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The Daily Autist (03/23/20)

What up you hoes I'm back with another TLDR of the news that'll inform your moves. If you listened to my last one you'd be sitting gay, fuzzy, and warm right now with puts. So I haven't lost you fucks money...yet.

The Daily Autist


First off, someone finally penetrated themself to repay a debt on WSB. If you wanna hear a chopstick go in someone's ass, here you go. He also has Corona which I find hilarious but shouldn't
From Glass Jar to Chopstick.
Other countries are joining USA and Italy by shutting down as well. Futures are down globally, and the markets that have opened are all down 5-7%. The fear from Corona is not that the world will end, but that there is no timetable for a return to normalcy. Those fears appear to be continuing and intensifying.
Stocks stagger as more nations self-isolate against virus
Crypto falling overnight. While it had a healthy weekend, it has had a big drop going into Monday. I’m using BTC for reference but most major crypto within 2% of the loss.
BTC Price Chart on Trading View
People too retarded to realize their strats are also gambling, despite only some subs being willing to own it, are now gonna get high on spreads. Anything that creates more retarded calls in the market is a win for me, but a good number of people gonna nuke their accounts even worse than we do with the guise of investing wisely.
Cheat sheet for Vertical spreads : options
International Airlines are now on their way to shutting down. USA airlines have been hit particularly hard with their stock buyback addictions, but international companies going to start having their passenger flights grind to a halt as well. Cargo shipping is not nearly as profitable as shipping breathing cargo.
“Banks are safe,” shouts the fed as if 2008 did not happen. Banks showing unless everything is running absolutely perfect they couldn’t handle their own dicks on a lonely evening let alone a major financial institution. So while Uncle Sam won’t let it go tits up, their value and confidence should fall, meaning puts on banks still get em while hot.
The person who ideologically deserved to get Corona the most; got Corona. So there is some good news. He also used the congressional workout facilities the day he was getting tested so he is indeed a full retard.
Oh and Thursday everything will be fucked once the unemployment numbers come out. All the fudging in the world(barring Trump not releasing the numbers which has been floated) will not hide the immediate 10% job losses with it being as high as 20 within another month. The google trends for unemployment benefits spiked so much last week it had to have an asterisk on the trend for abnormal data Friday night until Saturday morning. Everyone I know with a brick and mortar job has been put on leave or told the business will not make it and is essentially waiting on government stimulus decisions before fully firing.
My NostraLosses prediction? The breaker's gonna trip at the open. The stimulus will hopefully get passed at 1200EST, carrying the natural run-up after the fall to as high as 240 possibly, 235 likely. I expect a fuckin rollercoaster of dips and climbs intraday before climbing at end of day again to be around 235. If the stimulus doesn't get passed all bets are off and we're clear to keep falling to 215 before next major historical support until stimulus passes.

TLDR: Futures and open International markets are all down. Other countries getting fugged by Corona economically via supply chain and buyer disruption. The US Senate is getting fugged by Corona medically via Ron Paul's idiot son. Unemployment on track for Great Depression (fuck your recession) numbers. Long term puts, short term calls for this stimulus confidence pump.

Please advise if you like this shit as it will influence my future autistic creations.

< CAN WE GET SOME GOD DAMN FLAIR, WSB feels like a normie retail trader version of itself, let's build this up>

Edit: SPY fell to 218 then up to 238 in 14 minutes. Fed must follow the premarket because announcing unlimited QE is exactly why we have a Fed in the first place, to not do incredibly stupid shit to save face politically. They've been trying to devalue the dollar rather than solve the problem for weeks and this is some king retard level devaluation. Won't even work as the rest of world is going to shit and hoarding USD as fast as the Fed can print it.
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TomoChain - Monthly Recap May 2020

TomoChain - Monthly Recap May 2020
New yet familiar, TomoChain would like to introduce a brand new twist starting this May’s monthly recap.
Same throwback but in a different form, let us walk you through TomoChain’s May timeline. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback about this new series!
Here are the information you may or may not have missed:
TomoRecap - May 2020
- The Excalibur sword has been officially pulled. And the efficient decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, TomoX, is live! Check out what new features and products it will bring to the whole DEX ecosystem and 6 main advantages of TomoX!

- Reading sometimes can be boring. Mix things up a little by letting your eyes rest a little and getting your ears to work with TomoX features simply explained in 5 minutes.

