or more you may want to go back and check on the price again -- you might need to relist for lower.

31. Camera Control

Next up are a few camera tricks using the shift key on the keyboard. When you are locked onto a monster with the H key, your arrow keys go from turning the camera to selecting options in the battle menu. You can hold down the shift key while locked to allow usage of the arrow keys to adjust the camera angle. Once you let go of shift you are back to the menu options. Another neat quirk about the shift key is when you are running around out of battle your camera naturally recenters itself behind your character. You can hold the shift key to stop it from doing that. It's useful for taking cinematic shots and also useful if you are trying to avoid aggro and need the camera pointed in the direction where you need to see enemy monsters while you are moving around.
The game starts with the camera zoomed in patially. You can use the comma key to zoom all the way out for a wider field of view, or the period key to zoom in further. Also, the Home key will quickly recenter the camera directly behind your character.

32. Monster TP

For tip 32, the way monsters gain and use TP is much different from players. Monsters have a TP gauge that starts at 0 and fills up to 3000 just like players, but they will only use TP moves when they reach the full 3000 points. This changes, however, once the mob hits 25% hp or lower, where it enters sort of a rage mode, using its TP moves immediately once it has at least 1000 TP. This can have the effect of often making the TP moves very predictable in EXP parties since a mob will typically have around 2000~2500 TP at 30% so if it drops to 25% it will use its move right then which will help you time your defensive abilities or even preventative abilities and spells such as stunning or sleeping the monster right at 25% to interrupt its move. Whether the mob consistently uses a move at 25% or not is going to depend on your own party's damage output and weapon type since one handed weapons will feed TP faster. If you did not know, while players get a negligible amount of TP when hit, monsters get much more TP when they get hit. The amount of TP a monster gets when you hit it is the same amount you got for hitting it, plus 30. So if I strike with a Brass Dagger, I get 50 TP but the monster gets 80 TP, meaning it gets TP at 80/50 or 160% of the rate that I do. If I strike with a Greataxe instead, I get 137 TP but the monster gets 167 TP, meaning it gets TP at 167/137 or 122% of the rate that I do. This constant +30 per hit is why faster-attacking one-handed weapons feed TP much more.

33. Checkparam

For the 33rd and final tip of this post, you can see extra information about your character that isn't normally displayed on your equip screen character sheet through the use of /checkparam . The me is in angled brackets. This will let you most importantly see your accuracy, ranged accuracy, ranged attack, and evasion stats that are normally invisible to you. Don't know if you are hitting the bonus cap on a ranged attack food? Now you can check. Unsure of how much accuracy or evasion you're adding with the bard songs Madrigal and Mambo? Now you can test it out. Another neat trick you can do with this command is put in angled brackets instead to see your pet stats on any pet job. This is particularly useful to see what level your summoned jug pet is as a beastmaster.

And that is everything. I had to cut quite a few tips (the original video script had 45) and many URLs due to Reddit's 40k character limit. Maybe in the future I can get into those on other posts. If there was something here you don't understand or something missing you were hoping to see, let me know and I'll try to answer questions. I hope this was helpful and enjoyable to read to someone out there,
submitted by caelicffxi to FFXIPrivateServers [link] [comments]

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Award the clients to play the demo level futile, or permit them to introduce the main level of a critical event that will expend less room on their contraption. Doing so will shield from pulling off colossal numbers. Right when Binance Support have put resources into game movement benefits and have built up a really stupefying game, it would be completely undeserving to pick its client procurement. Given the obstruction in the market and the consistent changes in the market structures, it is fundamental for Binance Support to win whatever number clients in the basic barely any weeks as would be sensible. Binance Support can generally refresh Binance Supportr game later on as shown by the necessities of the time, yet those endeavors would not pass on Binance Support enough common things if Binance Support don't beginning at now have a solid base of clients. 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Scaling Reddit Community Points with Arbitrum Rollup: a piece of cake

