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Publica (PBL) overview and my personal experience as PBL hodler

Basic info for
Coin name Pebbels (PBL)
Price $0,55/3.8k sats/76k ETH
Market Cap $10 mil
C.Supply/T.Supply 18,582,933 PBL / 33,787,150 PBL
24 hrs Volume $239 696 /16.76 BTC
Exchanges Cryptopia, Kucoin, EtherDelta
ICO price was at $0,1 and trading on ED started on 22 nov 2017 with price around x3-x4 from ICO. And with a combination of me been too greedy and EtherDelta been too slow I became a Pebbels bag hodler (basically I bought the top). And as such I had a whole month of time researching this project and getting first hand experience with how Dev team conducting their business.
So here's what I have to share...
Link to Whitepaper: TL;DR Publica will be the platform for authors to crowdfund their books through process similar to ICO. And PBL would work as ETH.
Idea itself is not unique. Also I personaly think ideas are cheap in modern world, it's the execution that counts. And Publica team acknowledge that they have competitors, link to their research: TL;DR Publica put large emphasis on author empowerment while removing need for middleman - publisher. Also core focus for Publica are books and text based media.
Now this part is where Publica really impressed me. The transparency in what they are doing and community involvement is unparallel (well, I guess you can compare with SUB team, they are awesome too). Team listens to what community wants, they promise to deliver and they do it on time over and over again. Seriously impressive. So I'll recount my personal "+" points:
This part is most important I guess, because it answers the question "why do you even need to bother". But first I'll briefly recap the price movement until now: ICO price was 0.1$, gone to 0.4$ in afterICO hype (I bought at 0.3$), and then slowly gone down to 0.13$ (900 sats) and this is the main part, it never gone below ICO price, there was no dumping and no lose of faith from investors, community was always confident in project success (and price reflect that). With prototype release and marketing campaign start price gone from 900 sats to where it is now (x4) in a healthy natural grow. Fun fact I posted trade alert on DataDash discord about PBL on 9 dec when PBL was 900 sats, and said it would be over 3000 sats in 2-3 weeks, here you go... Ok-ok, FUTURE!!! And how you shoud trade PBL (obv not a financial advice):
Ok now TL;DR of all the post - how to approach trading PBL: as marketing campaign running now you might want to wait it out, I'm sure price would drop after the giveaway ends. But if you afraid that there would be some announcement (it sure as hell can be) that would drive price up you can fomo in right now, I think PBL still at a good price, M.cap only 10 mil, and it can go to 50 mil easy, and mb even 100 mil in mid term. So I'd buy 50% now and 50% after giveaway ends.
Thanks to all who read up until this point :3 Hope you liked it
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Does anyone here have a good recommendation for a website for trading CFDs and New Zealand shares?

I really want to start learning about trading and I want to use a simple, plus cost efficient platform to start trading shares and CFD on a low level (appox $1000 to begin with). Does anyone have any experience using an online tool to facilitate trading NZ shares or global CFDs?
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