- TomoDEX is now live! This is the first TomoX based DEX, operated by the TomoChain team, and supporting all pairs across TOMO/ BTC/ ETH/ USDT. Start trading now, and don’t forget to join TomoDEX channel for instant updates and support.

- Trading on TomoDEX is fast, smooth, secure and fully decentralized. But it’s much more than that. See here for more features and functions of TomoDEX, and the step-by-step tutorial on how to use TomoDEX.

- Before trading on TomoDEX, remember to wrap your tokens through TomoBridge, and check out the walkthrough for more details and FAQs.

- There are several issues with the current cross-chain asset swapping approaches. Check out TomoBridge’s solution and how we improved from existing bottlenecks.

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- After the success of the “Swap, Trade, and Win” campaign, we are pleased to roll out the first Trading competition on TomoDEX, from May 29th to June 7th, with 15,000 TOMO up for grabs.
- Wondering how masternodes work, and how to become one yourself and make passive income? Here’s the first basic notes about masternodes written for newbies: Tomo Cheat Sheet #2: Masternodes on TomoChain.

- Cheat Sheet #3: TomoWallet is small but mighty. Let us walk you through all the features and functions in this mini decentralized world.

- TomoDEX and TomoBridge also have been integrated into the TomoWallet app. Now you can easily swap and trade anytime & anywhere on your phone with just a few clicks.

- In this month, TomoChain CEO Long Vuong and CBDO Kyn have joined various informative AMAs, interviews including with talk shows to share our roadmap, business approaches and more insights into DeFi and Blockchain market. Detail: Interview with Coinfomania; AMA with Altcoin Buzz; Talkshow Vietnam Blockchain Market after Bitcoin Halving.

- The decentralized blockchain is now backed by the decentralized cloud provider - TomoChain and ThreeFold join forces to work towards a common vision of a sustainable & decentralized world.
- To celebrate the launch of TomoDEX Spot Trading, and welcome new traders aboard, from May 20th to 27th, TomoDEX is thrilled to announce the “Swap, Trade, and Win” campaign together with TomoBridge with 6,000 TOMO to be given away for free. More details and terms here.
- After the success of the “Swap, Trade, and Win” campaign, we are pleased to roll out the first Trading competition on TomoDEX, from May 29th to June 7th, with 15,000 TOMO up for grabs.
- Before trading on TomoDEX, remember to wrap your tokens through TomoBridge, and check out the walkthrough for more details and FAQs.
- There are several issues with the current cross-chain asset swapping approaches. Check out TomoBridge’s solution and how we improved from existing bottlenecks.
- Wondering how masternodes work, and how to become one yourself and make passive income? Here’s the first basic notes about masternodes written for newbies: Tomo Cheat Sheet #2: Masternodes on TomoChain.
- Cheat Sheet #3: TomoWallet is small but mighty. Let us walk you through all the features and functions in this mini decentralized world.
- “Just like the Internet in the 1900s, blockchain is still a very new matter,”, and “If we continue building and improving, crypto finance will continue growing the market share.” Our CEO Long Vuong shared our roadmap, business approaches, and more insights into DeFi and Bitcoin at the exclusive interview with Coinfomania.
- TomoChain CEO Long and CBDO Kyn together joined an informative AMA with Altcoin Buzz sharing the anatomy of TomoChain roadmap and what effect the Excalibur hard fork will bring to the DEX world. Check out the video for more details.
- Despite being a small market, Vietnam's blockchain is filled with opportunities. A lot of projects were born & received significant attention from the community. See what Kyn and other Vietnamese blockchain pioneers have to say on Vietnam Blockchain Market after Bitcoin Halving.
- The decentralized blockchain is now backed by the decentralized cloud provider - TomoChain and ThreeFold join forces to work towards a common vision of a sustainable & decentralized world.

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TomoChain April recap - welcome to the blooming season!

TomoChain April recap - welcome to the blooming season!
Our team finally reunited after working from home for almost a month. Success is worth waiting for, and hard work always pays off. We’ve been working hard to bring you the game-changing TomoX protocol and a series of other products. In this blooming season, our brand new mainnet is also about to blossom.
Let’s have a throwback to the important announcements in the flourishing month of April.
- Special thanks to Bacoor for developing the TomoChain exclusive extension Pantograph. Follow the links to see how easy staking and trading TOMO could be with Pantograph. TOMO users can also import your TomoWallet from a Pantograph account. Get it now on Chrome, Firefox, and Brave!