Scaling Reddit Community Points with Arbitrum Rollup: a piece of cake
Submitted for consideration to The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off
Baked by the pastry chefs at Offchain Labs
Please send questions or comments to [[email protected] ](mailto:[email protected])
1. Overview
We're excited to submit Arbitrum Rollup for consideration to The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off. Arbitrum Rollup is the only Ethereum scaling solution that supports arbitrary smart contracts without compromising on Ethereum's security or adding points of centralization. For Reddit, this means that Arbitrum can not only scale the minting and transfer of Community Points, but it can foster a creative ecosystem built around Reddit Community Points enabling points to be used in a wide variety of third party applications. That's right -- you can have your cake and eat it too!
Arbitrum Rollup isn't just Ethereum-style. Its Layer 2 transactions are byte-for-byte identical to Ethereum, which means Ethereum users can continue to use their existing addresses and wallets, and Ethereum developers can continue to use their favorite toolchains and development environments out-of-the-box with Arbitrum. Coupling Arbitrum’s tooling-compatibility with its trustless asset interoperability, Reddit not only can scale but can onboard the entire Ethereum community at no cost by giving them the same experience they already know and love (well, certainly know).
To benchmark how Arbitrum can scale Reddit Community Points, we launched the Reddit contracts on an Arbitrum Rollup chain. Since Arbitrum provides full Solidity support, we didn't have to rewrite the Reddit contracts or try to mimic their functionality using an unfamiliar paradigm. Nope, none of that. We launched the Reddit contracts unmodified on Arbitrum Rollup complete with support for minting and distributing points. Like every Arbitrum Rollup chain, the chain included a bridge interface in which users can transfer Community Points or any other asset between the L1 and L2 chains. Arbitrum Rollup chains also support dynamic contract loading, which would allow third-party developers to launch custom ecosystem apps that integrate with Community Points on the very same chain that runs the Reddit contracts.
1.1 Why Ethereum
Perhaps the most exciting benefit of distributing Community Points using a blockchain is the ability to seamlessly port points to other applications and use them in a wide variety of contexts. Applications may include simple transfers such as a restaurant that allows Redditors to spend points on drinks. Or it may include complex smart contracts -- such as placing Community Points as a wager for a multiparty game or as collateral in a financial contract.
The common denominator between all of the fun uses of Reddit points is that it needs a thriving ecosystem of both users and developers, and the Ethereum blockchain is perhaps the only smart contract platform with significant adoption today. While many Layer 1 blockchains boast lower cost or higher throughput than the Ethereum blockchain, more often than not, these attributes mask the reality of little usage, weaker security, or both.
Perhaps another platform with significant usage will rise in the future. But today, Ethereum captures the mindshare of the blockchain community, and for Community Points to provide the most utility, the Ethereum blockchain is the natural choice.
1.2 Why Arbitrum
While Ethereum's ecosystem is unmatched, the reality is that fees are high and capacity is too low to support the scale of Reddit Community Points. Enter Arbitrum. Arbitrum Rollup provides all of the ecosystem benefits of Ethereum, but with orders of magnitude more capacity and at a fraction of the cost of native Ethereum smart contracts. And most of all, we don't change the experience from users. They continue to use the same wallets, addresses, languages, and tools.
Arbitrum Rollup is not the only solution that can scale payments, but it is the only developed solution that can scale both payments and arbitrary smart contracts trustlessly, which means that third party users can build highly scalable add-on apps that can be used without withdrawing money from the Rollup chain. If you believe that Reddit users will want to use their Community Points in smart contracts--and we believe they will--then it makes the most sense to choose a single scaling solution that can support the entire ecosystem, eliminating friction for users.
We view being able to run smart contracts in the same scaling solution as fundamentally critical since if there's significant demand in running smart contracts from Reddit's ecosystem, this would be a load on Ethereum and would itself require a scaling solution. Moreover, having different scaling solutions for the minting/distribution/spending of points and for third party apps would be burdensome for users as they'd have to constantly shuffle their Points back and forth.
2. Arbitrum at a glance
Arbitrum Rollup has a unique value proposition as it offers a combination of features that no other scaling solution achieves. Here we highlight its core attributes.
Decentralized. Arbitrum Rollup is as decentralized as Ethereum. Unlike some other Layer 2 scaling projects, Arbitrum Rollup doesn't have any centralized components or centralized operators who can censor users or delay transactions. Even in non-custodial systems, centralized components provide a risk as the operators are generally incentivized to increase their profit by extracting rent from users often in ways that severely degrade user experience. Even if centralized operators are altruistic, centralized components are subject to hacking, coercion, and potential liability.
Massive Scaling. Arbitrum achieves order of magnitude scaling over Ethereum's L1 smart contracts. Our software currently supports 453 transactions-per-second for basic transactions (at 1616 Ethereum gas per tx). We have a lot of room left to optimize (e.g. aggregating signatures), and over the next several months capacity will increase significantly. As described in detail below, Arbitrum can easily support and surpass Reddit's anticipated initial load, and its capacity will continue to improve as Reddit's capacity needs grow.
Low cost. The cost of running Arbitrum Rollup is quite low compared to L1 Ethereum and other scaling solutions such as those based on zero-knowledge proofs. Layer 2 fees are low, fixed, and predictable and should not be overly burdensome for Reddit to cover. Nobody needs to use special equipment or high-end machines. Arbitrum requires validators, which is a permissionless role that can be run on any reasonable on-line machine. Although anybody can act as a validator, in order to protect against a “tragedy of the commons” and make sure reputable validators are participating, we support a notion of “invited validators” that are compensated for their costs. In general, users pay (low) fees to cover the invited validators’ costs, but we imagine that Reddit may cover this cost for its users. See more on the costs and validator options below.
Ethereum Developer Experience. Not only does Arbitrum support EVM smart contracts, but the developer experience is identical to that of L1 Ethereum contracts and fully compatible with Ethereum tooling. Developers can port existing Solidity apps or write new ones using their favorite and familiar toolchains (e.g. Truffle, Buidler). There are no new languages or coding paradigms to learn.
Ethereum wallet compatibility. Just as in Ethereum, Arbitrum users need only hold keys, but do not have to store any coin history or additional data to protect or access their funds. Since Arbitrum transactions are semantically identical to Ethereum L1 transactions, existing Ethereum users can use their existing Ethereum keys with their existing wallet software such as Metamask.
Token interoperability. Users can easily transfer their ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens between Ethereum and the Arbitrum Rollup chain. As we explain in detail below, it is possible to mint tokens in L2 that can subsequently be withdrawn and recognized by the L1 token contract.
Fast finality. Transactions complete with the same finality time as Ethereum L1 (and it's possible to get faster finality guarantees by trading away trust assumptions; see the Arbitrum Rollup whitepaper for details).
Non-custodial. Arbitrum Rollup is a non-custodial scaling solution, so users control their funds/points and neither Reddit nor anyone else can ever access or revoke points held by users.
Censorship Resistant. Since it's completely decentralized, and the Arbitrum protocol guarantees progress trustlessly, Arbitrum Rollup is just as censorship-proof as Ethereum.
Block explorer. The Arbitrum Rollup block explorer allows users to view and analyze transactions on the Rollup chain.
Although this is a bake-off, we're not going to sugar coat anything. Arbitrum Rollup, like any Optimistic Rollup protocol, does have one limitation, and that's the delay on withdrawals.
As for the concrete length of the delay, we've done a good deal of internal modeling and have blogged about this as well. Our current modeling suggests a 3-hour delay is sufficient (but as discussed in the linked post there is a tradeoff space between the length of the challenge period and the size of the validators’ deposit).
Note that this doesn't mean that the chain is delayed for three hours. Arbitrum Rollup supports pipelining of execution, which means that validators can keep building new states even while previous ones are “in the pipeline” for confirmation. As the challenge delays expire for each update, a new state will be confirmed (read more about this here).
So activity and progress on the chain are not delayed by the challenge period. The only thing that's delayed is the consummation of withdrawals. Recall though that any single honest validator knows immediately (at the speed of L1 finality) which state updates are correct and can guarantee that they will eventually be confirmed, so once a valid withdrawal has been requested on-chain, every honest party knows that the withdrawal will definitely happen. There's a natural place here for a liquidity market in which a validator (or someone who trusts a validator) can provide withdrawal loans for a small interest fee. This is a no-risk business for them as they know which withdrawals will be confirmed (and can force their confirmation trustlessly no matter what anyone else does) but are just waiting for on-chain finality.
