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Trading binary options with 24options has been a nightmare for the past couple months. After denying my request for a withdrawal countless times, I was finally able to recover all my money with the help of an expert I read about online. Happy to share my experience and also to enlighten people on how I was able to get my money back. You can reach out to him on boltonrefunders at gmail dot com, you can also reach them via call or whatsapp +14253121045
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[Serious]Newb Question about a "Professional Trader"

So to start off, I have yet to send this person anything, coin or info.
So a while back I got a message over facebook messenger from a guy that says he is a "Professional Trader" he proceeded to send me multiple videos, not pictures, of other people he is "Trading" for on I have asked him for more proof he is not a scam and he just sends another video or the same one. Now these accounts have large sums of money, $30k+. one video shows only $300. He has asked for my info (name, address, Email, etc.) and says that he will set up an account for me. I asked him about if he does anything with my profits etc. and if I need to pay him he says no and that he gets paid by his company.
Now before I get the obvious "If its too good to be true it probably is" comments I'm merely asking if anyone else has gotten these requests. He got my info from a group I am on on facebook and initiated contact by asking first off if I wanted to invest in bitcoin.
There are multiple red flags, just wanted the communities opinion on this situation. Being new the idea of having a "Professional Trader" is very intriguing which again is just another red flag.
Any and all comments, thoughts on this are welcome. please don't flame. I am honestly asking if this is to be believed and if this is a rampant issue in the BTC community.
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24option - Trading Example

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