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- Woohoo! According to DappReview, TomoChain is ranked the 5th place in transaction volume out of the whole Dapp market for 2020 Q1.

- The crypto industry is keeping a close eye on us. Thanks to Probit, Atoken, and DappBirds for having us as a guest speaker oand a co-host for their AMA sessions sharing our approaches and vision across different crypto-related topics.

- TomoChain Mainnet 2.2 is coming soon, which will enable TomoX DEX operations & mark the single largest & most important update to our network to date. Check out what we have achieved with our Mainnet 1.0 and why this upgrade is groundbreaking.

- We rolled out a fun campaign “Hail the Hardfork” to collect name ideas for this revolutionary upgrade of our mainnet, and immediately overflowed with many creative ideas from the community. After careful consideration, we officially decided to name the hard fork as… Excalibur!

The user-friendly Opolo hardware wallet has integrated TOMO. Now you can trade TOMO anytime anywhere with your portable secure Opolo device.

- We are excited to announce an integration partnership with FLETA, which allows Fleta token holders to access TomoChain ecosystem services.

Must read/ watch
- TomoX aims to launch a high-quality performance DEX, with improvements learned from the failures of other existing DEXs. Refresh your knowledge on what makes us stand out: TomoX vs 0x — Build the decentralized exchange protocol for the future.

- TomoChain offers a new series, “TomoChain Cheat Sheet", dedicated as a shortcut for those non-tech to understand Tomo's ecosystem. 1st article talks about staking TOMO and earning passive income. Check out Staking with TOMO - the first basic notes for newbies.

- We are drawing a lot of attention from the zone as TomoX is set to launch soon! Here’s another article from TechInvest explaining why TomoX is indicative of a broader trend - modular infrastructure.

- TomoChain’s CBDO Kyn Chaturvedi was invited to a panel discussion by BlockDownConf on the gaming industry within the crypto space. He pointed out that the essence of the scalability issue is to mask the current blockchain experience, while still using it to power the game. Check out what else Kyn and other panelists had to say on this matter. Read the summarized recap or watch the full video.

- With the Federal and other central banks airdropping fiat, many have questioned will this devalue the dollar, or add more worth to bitcoin. See what TomoChain’s CEO Long Vuong had to share with Forbes on this matter: The Liquidity Crunch: Bitcoin & Beyond.

- We had an informative AMA session with DappBirds, the biggest Dapp platform in China, along with a number of Chinese blockchain news outlets. It’s a great pleasure to share our approach to fostering the adoption of blockchain by focusing on core business applications with the Chinese community.

Happy International Labour Day to everyone who works as hard as us. As our mainnet 2.2 is set to launch in mid May, we will bring tons of big news and changes for you and to the market very soon. Stay tuned!
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Lessons learned - Crypto and Divorce - In January I was a millionaire thanks to BTC, then my wife divorces me and now I have $30,000 AMA

Crossreferencing u/nanoissuperior He wrote earlier today:
Title: In January I was a millionaire thanks to Nano, now I have $25,000 AMA

I was replying to his post, but my reply ended up being a bit too large as a reply and steered off-topic, albeit an interesting one. So I decided to make it its own post, because there may be a good lessons to be learned and hoping some will come forward with good information to be shared.
I hope it can help anyone on this sub avoid the costly mistakes that I made. Here it goes: FLAIR: LEGAL (not in the list)
u/nanoissuperior are you who I think you are? I won't give out any further identifying clues, but I happen to know someone in the exact same position that could have written that exact same headline. If you read the first paragraph, you'll know if you know me.
The person I know bought Nano really early, based on a tip from a friend. I got in much later. By the time he told me it had already spiked to the $5 range, when I ended up buying. I then sold in the $20's so it was a good buy nonetheless. We were former colleagues at a large, large software company somewhere in the PNW, I left the company to venture out on my own and try to launch some projects I had in mind and relocated overseas for a few years. We lost contact with each other during my time away, but we connected again during the market runup and started exchanging coin information on a daily basis during the big bull run of late 2017. That was a crazy time.... the market trend was a few degrees short of vertical for pretty much all coins!