3. The recipe: How Arbitrum Rollup works
For a description of the technical components of Arbitrum Rollup and how they interact to create a highly scalable protocol with a developer experience that is identical to Ethereum, please refer to the following documents:
Arbitrum Rollup Whitepaper
Arbitrum academic paper (describes a previous version of Arbitrum)
4. Developer docs and APIs
For full details about how to set up and interact with an Arbitrum Rollup chain or validator, please refer to our developer docs, which can be found at
Note that the Arbitrum version described on that site is older and will soon be replaced by the version we are entering in Reddit Bake-Off, which is still undergoing internal testing before public release.
5. Who are the validators?
As with any Layer 2 protocol, advancing the protocol correctly requires at least one validator (sometimes called block producers) that is honest and available. A natural question is: who are the validators?
Recall that the validator set for an Arbitrum chain is open and permissionless; anyone can start or stop validating at will. (A useful analogy is to full nodes on an L1 chain.) But we understand that even though anyone can participate, Reddit may want to guarantee that highly reputable nodes are validating their chain. Reddit may choose to validate the chain themselves and/or hire third-party validators.To this end, we have begun building a marketplace for validator-for-hire services so that dapp developers can outsource validation services to reputable nodes with high up-time. We've announced a partnership in which Chainlink nodes will provide Arbitrum validation services, and we expect to announce more partnerships shortly with other blockchain infrastructure providers.
Although there is no requirement that validators are paid, Arbitrum’s economic model tracks validators’ costs (e.g. amount of computation and storage) and can charge small fees on user transactions, using a gas-type system, to cover those costs. Alternatively, a single party such as Reddit can agree to cover the costs of invited validators.
6. Reddit Contract Support
Since Arbitrum contracts and transactions are byte-for-byte compatible with Ethereum, supporting the Reddit contracts is as simple as launching them on an Arbitrum chain.
Minting. Arbitrum Rollup supports hybrid L1/L2 tokens which can be minted in L2 and then withdrawn onto the L1. An L1 contract at address A can make a special call to the EthBridge which deploys a "buddy contract" to the same address A on an Arbitrum chain. Since it's deployed at the same address, users can know that the L2 contract is the authorized "buddy" of the L1 contract on the Arbitrum chain.
For minting, the L1 contract is a standard ERC-20 contract which mints and burns tokens when requested by the L2 contract. It is paired with an ERC-20 contract in L2 which mints tokens based on whatever programmer provided minting facility is desired and burns tokens when they are withdrawn from the rollup chain. Given this base infrastructure, Arbitrum can support any smart contract based method for minting tokens in L2, and indeed we directly support Reddit's signature/claim based minting in L2.
Batch minting. What's better than a mint cookie? A whole batch! In addition to supporting Reddit’s current minting/claiming scheme, we built a second minting design, which we believe outperforms the signature/claim system in many scenarios.
In the current system, Reddit periodically issues signed statements to users, who then take those statements to the blockchain to claim their tokens. An alternative approach would have Reddit directly submit the list of users/amounts to the blockchain and distribute the tokens to the users without the signature/claim process.
To optimize the cost efficiency of this approach, we designed an application-specific compression scheme to minimize the size of the batch distribution list. We analyzed the data from Reddit's previous distributions and found that the data is highly compressible since token amounts are small and repeated, and addresses appear multiple times. Our function groups transactions by size, and replaces previously-seen addresses with a shorter index value. We wrote client code to compress the data, wrote a Solidity decompressing function, and integrated that function into Reddit’s contract running on Arbitrum.
When we ran the compression function on the previous Reddit distribution data, we found that we could compress batched minting data down to to 11.8 bytes per minting event (averaged over a 6-month trace of Reddit’s historical token grants)compared with roughly 174 bytes of on-chain data needed for the signature claim approach to minting (roughly 43 for an RLP-encoded null transaction + 65 for Reddit's signature + 65 for the user's signature + roughly 8 for the number of Points) .
The relative benefit of the two approaches with respect to on-chain call data cost depends on the percentage of users that will actually claim their tokens on chain. With the above figures, batch minting will be cheaper if roughly 5% of users redeem their claims. We stress that our compression scheme is not Arbitrum-specific and would be beneficial in any general-purpose smart contract platform.
8. Benchmarks and costs
In this section, we give the full costs of operating the Reddit contracts on an Arbitrum Rollup chain including the L1 gas costs for the Rollup chain, the costs of computation and storage for the L2 validators as well as the capital lockup requirements for staking.
Arbitrum Rollup is still on testnet, so we did not run mainnet benchmarks. Instead, we measured the L1 gas cost and L2 workload for Reddit operations on Arbitrum and calculated the total cost assuming current Ethereum gas prices. As noted below in detail, our measurements do not assume that Arbitrum is consuming the entire capacity of Ethereum. We will present the details of our model now, but for full transparency you can also play around with it yourself and adjust the parameters, by copying the spreadsheet found here.
Our cost model is based on measurements of Reddit’s contracts, running unmodified (except for the addition of a batch minting function) on Arbitrum Rollup on top of Ethereum.
On the distribution of transactions and frequency of assertions. Reddit's instructions specify the following minimum parameters that submissions should support:
Over a 5 day period, your scaling PoC should be able to handle:
  • 100,000 point claims (minting & distributing points)
  • 25,000 subscriptions
  • 75,000 one-off points burning
  • 100,000 transfers
We provide the full costs of operating an Arbitrum Rollup chain with this usage under the assumption that tokens are minted or granted to users in batches, but other transactions are uniformly distributed over the 5 day period. Unlike some other submissions, we do not make unrealistic assumptions that all operations can be submitted in enormous batches. We assume that batch minting is done in batches that use only a few percent on an L1 block’s gas, and that other operations come in evenly over time and are submitted in batches, with one batch every five minutes to keep latency reasonable. (Users are probably already waiting for L1 finality, which takes at least that long to achieve.)
We note that assuming that there are only 300,000 transactions that arrive uniformly over the 5 day period will make our benchmark numbers lower, but we believe that this will reflect the true cost of running the system. To see why, say that batches are submitted every five minutes (20 L1 blocks) and there's a fixed overhead of c bytes of calldata per batch, the cost of which will get amortized over all transactions executed in that batch. Assume that each individual transaction adds a marginal cost of t. Lastly assume the capacity of the scaling system is high enough that it can support all of Reddit's 300,000 transactions within a single 20-block batch (i.e. that there is more than c + 300,000*t byes of calldata available in 20 blocks).
Consider what happens if c, the per-batch overhead, is large (which it is in some systems, but not in Arbitrum). In the scenario that transactions actually arrive at the system's capacity and each batch is full, then c gets amortized over 300,000 transactions. But if we assume that the system is not running at capacity--and only receives 300,000 transactions arriving uniformly over 5 days-- then each 20-block assertion will contain about 200 transactions, and thus each transaction will pay a nontrivial cost due to c.
We are aware that other proposals presented scaling numbers assuming that 300,000 transactions arrived at maximum capacity and was executed in a single mega-transaction, but according to our estimates, for at least one such report, this led to a reported gas price that was 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than it would have been assuming uniform arrival. We make more realistic batching assumptions, and we believe Arbitrum compares well when batch sizes are realistic.
Our model. Our cost model includes several sources of cost:
  • L1 gas costs: This is the cost of posting transactions as calldata on the L1 chain, as well as the overhead associated with each batch of transactions, and the L1 cost of settling transactions in the Arbitrum protocol.
  • Validator’s staking costs: In normal operation, one validator will need to be staked. The stake is assumed to be 0.2% of the total value of the chain (which is assumed to be $1 per user who is eligible to claim points). The cost of staking is the interest that could be earned on the money if it were not staked.
  • Validator computation and storage: Every validator must do computation to track the chain’s processing of transactions, and must maintain storage to keep track of the contracts’ EVM storage. The cost of computation and storage are estimated based on measurements, with the dollar cost of resources based on Amazon Web Services pricing.
It’s clear from our modeling that the predominant cost is for L1 calldata. This will probably be true for any plausible rollup-based system.
