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Hey so i deposited £10, can i invest that into the S&P 500? i got a ISA which i deposited £5 just to start out, but im confused why i cant invest £10 into a CFD as it only allows me to buy a share and not invest by value.
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What does the expiry date mean? I have a few quid in UK 100 in trading 212 CFD

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What’s the difference between trading 212 CFD and Trading 212 invest?

Sorry I’m a noob, which is the one a beginner should use
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Difference between trading 212 CFD and trading 212 Invest

Hey can someone explain me the difference between the two account options when creating an account?
I just want to invest some money and buy some stocks and sell them later and so on.
I don't want to loan money from the broker or use leverage of any kind of type.
So should I just pick the Trading 212 invest option?
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[IN PROGRESS] Trading 212 CFD is draining account through spx dividends!!!
183$ for 17 short contracts with 1:20 leverage => 10$ per SPX 500 contract were withheld from me overnight. (It costs 140$ to buy one contact) previously they charged 20 times less per contract daily.
The CFD was fine to me, until now. They said they will tell me results of an issue tonight. Will keep it updated.
We can only speculate weather it's a bug or how business is being done.
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Fairly new to all of this but can someone help me with this problem im having understanding something:
On trading 212 CFD a stocks price will be, lets say, £100.
Say I wanted to buy 1 quantity of this stock, why does it only cost me a fraction of the price?
The other day when apple stock was around $500 it said that a quantity of 1 would only cost me £19.
Please could someone explain this to me, I've looked around and can't find an answer.
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Does anyone buy & sell with trading 212 CFD platform nd witnessed manipulation with in the stocks. I was trading salesforce for the earnings i got in at around average 216.85 at 8.10pm, held until earning released shot up from 216.94 to 221.46 then went down 220.54 then went straight back up to 221.75 i took profit of 174£, but it actually closed around 216.98$ with 5£ profit
In my eyes i closed my position on a take profit of 174£
When i opened a chat with the advisor he or she was telling me that i couldn't had been on 174£ profit with such a small position bearing in mind that i had 55 shares at 216.85$
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Trading 212 Blocked Funds

So I deposited £180 into trading 212 cfd about a month ago, it’s now risen to around £250. When I try to sell the stocks I have it never works and it seems I’m just stuck with these same stocks that it won’t let me sell. Can anyone help me resolve this?
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Do you own stocks with Trading 212, or do they use CFDs for everything?

There's discussion on stocks about eToro using CFDs throughout, and customers never actually owning the stocks they've invested in, it explains how the facade of dividends works. Trading 212 was mentioned ...
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Hi could someone help me with a question, I was looking to short a stock on trading 212 invest however noticed I was unable to - it wasn’t an option. Is it only possible in the UK to short on CFD accounts?

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Hi I started a demo account with trading 212 in early June. I lost a lot with the cfd account so I switched to the invest one and made 9% in 3 weeks. I was asking myself if it’s worth investing real money on trading212? Is this broker reliable?

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Is it in Trading 212's interest for you to be profitable with CFD's?

How do these guys make money basically.
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Trading earnings reports with mixed results so far!
Hi all,
long time lurker here. I've been interested in trading for a couple of years now. I've had some decent results in technology / engineering sector where I owned some Arcam AB before they were sold off to GE, increased from £700 to £2k. I've also made 50% holding Rolls-Royce for 3 years, from £5k to £7.5k. While I'm happy with these numbers they are in no way sufficent to live off, which is where I want to get to. I've also got a full time job so have up to now not had the time to do sufficient research.
Daytrading has become a big interest to me recently and I've lost a bit of money trading the volatility of indices and individual shares. I needed a better strategy so I'm now working on trading earnings reports. The link above are my results so far. you can see I got wiped on 8th Feb, other than that I am >2.5% up most days. I am deliberately trading small money to learn and define some rules to work with. So far, these are:
1)Company of interest, Technology, food, consumer, healthcare sector
2)Positive news on "google news" when searching for company name
3)Average price forecast higher than current - e.g. Financial times or Yahoo finance, tradingview
4)More buy than sell recommendations from analysts
5)No profit / EPS reduction during previous quarter announcements
6) minimum company size
7)Consider size of spread - especially in early trading
8)Do not place 'double bets' to chase losses.
if I carry on hitting my targets I will be a millionaire on trading day 419 :) ! Any thoughts, comments, tips or tricks? Has anybody got experience with this? I am using "trading 212 CFD".
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British airways announces it is laying off thousands of staff- looking at the pending buy orders for IAG trading 212 (99% buying). do defensive layoffs increase share price or decrease share price? Are lots of retail cfd customers about to lose their shirts? :p
I've been reading an academic article about it that says no they don't.
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Trading 212 - Transfer CFD Profit into ISA

A quick question that came up to my mind. Let's say that I invested £500 in the CFD with Trading 212 and then I suddenly have £5,000. I cash out ad transfer the whole balance (i.e. £5,000) in my Trading 212 ISA account assuming that I haven't use any of the £20,000 balance of this year. Would this trigger any consequence from a tax perspective? Is it possible and legal to do it as long as the balance I transfer between funds does not exceed the annual ISA allowance?
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Xrp broker covering themselves in fear

Trading 212 cfd broker has inside news and are protecting themselves from fear.
Cfd trading they’ve limited to 10 positions of ripple xrp
Today they have added a 50% margin requirement.
Why go to these great lengths to protect themselves on a .70-.75 asset ? It’s not like it’s going to move $10,s or $100’s or $1000’s anytime quick , or is it ?
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CFD's with Trading 212?