Hey, guess what? Now that I think about it, I could have written that same headline myself! In January 2018 I was a Millionaire too! Not with Nano, but thanks to purchasing a good chunk of Bitcoin in 2011 at $1.20 each. I ended up a single digit millionaire with what I had left in Bitcoin around January of 2018.
And, just like you, today, from all that wealth, I have about $30.000 left, with little to show for. Can we call that even? Although my disaster was not caused entirely by market fluctuation; Mine is a more complex story and I am going to mention it, because hopefully, it could serve as a lesson to be learned for any crypto holder out there, so they don't make the make mistake I made: Don't trust anyone. Always be skeptical and watch out for your own interests. Anyhow, here it goes:
After 5 years overseas, I had enough and wanted to come back to the States. My wife stated her preference to stay abroad, but eventually, she conceded albeit reluctantly. We chose a small town in CO to settle, and landed in November of 2017. We had plans to settle down and considered purchasing a home with my/our new fortune, based on the market price during that period. At the same time, I was also hesitant about the inherent tax payments due caused by such large liquidation. I was trying to have to pay taxes as far away as possible. So, I decided to wait till New Year's Eve and started liquidating my crypto on January 1st, 2018 right after midnight. This way, I would have 16 months (till April, 2019) to pay any capital gains taxes, and I was confident at the time that the market would give me that for free, especially at the pace that it was going. I have been an early adopter and have since then acquired the high levels of verification and trading limits per week, with many exchanges, but for a large sum like this, I needed several separate transactions, over the course of several weeks, especially wanting to do it with a US-based exchange that was linked to a US bank accounts, to avoid overseas wire transfers, meaning more fees. (Yes, I did look at all OTC options, but for reasons not relevant to the story, I couldn't make it happen, so I had to use the traditional Exchange channels for asset liquidation).
My wife and I, initially had some fundamental disagreements on the gross amount to be spent and the type of property we should be purchasing. I wanted a smaller place, with a denser, younger community, where there'd be kids our son's age for him to play. She insisted that we should go big; we had been traveling for so many years, and we had not been able to call any of our past residences our home. It was time to settle and nest; She convinced me that we should own a property of our own that we would be proud of living in for years. One that we could own outright and would not easily outgrow. We ended up splurging and purchased in cash two luxury cars for ourselves and set our sights on a large dream house in the city's Golf & Country Club, free and clear, for us and our two kids. I don't even play golf, nor do I even like it, but, if it makes her happy and it is within the safe margins of making it happen, I figured, why not? My concerns were largely financial and the numbers were adding up. It was a bit tight against my personal safe margins, but, at the same time, I was imagining to never have to make, or even have to think about, a car or home mortgage payment ever again! Bitcoin is on a roll and there is no sign of it stopping. Fine. Let's do it, before I change my mind.
Now, I admit I was extremely lucky with choosing the time of when to sell the assets. I had no clue the market would take a dive in February, and so it seemed to many that I had timed the market perfectly, selling most of my coins in the first two weeks of January of 2018. Many called me a genius for selling at the very top, as if I had some sort of wisdom to know when it would drop; the truth is much less flattering; it was nothing but dumb luck, based on me wanting to pay taxes in 2018 and defer to 2019. Awesome, well done! Yeah? well, slow down, son, not so fast.
So, I gather the 7-digit lumpsum in January 2018 and we write a check for the full amount at closing in February on the property of her dreams. A property that could easily be showcased on a luxury Real Estate magazine cover. Also, remember we had just moved back to the United States with just a few suitcases each from overseas. We had no furniture, kitchenware, curtains, TV's, bed sheets, winter clothing and so many other essential things that one usually purchases over time, but which we now had to purchase all at once. Not a problem, Bitcoin had dropped slightly but still well above $15k, I believe, at the time. And, earlier, in January, I had diligently taken this expense into account and effortlessly set aside a small fortune for equipping such a large house with everything we would ever need, brand new. It seemed we were protagonists of one of the Home Makeover Shows.
Finally, after working day and night, prepping the house non-stop for days and when every piece of furniture had finally arrived, been unpacked and carried to its corresponding room, it seemed most of the essentials were in place and the hard work was done. I longed for pouring myself a Scotch and to finally sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I head downstairs to the dedicated walk-in, cigar-humidor / wine / Scotch cellar in the basement and grab the better bottle of Whisky of the few bottles of Scotch that I had bought earlier in the week. On my way up, I remember feeling a sense of calm, combined with a glow of excitement and this undescribable profound inner peace, all at once. This was such a rare, natural, non-drug induced high that I had never experienced. It felt so good! This sense of accomplishment of achieving that one thing I had been chasing and longing for my entire life. I had expected I would be chasing this goal for the next 15-20 years, and yet, here it was. No, where I was, was even better than expected! A place where not even my parents, who still have to make their monthly mortgage payments. I had done it! With a smile from ear to ear, I take a deep breath of relief and while looking around the property, I think to myself: "It's perfect, everything is in place and I can finally call this our home. We are so lucky and we are going to live a great life. A life that few can only dream of. So many concerns will be lifted and become redundant. Everything will be better. I'll start a fire in one of our two fireplaces and I am going to begin enjoying my semi-retired life with the first sip of my drink. That will be the official start of our new life".