Our model also shows that Arbitrum can scale to workloads much larger than Reddit’s nominal workload, without exhausting L1 or L2 resources. The scaling bottleneck will ultimately be calldata on the L1 chain. We believe that cost could be reduced substantially if necessary by clever encoding of data. (In our design any compression / decompression of L2 transaction calldata would be done by client software and L2 programs, never by an L1 contract.)
9. Status of Arbitrum Rollup
Arbitrum Rollup is live on Ethereum testnet. All of the code written to date including everything included in the Reddit demo is open source and permissively licensed under the Apache V2 license. The first testnet version of Arbitrum Rollup was released on testnet in February. Our current internal version, which we used to benchmark the Reddit contracts, will be released soon and will be a major upgrade.
Both the Arbitrum design as well as the implementation are heavily audited by independent third parties. The Arbitrum academic paper was published at USENIX Security, a top-tier peer-reviewed academic venue. For the Arbitrum software, we have engaged Trail of Bits for a security audit, which is currently ongoing, and we are committed to have a clean report before launching on Ethereum mainnet.
10. Reddit Universe Arbitrum Rollup Chain
The benchmarks described in this document were all measured using the latest internal build of our software. When we release the new software upgrade publicly we will launch a Reddit Universe Arbitrum Rollup chain as a public demo, which will contain the Reddit contracts as well as a Uniswap instance and a Connext Hub, demonstrating how Community Points can be integrated into third party apps. We will also allow members of the public to dynamically launch ecosystem contracts. We at Offchain Labs will cover the validating costs for the Reddit Universe public demo.
If the folks at Reddit would like to evaluate our software prior to our public demo, please email us at [email protected] and we'd be more than happy to provide early access.
11. Even more scaling: Arbitrum Sidechains
Rollups are an excellent approach to scaling, and we are excited about Arbitrum Rollup which far surpasses Reddit's scaling needs. But looking forward to Reddit's eventual goal of supporting hundreds of millions of users, there will likely come a time when Reddit needs more scaling than any Rollup protocol can provide.
While Rollups greatly reduce costs, they don't break the linear barrier. That is, all transactions have an on-chain footprint (because all calldata must be posted on-chain), albeit a far smaller one than on native Ethereum, and the L1 limitations end up being the bottleneck for capacity and cost. Since Ethereum has limited capacity, this linear use of on-chain resources means that costs will eventually increase superlinearly with traffic.
The good news is that we at Offchain Labs have a solution in our roadmap that can satisfy this extreme-scaling setting as well: Arbitrum AnyTrust Sidechains. Arbitrum Sidechains are similar to Arbitrum Rollup, but deviate in that they name a permissioned set of validators. When a chain’s validators agree off-chain, they can greatly reduce the on-chain footprint of the protocol and require almost no data to be put on-chain. When validators can't reach unanimous agreement off-chain, the protocol reverts to Arbitrum Rollup. Technically, Arbitrum Sidechains can be viewed as a hybrid between state channels and Rollup, switching back and forth as necessary, and combining the performance and cost that state channels can achieve in the optimistic case, with the robustness of Rollup in other cases. The core technical challenge is how to switch seamlessly between modes and how to guarantee that security is maintained throughout.
Arbitrum Sidechains break through this linear barrier, while still maintaining a high level of security and decentralization. Arbitrum Sidechains provide the AnyTrust guarantee, which says that as long as any one validator is honest and available (even if you don't know which one will be), the L2 chain is guaranteed to execute correctly according to its code and guaranteed to make progress. Unlike in a state channel, offchain progress does not require unanimous consent, and liveness is preserved as long as there is a single honest validator.
Note that the trust model for Arbitrum Sidechains is much stronger than for typical BFT-style chains which introduce a consensus "voting" protocols among a small permissioned group of validators. BFT-based protocols require a supermajority (more than 2/3) of validators to agree. In Arbitrum Sidechains, by contrast, all you need is a single honest validator to achieve guaranteed correctness and progress. Notice that in Arbitrum adding validators strictly increases security since the AnyTrust guarantee provides correctness as long as any one validator is honest and available. By contrast, in BFT-style protocols, adding nodes can be dangerous as a coalition of dishonest nodes can break the protocol.
Like Arbitrum Rollup, the developer and user experiences for Arbitrum Sidechains will be identical to that of Ethereum. Reddit would be able to choose a large and diverse set of validators, and all that they would need to guarantee to break through the scaling barrier is that a single one of them will remain honest.
We hope to have Arbitrum Sidechains in production in early 2021, and thus when Reddit reaches the scale that surpasses the capacity of Rollups, Arbitrum Sidechains will be waiting and ready to help.
While the idea to switch between channels and Rollup to get the best of both worlds is conceptually simple, getting the details right and making sure that the switch does not introduce any attack vectors is highly non-trivial and has been the subject of years of our research (indeed, we were working on this design for years before the term Rollup was even coined).
12. How Arbitrum compares
We include a comparison to several other categories as well as specific projects when appropriate. and explain why we believe that Arbitrum is best suited for Reddit's purposes. We focus our attention on other Ethereum projects.
Payment only Rollups. Compared to Arbitrum Rollup, ZK-Rollups and other Rollups that only support token transfers have several disadvantages:
  • As outlined throughout the proposal, we believe that the entire draw of Ethereum is in its rich smart contracts support which is simply not achievable with today's zero-knowledge proof technology. Indeed, scaling with a ZK-Rollup will add friction to the deployment of smart contracts that interact with Community Points as users will have to withdraw their coins from the ZK-Rollup and transfer them to a smart contract system (like Arbitrum). The community will be best served if Reddit builds on a platform that has built-in, frictionless smart-contract support.
  • All other Rollup protocols of which we are aware employ a centralized operator. While it's true that users retain custody of their coins, the centralized operator can often profit from censoring, reordering, or delaying transactions. A common misconception is that since they're non-custodial protocols, a centralized sequencer does not pose a risk but this is incorrect as the sequencer can wreak havoc or shake down users for side payments without directly stealing funds.
  • Sidechain type protocols can eliminate some of these issues, but they are not trustless. Instead, they require trust in some quorum of a committee, often requiring two-third of the committee to be honest, compared to rollup protocols like Arbitrum that require only a single honest party. In addition, not all sidechain type protocols have committees that are diverse, or even non-centralized, in practice.
  • Plasma-style protocols have a centralized operator and do not support general smart contracts.
13. Concluding Remarks
While it's ultimately up to the judges’ palate, we believe that Arbitrum Rollup is the bakeoff choice that Reddit kneads. We far surpass Reddit's specified workload requirement at present, have much room to optimize Arbitrum Rollup in the near term, and have a clear path to get Reddit to hundreds of millions of users. Furthermore, we are the only project that gives developers and users the identical interface as the Ethereum blockchain and is fully interoperable and tooling-compatible, and we do this all without any new trust assumptions or centralized components.
But no matter how the cookie crumbles, we're glad to have participated in this bake-off and we thank you for your consideration.
About Offchain Labs
Offchain Labs, Inc. is a venture-funded New York company that spun out of Princeton University research, and is building the Arbitrum platform to usher in the next generation of scalable, interoperable, and compatible smart contracts. Offchain Labs is backed by Pantera Capital, Compound VC, Coinbase Ventures, and others.
Leadership Team
Ed Felten
Ed Felten is Co-founder and Chief Scientist at Offchain Labs. He is on leave from Princeton University, where he is the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs. From 2015 to 2017 he served at the White House as Deputy United States Chief Technology Officer and senior advisor to the President. He is an ACM Fellow and member of the National Academy of Engineering. Outside of work, he is an avid runner, cook, and L.A. Dodgers fan.
Steven Goldfeder
Steven Goldfeder is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Offchain Labs. He holds a PhD from Princeton University, where he worked at the intersection of cryptography and cryptocurrencies including threshold cryptography, zero-knowledge proof systems, and post-quantum signatures. He is a co-author of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, the leading textbook on cryptocurrencies, and he has previously worked at Google and Microsoft Research, where he co-invented the Picnic signature algorithm. When not working, you can find Steven spending time with his family, taking a nature walk, or twisting balloons.
Harry Kalodner
Harry Kalodner is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Offchain Labs where he leads the engineering team. Before the company he attended Princeton as a Ph.D candidate where his research explored economics, anonymity, and incentive compatibility of cryptocurrencies, and he also has worked at Apple. When not up at 3:00am writing code, Harry occasionally sleeps.
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Augmented Alt Character Farming for Independence Day as Summoner