I've been looking at Trading 212, and was just checking their CFD account.
Can anyone explain to me the charges for using a CFD?
The first stock 1299 has a "long position swap" of -0.026039. What does that mean? At the end of each day, they deduct 0.02% of the value of your position?
It was Berkshire Hathaway I was particularly interested in, which has a swap of -0.065905. 3 times more? Can anyone explain the detail of this?
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My first two weeks daytrading with £200, total £30 profit! 📈 W

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Damn you exchange rate

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Considering a switch from Revolut trading, how does T212 make money?


I'd like to switch very soon to T212, and for that I wanna know what are the fees T212 usually charges and how to pay attention to them

I'll use the referral link of the person that has the most complete answer :) thanks in advance for guiding me
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IG vs IB vs Saxo for CFD on shares

Hi all,
I am looking for CFD platform which allows trading shares. Would love some suggestions here.
I don’t need regular share trading platform. I will only be using CFDs. Also, would prefer ones which has wider markets.
So far have come across following options:
  1. IB: Pros: Lowest cost on everything Cons: fee for less trading activity. Don’t like their platform
  2. IG: Pros: Easy and intuitive UI Cons: 0.7% currency conversion cost
  3. Saxo: Pros: Decent platforms, trading view integration Cons: again 0.75% currency conversion cost
Another CFD provider I found is FPmarkets. They look decent. But, their exchange rates seems very bad. They said they will give exchange rates mentioned in CBA - which aren’t so attractive.
With Saxo and IG, what are their exchange rates like? I don’t want to pay 0.75% fee and then also lose out in huge gap between currency conversion.
Also, any other broker platform which anyone can suggest? I am resident of Australia.
Thanks, Sudh
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looking to start out, what app would you suggest for trading?

UK: Want to start out trading and have used demo accounts on trading 212 for about 6 months or so. So now I feel ready to use real money. Is there a certain app that is the best?
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CFD with Big Ali, a basic guide for beginners on how to use CFD using trading 212 app. LIVE CFD TRADING 212 / How to trade CFD's! - YouTube Trading Vs. Investing  Trading 212 Invest Vs. CFD Trading 212 - YouTube How To Sell Stocks & Shares On Trading 212 - YouTube

Trading 212; CFD CFD. General. Do you charge any commission? Can I lose more money than my deposit? How to adjust the trading preferences of my CFD account? What is spread and how it works? What is leverage and how it works? What does margin and blocked funds mean? Trading 212 is a trading name of Trading 212 UK Ltd. and Trading 212 Ltd. Trading 212 UK Ltd. is registered in England and Wales (Register number 8590005), with a registered address 43-45 Dorset Street, London, W1U 7NA. Trading 212 UK Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Register number 609146). Trading 212 is an online brokerage aiming to make the world of trading securities and forex more accessible. Our review of the Trading212 service includes information on the platform, trading fees, the demo account (and pro account), minimum deposit and payment methods. Trading 212 CFD Broker Review 72. Trading 212 may not be one of the top online trading brands out there, but it is certainly a brokerage very up-to-date in regard to regulation and trading conditions. Overview. The corporate owner of the brand is Trading 212 UK Limited, with branches in Bulgaria as well as Cyprus. It used to be known as Avus ... Trading CFD units of these instrument categories will not mean that you hold any underlying assets, but in fact that you are speculating with the price movement of these markets. The 'Invest' account, allows you to buy and sell a number of equities, or buy and sell with an exact monetary value of equity.

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CFD with Big Ali, a basic guide for beginners on how to use CFD using trading 212 app.

In this video i try to go over some of the differences when it comes to day trading forex and investing in the stock market. with trading 212 offering both invest and CFD it can get quite ... DEAR INVESTORS PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO! Trading 212 CFD has grown in popularity due to the exposure to the "get rich quick" i want to ensure that people who watch this video, understand the basics and understand the risk of using CFD to ... CFD with Big Ali, a basic guide for beginners on how to use CFD using trading 212 app. - Duration: 14:47. Steffan Atherton 7,864 views. 14:47. Hi Everyone, This was a live trading session on Trading 212 trading CFD's so you don't need to do it and loose your money, you can have an idea on this video...