I head over to the kitchen to get a glass and some ice cubes, while I struggle to find which one is the freezer among the many drawers in the kitchen. It was then when I notice a handwritten note placed front and center on the kitchen counter. It is from my wife and read: "There is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to say it..... I want to legally divorce [ ...]". It continued saying that she had taken our son, and had unequivocally decided to leave me. She had already filed the paperwork for divorce and that I should expect to be served in the morning.
My bliss had lasted less than 5 minutes and in less than two seconds, it turned dark, somber and I saw it all crumbling down in front of me. Like a long-awaited rocket launch, years in preparation, which then unexpectedly explodes on the launch pad during the countdown. My stomach, heart and everything in my body just sank and melted into one ball of poison in my core. I felt like throwing up. I was completely blindsided; she had played the game all along, not giving me the slightest hint of what was being concocted in the background. She had already engaged with her lawyers weeks beforehand. Her mother was already in town from another state to help out with I don't know what. I had been gaslighted and was threatened by her that I needed to see a psychiatrist due to a change in my temper that I had supposedly developed - my temper was awesome: with BTC at that price? Everything was perfect! But I obeyed and went anyhow (this would later fit her story that she had to leave with the child because she feared for her safety due to my supposed temper for which I was under treatment, therefore, I must have this temper problem, see?). Also, the purchase of the overpriced home also seemed clearly premeditated: Price was the main driver of the decision making; not location, demographics, taxes, etc. It was the wrong neighborhood for us (people much older than us, retired, golfers and no kids the same age as our son to play with). Our house happened to also be the most expensive in the neighborhood. I can see it all so clearly now.
See, your crypto coins on the blockchain, are not within the US court's jurisdiction (or, at least, it's quite debatable - a gray area - ask me for the seed and I can tell you that I may have the seed, or that I may not have the seed, I may have the wrong seed, I may have forgotten it, I may have lost it - you can't prove I did not forget, or lost it, etc). However, once it is in FIAT in a bank, or invested in a property, the courts can rule on the asset(s), freeze, disburse or order a sale of the property, etc. It's done all the time.
Also, the coins were technically mine, and by definition private property (not to be divided during the divorce) as they were acquired before the marriage. I could not prove its origins (I bought many of them via direct messaging members on and mining rather than exchanges, so no records, receipts or nothing to prove otherwise: the big exchanges like BitStamp and Coinbase didn't start operations till 2013, if I m not mistaken. Instead, I would talk to one of the forum members offering coins we'd agree on a price, I'd send a check to wherever the individual seller instructed me to (Russia, Bulgaria, Japan, UK. etc) and the coins would be deposited to whatever address I provided. Yes, it was quite crude at the time.
However, once I converted my coins to cash and used that cash to buy a property for the benefit of the family, it became common property and thus she then had rights to a portion of it when divided between the two parties should a divorce occur - which ended up being almost 3/4 of all assets.
I was robbed in broad daylight. By the one person, I trusted with my life. The one you should trust with your life. Your life partner. And while I was in complete denial, trying to bargain, I waited too long to obtain good legal representation. When I finally ended up getting a lawyer, I was quite distraught and I clearly did not do the proper research and this resulted in a less than stellar performance and detrimental to me at many key steps in the process. I had to switch legal representation right before mediation and I can't blame my new lawyer either, as (s)he did not have the required time to catch up on all the details, (s)he did his/her best, but I was ultimately strongarmed into conceding my soon-to-be-ex-wife to let her return to the house, in exchange to obtain 50% of my son's custody, with serious and strict clauses I had to abide by. So, I had to move out, find a hole in the wall in a student apartment, pay my rent and pay our kids pre-school, while she lives grandiose, without monthly payments in the country club, till the house sells, which will likely be in the spring of next year. Nice!
Due to my delay, legal mishandling and somehow every other element in her favor, she inexplicably ended up with around 3/4 of the worth of all assets, free and clear, no taxes due. Mind you, she has never financially contributed, nor made a single $ during our entire marriage. She has never worked and had $0 in her pocket when we married. She didn't even have a checking account, well in her thirties. She is no dummy; she is street smart, knows how to manipulate people, get her way with flirting and charm, while I am more intellectual and book smart. and She beat me hands-down. She is walking away with a sum of, not quite 7 figures, but close.
With what I am left with from the sale of the house, I am responsible to pay for all the capital gains taxes from the liquidation to the IRS, which are due in April 2019. I don't expect there to be more left over than the estimated $30k mentioned above.
Hate the market all you want, I made peace with the market and am keeping busy at hating my ex for a while for putting me in the same situation. She tripped me 1 yard before the finish line and pushed me in the prickly bushes, to cross it by herself. Go figure. When I am done hating her, I'll get back to rebuilding my life again from scratch. I am not worried, I have done it before. Just pissed, I was so close and that I was so naive to not see it coming.
Sorry, I am not meaning to hijack the thread, just wanted you to know that others may have lost more than just "free" money; money we didn't really have to work for. We were the lucky ones. It is what I keep telling myself to stop me from jumping off a bridge.
PS - Woah: Sorry for the wall of text; I was just going to write the first paragraph and ended up venting about my current situation. I know, I should take this issue to /depressed, /exes or /whereisthenearestbridgeIcanjumpfrom.
Hopefully, this can be a lesson to those holding crypto and some can learn what NOT to do. I learned the hard way and was left with nothing. Don't be a nice guy. Don't trust anyone with your crypto. Anyhow, I am sure either our vigilant subreddit bot, or one of the mods will remove my post for not adhering to rule, and if not, I am sure that you fine people will downvote me to hell. Go ahead. Take away from me the little Karma I left too! Thanks!