Credit to Maple_'s original post on the profitability of Independence Day farming with alt characters but I believe that you can augment the original process to keep weeklies and summoner loot in mind. The reason why summoner mains would want to spend some more time per burner alt is because of one French bitch named Pietro being the sole source of repeatable support rolls, but only when you reach MAXIMUM friendship with him once per character. Finally, this guide also accounts for the fact that Weekly ARKS quests give a massive bonus to level 50 characters and will provide additional steps for your alt farming to account for weekly missions.
By farming alts, you can stand to gain the following every day
Step 0 It pays to prepare
Step 1: Talk to NPCs and get ARKS rewards
Step 2 Preparing for subclassing
Step 3: The Cafe saga: we go to the cafe first to get a major funds injection and to give your harvest/fish meters time to top off, as well as to unlock the Urgent Quest arks mission earlier
Step X: Urgent quest
Step 4: Shopping plaza and your auxiliary
Step 5: Gambler's paradise
Step 6: the home stretch to mag devices and independence but not the end
Step 7: Fuck you Pietro, my best friend
Step 8: Why are we here, just to suffer?
Sorry for posting this the day before weeklies reset but there should be another weekly reset before this event ends too
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#1 at our 7th Community Tournament with Bant Scapeshift

Hi all. I took down our 7th Community tournament with my Scapeshift Field list, going 9-1 for first place. I still think the deck is pretty busted, and Jumpstart is going to add Explore to make it even faster.
4 Field of the Dead (M20) 247
4 Golos, Tireless Pilgrim (M20) 226
3 Scapeshift (M19) 201
4 Growth Spiral (RNA) 178
2 Forest (MIR) 347
2 Island (MIR) 336
3 Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath (THB) 229
4 Elvish Rejuvenator (M19) 180
4 Arboreal Grazer (WAR) 149
4 Teferi, Time Raveler (WAR) 221
3 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244
1 Field of Ruin (XLN) 254
1 Ghost Quarter (ISD) 240
1 Blast Zone (WAR) 244
2 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
1 Hinterland Harbor (DAR) 240
1 Glacial Fortress (XLN) 255
1 Sunpetal Grove (XLN) 257
1 Temple Garden (GRN) 258
1 Hallowed Fountain (RNA) 251
1 Temple of Plenty (THB) 248
1 Temple of Mystery (M20) 255
1 Temple of Enlightenment (THB) 246
1 Raugrin Triome (IKO) 251
1 Indatha Triome (IKO) 248
1 Ketria Triome (IKO) 250
1 Swamp (MIR) 340
1 Mountain (MIR) 346
2 Kenrith, the Returned King (ELD) 303
2 Migration Path (IKO) 164
1 Plains (MIR) 331
2 Knight of Autumn (GRN) 183
1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (BFZ) 15
3 Mystical Dispute (ELD) 58
2 Aether Gust (M20) 42
3 Shatter the Sky (THB) 37
2 Meddling Mage (ARB) 8
2 Grafdigger's Cage (M20) 227
Maindeck Changes: -3 on color Gates, +3 on color Triomes, -3 Route, +1 Grazer, +2 Migration Path. The flexibility with cycling late Paths or extra Triomes is worth the slight loss in mana fixing from Routes. I’ve been consistently impressed with Grazer the entire time. In this pretty heavy aggro meta, you really need the blocker and additional T1 or T2 plays.
Sideboard Changes: -1 Mage, -2 Agent, +2 Cage, +1 Ulamog. I wanted to have at least 1 trump for mirrors after the Agent ban, so I added Ulamog to replace one. I also shaved a Mage and replaced the other Agent fwith some Cages for actual gy hate. Rakdos Lurrus gets shut down pretty hard by the card, if they don’t have the answer, and the matchup has been close enough to warrant some actual hate for them. It’s also nice to have for whenever Kethis shows up like it did for me in the quarterfinals.
Match 1 Sarkhan’s Unsealing 2-1
This matchup is pretty easy. He’s a midrange deck with some highlight reel potential off Unsealing triggers. A 4 mana enchantment that you need to untap with to do anything is not very good against Teferi.
G1 He had an uncontested Unsealing off an elf. He followed it with a QB and pointed the trigger at my face instead of some random chump. After QB, came a Carnage Tyrant, which also triggered, bringing me down to 3 including the 2 QB attacks and an elf hit on turn 2. I had been developing my mana and trying to race, getting up to 7 zombies off 2 Fields goign into my last turn. I untapped, dropped Kenrith, made 4 more zombies off a ramp spell for 11 total, hasted, and swung for 1 point short of lethal. He had a blocker big enough to absorb all the Kenrith dmg and blocked 2 zombies with QB and his elf, taking 19 from 20. Pretty close. I could have held back and blocked, but I didn’t have another W to gain 5 to beat 1 Unsealing trigger and a 7 power trigger would wipe all my blockers anyway.
Sideboarding: -4 Grazer -2 Path -1 Shift, +2 Knight, +2 Gust, +3 shatter. Grazer doesn’t block anything, here. He also has no way to clear tokens except the Unsealing trigger so I decided to keep some Shift to end the game, when he couldn’t set that up through Tef and Knight.
G2 He went elf into Steal Leaf Champ, which I bounced. I then played a knight as a 4/3 to trade with the replayed Champ, because I had a backup in hand. He never played an Unsealing. He followed with 2 Phoenix and 1 QB and I had to Shatter on 8 mana, because I couldn't block anything unless I burned my last Knight. I had 2 Shatters and 3 W sources and a Ghost Quarter so I Shattered, GQed myself for a Plains and Shattered again to clear the eggs. That prompted a “Nice!” and a follow up compliment in the Melee chat client. Managed to reach Scapeshift lethal before he could rebuild again.
G3 I managed to Tef minus his Unsealing twice to buy tons of time. I ran out of bounces and had no Knight yet, but I had 8 lands, Shift and a Tef to plus, so I just killed him on his end step through a potential boardwipe Unsealing trigger. Game really illustrates why the matchup is so good for me.
Match 2 MonoR Cleave aggro 2-0
These games were pretty straightforward. He has no reach outside Cleave shenanigans and nothing that can force a lot of damage through the zombie wall once it gets big enough. His only high power creature is Anax, which is legendary, so I can put a zombie or 2 in front of each other creature and stick everything else on Anax to be reasonably safe from Cleave as long as my wall gets big enough.
G1 was a grind. I had a grazer. He had a Fervent Champ into Robber which hit a land. I bounced the Robber and he replayed it alongside another Champ. I got to make 1 zombie, and he attacked with all 3, trading a zombie for the Robber, dealing 2 from one of the Champs. My life total was still really high. Thanks Grazer! The following turn he found a Cleave but only had the 2 Champs to stick it on, finally eating my Grazer and dealing me 3. I drew a Golos to start making a large board. With a high life total still (around 12 or 13). He conceded a couple turns after he couldn’t get through the zombie horde anymore.
Sidboarding: -3 Shift, -2 Path, -1 Golos, +3 Shatter, +2 Gust, +1 Knight. Only big targets for Knight are Anax and a Cleave that doesn’t kill me, but the other modes can be useful and I need to trim the expensive cards.
G2 I was able to get another Grazer fast into more ramp. Tef bounced a Steamkin with 2 counters on it after his turn 3. He followed with replaying Steamkin and playing another one. I made a zombie the next turn. He made his Steamkins into a 4/4 and 3/3, and attacked with them and a 1 drop. I chumped to 4/4 to make him sac it if he wanted the mana. I untapped and Shattered away 2 Steamkins, the 1 drop, and a couple other random creatures he played precombat to grow the Steamkins. I was still above 10 and that Shatter was basically game. I was churning out more zombies, and he didn’t have the Cleave for that one big Steamkin attack he got. He followed up with a Chandra, but only 1 1/1 got through the followup token I made, and I rebuilt much faster than he did.
Match 3 MonoU Tempo 2-0
I don’t remember the match very well. I played MonoU 3 times in the tournament, winning each time. I believe both of these games involved Grazer moating his first threat and buying me time to resolve some ramp and get to zombie tokens that race faster than he can. MonoU is in a tough spot when my 1 drops can blank a turn 2 Obsession, and my land drops blank their only large threats.
Match 4 Rakdos Goblins Bye
My OP was based in China and, as it was midnight, he decided to drop and give me the win. I played some test matches with someone else from the discord server for him to gather data for a Rakdos Gobbos primer and I went 3-0. The Call Plaguewind is good, but it’s hard for them to leverage that boardwipe into wins, because it’s so easy for me to rebuild a board after. Ruinblaster is a nice tool, but it doesn’t apply enough pressure. I’m putting out so many lands that blowing up one important one can be helpful but is never backbreaking. The midrangey core of goblins is just hard countered by Field. Go ahead and pay 4 to play a 2/2 haste and draw 3 cards. That’s fine, I’ll make 6 power with my land drop, draw 3 free spells with Golos, and then play another spell from my hand. Basically, I think I would have won without the bye.
Match 5 MonoU Tempo 2-1
Same OP as finals
G1 Grazer still MVP. Don’t remember it too well, but I’m pretty sure a turn 1 or 2 grazer just carried the game.
Sideboarding: -3 Shift, -2 Path, -1 Golos, +3 Shatter, +3 Dispute. I cut the really expensive payoffs because they are hard to resolve and sometimes they counter ramp spells making it hard to even get to a point you want to cast Shift. Shatter is also hard to resolve but is much better counter bait than the expensive ramp spells.
G2 I mulled to 4 and it was over fast. No Grazer to stop an obsessed flyer, and had to jam spells into his Cutthroat and open mana.
G3 We stared at each other for a while after I Disputed 2 early Cutthroats through potential tax counters. I made land drops. I played not very significant ramp spells into his open mana and got to zombies. I had 1 Dispute left in hand with Tef and went for it with 6 mana (7th land tapped). He had 2 hard counters. On his end step with 1 card left in his hand, I tapped my last 2 for a Spiral and got it Pierced (misplay there, because I had played around Pierce all game). We got to topdecking and he got 1 attack in with a Stormtamer before I found a Grazer to block. He found a second Stormtamer and then another Sailor with enough mana to draw, but I hit 2 token triggers back to back to back and was able to kill him before he killed me, getting me down to 5. He had to Borrower a token to not die the turn before he actually did.
Match 6 UG Nexus 2-0
G1 was brutal by me. I got the play. Grazered turn 1 into pass turn 2. I played Tef on turn 3 before he could counter it, because all his maindeck counters were Interventions. I was able to develop in peace, and I found a Field of Ruin to cover a Blast Zone out. I got to 8 lands to end step a Shift with my Field of Ruin open all game before he could dig out of the Tef lock. Meanwhile, he missed his 3rd land drop once and his 4th land drop twice. The mana-screw was sad, but I honestly don’t think he could beat my start, absent some absurd string of ramp into charging 2 Blast Zones to 3. I even had that Grazer to chump a huge shark for a turn before bouncing it.
Sideboarding: -4 Grazer, -2 Path, -2 Uro, -1 Golos, +3 Dispute, +2 Mage, +2 Gust, +2 Knight. Gust and Knight both answer multiple Nexus engines so I like having them over the clunkier ramp spells. Uro is Disputable and can’t pressure an early Tamiyo.
G2 had more play to it. He Spiraled main on turn 2 and played a tapped Pool to play around Dispute. He should have shocked in his Pool, because I dropped a Mage naming Reclamation on my 2. Maybe he didn't have the Dispute, but he should at least bluff it, because life totals don't matter in the matchup. My hand was very disruptive. I developed mana slowly with only one Rejuv, while the Mage was keeping him off playing Rec. I had Tef and Dispute in hand, so i kept attacking into a potential Typhoon on 4 mana, then 5 mana, then 6, and he just spent the turns Interventioning to dig for an answer to Mage that wouldn't tap him out. He might not have had the Shark the whole time, though. I could attack with my Mage to bait the shark, because I could just force tef through after he tapped low and bounce the shark. I also had a backup Mage already in hand ready to name Nexus now that his mana was developed. He made a 3/3 shark on 7 and ate the mage. I played tef, he Disputed, I paid, and he had no second 1 mana counter for me to Dispute. I bounced the shark and passed. He cycled a couple Nexus and didn’t find a Blast Zone, and played his Rec. I Knighted it, played my second Mage, naming Nexus, and got to 8 lands to end step Shift and kill him when he couldn’t find answers to both Tef and Mage on 8 mana in his last turn with no Rec on board.
Match 7 Gruul Aggro 0-2
G1 was close. He had the Pelt Collector, BTE, 3/3 start. I had a Grazer and a few ramp spells. I bounced the 3/3 Pelt Collector to prevent a Cleave. Then, I got to 6 lands and scryed the 7th untapped source to the top. He had a Robber though that exiled it and I didnt find another land on top to play Rejuv to 8 lands, and instant speed a Shift to wipe his board and then kill him. Any tap land would have been a board wipe from shifting in combat and a Klothys chump, but any untapped land would have been a W for me. I Spiraled main, too, and didn’t find a land off that draw either. His board was big enough to kill me through a grazer and 2 tokens from an instant Path but, if only I found that land....
Sideboarding: -3 Shift, -2 Path, -1 Golos, +1 Knight, +2 Gust, +3 Shatter. Same red and/or green aggro plan. Knight to clear a nonlethal Cleave or just trade with QB or gain 4.
G2 was not close. I mulled to 6 and with a castable Spiral off 2 scry lands. Neither of my scrys delivered land. I played a Grazer that I found on 2 and missed that 3rd Grazer land drop. Then, I bounced a 4/4 Spellbreaker with an untapped land I found on turn 3. QB ate that Tef and I played the land it found and another Tef to bounce QB and dig for my 5th land drop. I missed land on both draws, and I gusted QB in combat and spiraled missing yet another land drop. He played a Ferocidon and 4/4 Spellbreaker post combat, and I really needed the white source to show up to cast the Shatter I was holding all game. I found a Swamp and Rejuved going to 8 from Ferocidon ping and hit the W source, but he had too much power in play with a QB coming back, and I died before I could cast the shatter the following turn. An untapped W source might have stabilized me, but he had several cards in hand too. I needed to get a bunch of tokens fast from that point to stand a chance. I didn’t notice until reviewing the vod (starting at 4:10 ish), but I could have Field of Ruined the turn I Gusted to get the second W source before Gusting to let me Shatter his followup board. I was focused on digging to more land, because I needed to develop to stand a chance even with a Shatter and that QB was going to be hard to beat after a Shatter with me sitting at 9 life. Missing 3 land drops in a 30 land Field deck is usually game.
Quarterfinals Kethis Combo 2-0
G1 I managed to race. He missed one land drop and was missing a B source. I bounced an Excavator while I developed my lands. The last turn of the game, I got to 8 lands, attacked down his Tef which minused to dig for a land with a couple zombies and Rejuv. Then, I plused my first Tef and played a second to minus the Excavator to choke his mana and stop him from comboing me with a topdecked B source. The plus and bounce locked up the win with an end step Shift for 14 zombies.
Sideboarding -4 Grazer, -2 Path, -1 Golos, +3 Dispute, +2 Mage, +2 Cage. He goldfishes faster, so I need all the relevant disruption and all the Shifts. Grazer’s body is irrelevant and I just trimmed the expensive ramp to fit everything.
G2 I drew my hate. I had taplands so I Caged on 2 into Mage on 3 naming Tef, stranding one of my own in my hand (I scryed a 2nd Tef to the bottom and promptly drew a 3rd Tef in short order...) His list only had Tef and Urza’s Ruinous Blast as outs to Cage. Those 2 plays were enough to stop a Kethis and turn 2 Excavator he played from comboing me out on his turn 4; he had the Tef to bounce cage and go off when I named it. I couldn't find much ramp, so I slowly made land drops behind 1 Rejuv. He got a Lazav and dug to put an Uro into the yard. Next turn, he started attacking me with a funny looking Lazav, Elder Titan. I took 2 hits, then finally hit 7 lands and shifted away all my lands including duplicate Fields, making 7 zombies to trade with the Urozav and stop his Kethis from coming along to smack me against my anemic board of 1 Rejuv and the Mage. I played a second Mage the following turn, naming Lazav, to stop him from doing it again, but I should have named Ruinous Blast, forgetting he would side it in to answer my Cage. I found out he topdecked the Lazav right after I named it, but I think I could’ve beaten any number of Lazav’s in a row with tokens so naming Ruinous Blast was definitely the correct line. The board was stable again. I found some more lands and eventually another Shift to make a lethal zombie force for the win before he found his Blast.
Semifinals Vampire Aggro 2-0 Also Recordedat around 5:38 Vamps POV
G1 I developed mana fast on the play. Turn 3 Spiral off tapped lands into untapped G for Grazer to get 5 lands in play on turn 3, when all he has is a Knight of the Ebon Legion and a vamp lord. He plays Legion’s Landing and Dusk Legion Zealot. I untap and Tef bounce the lord and play Rejuv for a zombie and a scry. He replays the lord and a second Dusk Legion, and he attacks to flip Legion’s Landing and play a Skymarcher. I trade my zombie with Knight or the Ebon Legion by double blocking and protect my Tef from the other attacker with Grazer. Next turn, I played another Tef, bounced the lord again, and played a second field for 2 more zombies. I also Field of Ruined the flipped Adanto to make 2 more zombies in combat on his turn to trade with his 3 ground attackers and take 3 from Skymarcher, falling to 11. I wanted my Grazer to stick around because I was holding a Kenrith to grow it. He played enough stuff to ascend his Skymarchers (2nd played that turn) into flyers, and I played a Kenny with 3 mana open and some zombies to clog the ground. I blocked a flying Skymarcher with Grazer and grew it. Then I made some more zombies with Uro, a Passage, and a Rejuv and passed back with 3 mana open again to turn Grazer into a Skymarcher munching, buff machine. He conceded to the overwhelming board presence and buff grazer with no Kenrith answer. That grazer gained 2+2+3+6? life (it was brickwalling both Skymarchers if he didn’t just concede). And, I didn’t even get to play him until turn 3. #grazerisoppressive
Sideboarding: - 2 Path, -1 Shift, +3 Shatter. He had just 2 Legions End in the board to wipe tokens, so I kept 2 Shifts and cut the Paths instead.
G2 was gross. He mulled to 6. I Spiraled on turn 2 into wiping his board of a lord, a token, and 2 Knight of the Ebon Legion on my turn 3. He played a Sanctum Seeker, and I kept developing with an Uro into Uro to first zombie token. He conceded, because he knew it was over with enough cards in yard to escape Uro for his 1 creature to chump attack into no matter what my hand was.
Finals MonoU Tempo vod at 6:07 2-1
G1 I got ran over by an obsessed 1 drop. I kept a marginal hand against monoU on the draw. 2 lands to cast 2 turn 2 Spirals and 3 Golos. I probably should have mulled, because Golos is really hard to resolve against monoU. I just had to jam threats into his counters, and a Cutthroat grew big enough to end the game fast alongside the Obsessed flier feeding him gas. I get my first Spiral pierced on his end of turn, and then resolved the second, when he flashed in Cutthroat. Then, I just had to keep jamming those 5 drop threats I had in hand, and he countered everything.
Sideboarding: -3 Shift, -2 Path, -1 Golos, +3 Shatter, +3 Dispute. Same reasons.
G2 I had 3 lands and Spiral. He mainphased a Sailor because my U was a tapland, so I couldn’t Dispute. I didn’t draw a 4th land on my second turn, so I waited to Spiral on his end step, hoping to bait a Pierce and tap him out of Cutthroat mana. I also was hoping to topdeck W for Tef with him down to 1 mana to try and resolve it, if he had no second 1 mana counter. He Pierced and I topdecked a Blast Zone. I play mountain to hide the Blast Zone and pass with 2 Tefs in hand, holding a Dispute. He plays another sailor. Next turn, I play Blast Zone and pass. He Cutthroats and I Dispute with 3 open, playing around the 1 mana counters he could have, and wait on the Blast Zone. I draw a white Triome, play it, and pass again. I blow the Blast Zone when he spends mana drawing instead of playing another threat he could Obsess. I draw a Rejuv and play it into a potential counter, and it resolves, finding another W source, and I play my 6th land. He’s been without another threat since I blew his 2 sailors. I Teferi with 3 open to pay for Dispute/Pierce and it gets Retorted. I decided to wait on the second Tef to play around tax counters again, because I’m under no pressure. Next turn, I get a Grazer and make the same Tef play, and it just resolves. The game is basically over. I dig dig dig to field and untap again and play Golos. I made a small misplay not bouncing rejuv and replaying it instead of spiraling the turn Tef resolved. He concedes, when I play second Golos for a Fabled Passage (B source for unlimited gas off Golos.)
G3 I kept a hand that could Spiral turn 2. He played a Sailor around Dispute again, and I drew a Grazer on 2. I bait a 2 mana counter counter with the Grazer and it resolves. He taps it down with a trickster for 2 damage. Next turn Rejuv resolves, and he plays a Cutthroat that can’t attack through my Rejuv yet. I draw a second Spiral and pass turn because I don’t have my 6th land. He activates Sailor on my end step and I spiral twice finding another W source and a Tef. I topdeck a Field and play it to start the zombie pressure, and bait a counter with 1 of my Shatters. I played the Field before the Shatter to make his countering decision more difficult. I’m totally fine if he lets me clear my own zombie and his board with a Sailor that can draw on my end step if I do nothing. He counters to save his board and grow Cutthroat and then a Trickster to tap the token and grow the Cutthroat again. I chump the 4/3 with Rejuv. I untap and play Tef around tax counters with 4 open. He Sailor draws, looking for a counter, and bounces a token to be able to attack down Tef after it resolves and bounces an attacker. I miss on land from the Tef draw, and then he attacked 2 at Tef and 2 dmg at me, which was a bit of a misplay (did not end up mattering though.) I Spiral and hit big, a 2nd Field, making 2 tokens to trade with both tricksters and the game is basically locked. I’m at 11 with this Grazer that’s gained like 8 life at this point still and he’s underneath Tef. He plays his borrower, and I just use the second Shatter to prevent a few outs to Teferi. (Obsession on Sailor kills Tef through Grazer and so does a second borrower, bouncing the Grazer. Casters didn;t know about those outs and didn’t understand the Shatter.) I should have Shattered before playing the land I drew off Uro, though, but it honestly didn’t matter that much. Next turn, I played golos and escaped Uro, and he conceded.
If there's anything to take away from this, it's that Grazer is the most broken thing you can be doing in Historic. Just kidding. Ban my deck please!
submitted by saanctumSeeker to MtGHistoric [link] [comments]

PokeMiner's In-Depth APK Teardown of 0.153.0

As you might have seen, we are thrilled to announce a new group dedicated to datamining Pokemon GO, called PokeMiners! This is a collaboration between myself and u/makateller as well as anyone else that would like to work with us, just message us! We are amazed by the response we received when we announced this morning, so thank you for all the support!
v0.153.0 brings a bunch of exciting features. It really feels like several feature branches coming together because several features have come out of nowhere and seem pretty flushed out. A lot of this stuff feels ready for prime time.
So let's dig in!


Competitive PVP and Matchmaking

We don't mean to get too hyped. But. You know.

.CombatHubEntranceTelemetryIds .CLICKED_COMBAT_HUB_BUTTON 
A new GUI or location to enter the combat hub?

.get_EnableVsSeeker .set_EnableVsSeeker .get_VsSeekerWalkingDistPollDurationMs .set_VsSeekerWalkingDistPollDurationMs .get_VsSeekerPlayerMinLevel .set_VsSeekerPlayerMinLevel .get_MatchmakingPollDurationMs .set_MatchmakingPollDurationMs .get_EnableVsSeekerUpgradeIap .set_EnableVsSeekerUpgradeIap .get_VsSeekerClientSettings .set_VsSeekerClientSettings 
We believe that Seekers are the players that are 'seeking' an opponent for the matchmaking. It looks like you will need a minimum level in order to seek another player (or to be matched up maybe?). There is some background information here about how long it will poll as well.

.COMBAT_VS_SEEKER_CHARGED .CompleteVsSeekerAndRestartChargingProto .CompleteVsSeekerAndRestartChargingOutProto .COMBAT_COMPETITIVE_SEASON_END 
It appears there will be different seasons within the Pokemon GO PVP world, based on the season being able to end. Seeker charging is seen in the error codes below, might be a reset period before you can battle again? Not sure clear what this is.

.get_CombatCompetitiveSeasonSettings .set_CombatCompetitiveSeasonSettings .get_CombatRankingProtoSettings .set_CombatRankingProtoSettings .get_CombatRank .set_CombatRank .get_CombatRating .set_CombatRating .get_VsSeekerSet .set_VsSeekerSet .get_VsSeekerCompleteSeason .set_VsSeekerCompleteSeason .get_CurrentSeasonResult .set_CurrentSeasonResult .get_PreviousRank .set_PreviousRank .get_PreviousRating .set_PreviousRating .get_SeasonEnded .set_SeasonEnded .CompleteCompetitiveSeasonProto .CompleteCompetitiveSeasonOutProto .get_NewRank .set_NewRank .get_NewRating .set_NewRating .get_RatingAdjustmentPercentage .set_RatingAdjustmentPercentage .get_RankingAdjustmentPercentage .set_RankingAdjustmentPercentage 
Further suggestion that there will be seasons in PoGo and rankings and ratings will be tied to it.

.get_MinTotalBattlesRequired .set_MinTotalBattlesRequired .get_MinWinsRequired .set_MinWinsRequired .get_MinRatingRequired .set_MinRatingRequired 
Certain requirements to either battle or enter seasons.

.get_VsSeekerStatus .set_VsSeekerStatus .get_BattleGrantedRemaining .set_BattleGrantedRemaining .get_MaxBattlesInSet .set_MaxBattlesInSet 
Looks like you would choose how many battles you are going to do against the other player?

.get_NumberOfWins .set_NumberOfWins .get_NumberOfBattles .set_NumberOfBattles .get_NumberOfBonusBattles .set_NumberOfBonusBattles .get_InUse .set_InUse .get_LifetimeResults .set_LifetimeResults .get_CurrentSeasonResults .set_CurrentSeasonResults .get_CurrentVsSeekerSetResults .get_Season .set_Season .get_TotalBattles .set_TotalBattles .get_TotalWins .set_TotalWins .get_LongestWinStreak .set_LongestWinStreak .get_CurrentStreak .set_CurrentStreak 
Tracking number of wins, battles, streaks, etc. Sounds like there will be some heavy stats behind this.

.VsSeekerStartMatchmakingProto .VsSeekerStartMatchmakingOutProto .get_QueueId .set_QueueId .SUCCESS_OPPONENT_FOUND .SUCCESS_QUEUED .ERROR_NO_BATTLE_PASSES_LEFT .ERROR_ALREADY_IN_QUEUE .getMatchmakingStatusProto .getMatchmakingStatusOutProto .SUCCESS_NOT_MATCHED_EXPIRED .ERROR_QUEUE_NOT_FOUND .ERROR_RETRY_UNSUCCESSFUL .CancelMatchmakingProto .CancelMatchmakingOutProto .SUCCESSFULLY_CANCELLED .ERROR_ALREADY_MATCHED 
The process by which you will be matched. Looks like traditional online matchmaking to me, you queue up to find an opponent and then you battle. Several errors and message statuses are included in this process.

.get_LootProto .set_LootProto 
Rewards for winning?

Interesting there is an item here. Might be related to the battle passes?

.get_CombatLog .set_CombatLog 
Logging the history of your battles.

Some error codes and messages. Interesting that wrong season is one, does that mean several seasons can be happening at once?
Of course, the dreaded one is no battle passes. Let's see what that means.

.get_EnableBattleNowFeature .set_EnableBattleNowFeature 
The toggle for this feature we think.

.set_AverageLatency .requestTime .UpdateAvgLatency .rpcTimeoutMs .beTenacious .SendRpc .RegisterSideChannelInternal .responseFuture .TryGetResponseValue .LATENCY_HISTORY_SIZE .RELIABLE_SEND_RETRIES .requestFactory .sideChannelFactory .performanceEventService .sideChannels .latencyHistory .latenciesRecorded .sideChannelSquelchReceipt 
Some latency and performance measuring for this feature.

PVP Updates

Added to PVP, battle cry!

.HandleDefenseFinish .isOpponent .HandleOffenseFinish .ProcessOpponentSpecial .UpdateFainted .playerWithFainted .HandlePokemonFainted 
Additional handling of mon states.

.QrChallengeCodeRetrieveError .WaitToShowQrCodeNetworkErrorToast .lastQrState 
A few error checks to the QR scanning.

Gen V

Badge for Gen 5.

New Unova Stone as reported.

Addition to the pokedex.

Gen 5 mons.

New families.

New Forms

New forms to support the Gen 5 mons.

Years were added to the existing forms.

Pinsir added as a shadow mon.

Route Makers

Route Makers are very interesting as it's unclear what these things are, but we have a lot of intel about them.

.RoutesCreationSettingsProto .get_RouteSettings .set_RouteSettings .get_MaxOpenRoutes .set_MaxOpenRoutes .get_MinStopsAmount .set_MinStopsAmount .get_MaxStopsAmount .set_MaxStopsAmount .get_MinTotalDistanceM .set_MinTotalDistanceM .get_MaxTotalDistanceM .set_MaxTotalDistanceM .get_MinDistanceBetweenStopsM .set_MinDistanceBetweenStopsM .get_MaxDistanceBetweenStopsM .set_MaxDistanceBetweenStopsM 
Looks like you can make several routes, and it tracks how many open routes there are so you don't hit your max. It also prevents you from creating a route that doesn't have enough stops (probably PokeStops).
There is also a range in which you must be within for the route as well as a range between stops.

.get_MaxTotalCheckpointAmount .set_MaxTotalCheckpointAmount .get_MaxCheckpointAmountBetweenTwoPoi .set_MaxCheckpointAmountBetweenTwoPoi .get_MinDistanceBetweenCheckpointsM .set_MinDistanceBetweenCheckpointsM .get_MaxDistanceBetweenCheckpointsM .set_MaxDistanceBetweenCheckpointsM .get_AllowCheckpointPerRouteDistance .set_AllowCheckpointPerRouteDistance .get_CheckpointRecommendationDistanceBetweenPois .set_CheckpointRecommendationDistanceBetweenPois 
Looks like you can create checkpoints to save your progress between stops. Perhaps to not lose your progress, if these routes are kind of like missions.

.get_MaxNameLength .set_MaxNameLength .get_MaxDescriptionLength .set_MaxDescriptionLength 
Looks like these will be user-generated as you can set a length and description.

.IN_PROGRESS .SUBMITTED .REJECTED .RouteDraftProto .get_Waypoint .get_Reversible .set_Reversible .get_ShowCreatorName .set_ShowCreatorName .get_Visited .set_Visited 
Further evidence to suggest this is user submitted.

Several validation checks to make sure the submitted route is valid.

.get_RouteCreationSettings .set_RouteCreationSettings .RouteGlobalSettingsProto .get_EnableRoutes .set_EnableRoutes .get_EnablePoiDetailCaching .set_EnablePoiDetailCaching 
On/Off switch for the feature.

Buddy Levels and Interactions

.get_EnableBuddyV2 .set_EnableBuddyV2 
New buddy interactions are coming!

.get_BuddySettings .set_BuddySettings .BuddyLevel .BUDDY_LEVEL_UNSET .BUDDY_LEVEL_0 .BUDDY_LEVEL_1 .BUDDY_LEVEL_2 .BUDDY_LEVEL_3 .BUDDY_LEVEL_4 .BUDDY_LEVEL_5 .BuddyActivityCategory .CATEGORY_UNSET .FEED .BuddyActivity .ACTIVITY_UNSET .SNACK .BuddyFeedingProto .BuddyFeedingOutProto .get_ShowHearts .set_ShowHearts 
Looks like there will be additional interaction with your buddy pokemon, and you can level up your buddy relationship as well!
You can feed it a snack as well by the looks of it.

.get_NumBuddyPoints .set_NumBuddyPoints .get_MinNonCumulativePointsRequired .set_MinNonCumulativePointsRequired .BuddyStatsProto .BuddyStatsOutProto 
Looks like you will level up your buddy via buddy points.

.get_BuddyActivityCategorySettings .set_BuddyActivityCategorySettings .get_BuddyActivitySettings .set_BuddyActivitySettings .get_BuddyDecaySettings .set_BuddyDecaySettings .get_BuddySwapSettings .set_BuddySwapSettings .get_BuddyEncounterCameoSettings .set_BuddyEncounterCameoSettings .buddyPokemonPosition .MAP_DEPLOY .ENCOUNTER_CAMEO .EMOTION_INDICATOR .BuddyMapProto .BuddyMapOutProto 
Different buddy activities, and swap settings. Looks like you may also get to encounter your buddy like a regular mon to feed it snacks. It will appear on the map too.

.get_UnlockedTraits .UnlockedTraits .BuddyTrait 
As you level up your buddy, you can unlock traits for it?

.get_Activity .set_Activity .get_ActivityCategory .set_ActivityCategory .get_MaxTimesPerDay .set_MaxTimesPerDay .get_NumPointsPerAction .set_NumPointsPerAction .maxPointsPerDay_ .MaxPointsPerDay .get_MaxLevelDecayDrop .set_MaxLevelDecayDrop .get_MaxPointsDecayDrop .set_MaxPointsDecayDrop .get_CurrentPointsEarned .set_CurrentPointsEarned .get_TodayStats .set_TodayStats .get_TotalStats .set_TotalStats .get_HighestPointsEarned .set_HighestPointsEarned .get_LastFedMs .set_LastFedMs .get_LastGroomedMs .set_LastGroomedMs .get_FeedingExpirationMs .set_FeedingExpirationMs 
You can only interact with your buddy so many times a day to collect points. Sorry Pikachu, I don't love you THAT much.
But in addition to feeding, you can also groom it too.

.get_BerriesFedToday .set_BerriesFedToday .BerriesFedTodayFieldNumber .berriesFedToday_ .BerriesFedToday .get_SnackBucket .set_SnackBucket .SnackBucket 
Mmmmm. Snack bucket.

.get_DecayTypeCase .ClearDecayType .decayFrequencyMs_ .decayType_ .get_DecayTriggerMs .set_DecayTriggerMs .get_DecayFrequencyMs .set_DecayFrequencyMs .get_DecayPointsPerDay .set_DecayPointsPerDay 
Feels like gym motivation, the buddy's points will decay over time. Make sure you keep feeding them otherwise they will never starve and there will be no consequences like NeoPets.

.get_MaxSwapsPerDay .set_MaxSwapsPerDay .get_DailyBuddySwaps .set_DailyBuddySwaps .ERROR_BUDDY_SWAP_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 
A limit to how many times you can swap your buddy out now.

.get_BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent .set_BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent .BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercentFieldNumber .buddyEncounterCameoChancePercent_ .BuddyEncounterCameoChancePercent 
Maybe this means there is only a chance your buddy will appear on the map?

Some error codes.

Evolving via Trading

.isBestFriend .EvolvePromptWithTradeHint .tradeHintText .useCandyConfirmation .ShowTradeEvolutionHints .get_NoCandyCostViaTrade .set_NoCandyCostViaTrade .evolutionHintText .costCandyHintText .get_HasTradeOption .set_HasTradeOption CheckcandyCost showZeroCandy 
An additional check if the two trainers are best friends, and suggestions that you will need to trade certain mons to evolve them.
Also appears to have a candy toggle which suggests some trades may not use candy? Odd that it is called candy cost though, which suggests you needed to spend candy to trade mons?

Map Modes and Updates

.CameraConfigs .UnsetFalseTrue .add_WhenMapModeChanges .remove_WhenMapModeChanges .WhenMapModeChanges 
It appears that different map modes and toggles between map modes were added.

.ImmersiveModeConfig .CityViewModeConfig 
These were removed, perhaps an older 'mode'?

.CompassLockEnabled .GPSLockEnabled .TiltEnabled .PanningEnabled .PinchZoomEnabled .DragZoomEnabled .RotationEnabled .OneFingerRotationEnabled 
Additional fields and control for how the map can move and interact with the user.

.animateTimeInSeconds .configFlyTime .previousConfig .setConfig .configBlendValue 
Different elements on how the map moves around we think?

.get_EventMapObjects .EventMapObjectsFieldNumber ._repeated_eventMapObjects_codec .eventMapObjects_ .EventMapObjects .EventMapObjectProto .set_Object 
New Event Map Objects were added alongside other things that can appear on the map.

.get_Habitat .set_Habitat .HabitatFieldNumber .Habitat 
Habitats were added to the map, maybe clear nests will get a visual representation, like in Harry Potter?

.get_MapDurationMs .set_MapDurationMs .get_TimeFullDurationMs .set_TimeFullDurationMs .get_planeDistance 
Unclear what these are.

Badge Updates

.CloseBadges .closeBadgesSubscription .setBadgeDescription .rewardParent .setRewardsPanelActive .LayoutIsDirty BadgePanelsprimaryContent ContainerrewardBanner avatarRewardParent 
As spotted, badges are displayed a little bit different now. Here is what the backend looks like, and a check to make sure that the badge display is clean.

.OnRewardClicked .SlotFromSetting .AvatarSlotToCustomizationProto 
Perhaps you can click on the reward in the new badge and it takes you to the style shop?

Rocket Updates

.__0 .__1 .FinishOutro .outtroCompletionPromise 
A few checks to make sure you are in range of the stop.

only move available is Frustration Cannot perform move reroll 
New message added.

Encounter Updates

It looks like a more accurate way to anchor and display mons.

.PokemonScaledGroundHeight .PokemonScaledHeight .RADIUS_HEIGHT_RATIO .get_PokemonScaleCurve 
These were all removed. Some of this was replaced by the above text.

.get_RaidFleeExitSpeed .get_RaidFleeExitCurve .RunSetActiveAnimation 
These were removed from encounters. I guess these weren't used?

Although this was added.

Bag Changes

This was removed for some reason. Most likely wasn't used.

Unclear if this a function to full your bag or check when your bag is full.

PokeStop Updates

.StopInteractivePlayerInRangeCoroutine .interactivePlayerInRangeCoroutine .get_HasBeacon .set_HasBeacon .POI_SCAN 
Some misc PokeStop updates. They aren't clear what they are for or if they are related to each other.

.getisPopped bubbleAnimation PromiseBubbleLifeTime 
More fixes to the bubbles as they were still not working correctly.

Avatar Updates

Additional tinting added?

.GatheredParts .StartAvatarCustomization .startAvatarCustomizationSubscription .avatarItemListCreatedSubscription .AvatarItemListCreated .ItemList .AvatarItemSelectGivenIcon 
A new item selection and customization handler?

.doodads .get_FallbackAssetRequest .FallbackAssetRequest 
Doodads. We will miss you dearly.

Handling Re-Rolling

.IApplyRerollItemServiceFactory .ApplyRerollItemService .onSuccess .ApplyReroll .CallUseMoveRerollItemOnPokemon .onMove3 .pokemonMove .RerollChargeMoveSuccess .whenRerolledSuccessfully 
Additional functions to help define re-rolling moves.

Root Motion Added

.rootDecoration RootMapAvatarAvatarIcon RootGym RootPokestop .decoratorRoot .MoveableRootOverhead MapDecoration .rootParentTransform .ResetAllSubDecorations .get_StartingLocalPosition 
I believe these are related to Unity root motion, defining how objects move in 3D space. As this was with decorations as well, could be the way that decorations move in the 3D world? Perhaps someone more familiar with Unity can chime in here.

New Tutorial?

Was with other tutorial code.

Halo Image

tw_widget_progressbar_effect_holo_light.png tw_widget_progressbar_holo_light.png 
Several holo light images were added at various sizes. Looks like a glowing circle maybe? Progressbar and color xmls were also updated.
Might be related, but a few dimens xmls regarding margins were updated as well, related to how windows are displayed (although this might just be the difference in the Samsung APK vs the Google one, so don't want to go into too much detail here).

Misc Assets

TGMovableVerticalLayoutRow BackoffBackoff ParrotParrotAssembly 
Unclear what these are for, but they sound funny at least.

GuiTestModule AddFriendGuiTestModule FriendshipLevelUpGuiTestModule MockEncounterStrategy ArPlusTutorialGuiTestModule 
Just like the last update, there was a series of mock and testing assets added.

Links and Notes:

APK Mirror (Samsung)
Size Difference: -330 KB
submitted by martycochrane to TheSilphRoad [link] [comments]

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