I learned many lessons, but here are some key ones [IANAL - any crypto-educated AL opinion appreciated here, thanks] :
- Understand the concept of private property - property you acquire before getting married. INAL - this depends on the state legislation, but it is hard to prove with crypto, especially if you obtained your crypto through foreign exchanges, outside of legal jurisdictions, the petitioner might not understand or willing to invest in obtaining subpoenas and requests to businesses operating overseas, as this may result costly.
- Get a lawyer who understands, or is willing to understand crypto, its benefits of being somewhat unreachable and how that can work for you. Don't let them shortchange you with: "well, let's just convert the rest to cash, because that I understand" type of reasoning.
- If you do go to mediation, the above applies as well. This arbitrator or mediator needs to be one that understands the intrinsic details of crypto - for example, during the ATH, I bought 6 digits worth in $USD of Stellar. I used the very first version of the software, supporting Stellar on my hardware device, and put it all in a cold storage wallet somewhere around January. I routinely checked on my coins on the blockchain and they are there. A few months later, I try to access my account and the device returns a different public address, which contains 0 funds. I am still trying to debug this issue with the manufacturer, but the fact is that I was accused of hiding these coins or negligence and was demanded that I paid half of what was lost. or not lost, out of my pocket for money that I didn't have access either. I tried to explain it in the simplest terms, there are risks involved with using first come software. There is no 1800 number, mo tech support. no CEO, no, you can't call the BBB and complain, etc and no one seemed to be able to understand, nor willing to either. It became a huge roadblock for which I had to concede, not cash, but a concession, I was not wanting to concede. The petitioner leaned on the fact that I was either wilfully cheating or stupid enough to lose the coins and managed to create enough doubt in my character and integrity and there was nothing rational I could explain that she, or anyone else in the room would understand. Perhaps mutually contracting a seasoned crypto expert that can offer a neutral view and give his/her opinion might be worth considering. Andreas, where were you when I needed you? :)
- Other examples were some coins I had bought in 2012 and gifted to some of her family's kids. I was holding these, till they would turn 16 for them to pay themselves their college, or so I told them. These coins were demanded back by the petitioner. Ok, I suggested that I would send them, but with a CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY value with a block height of let's say,10 years from now, out of fear that she would spend the coins and the kids would never know (they are toddlers). No one understood what I was talking about, I was made out the crazy one, I gave up, sent her the coins, unlocked and, just as I expected, within 20 minutes of receiving them, she spent $1200 worth of it (for a flight, I think). If you are the only one speaking your language, no one is willing to listen or make an effort to understand you.
- It appears my coins were private property, which means, that I acquired them before the marriage and in case of divorce, if I have not moved them or used them for the common good of the marriage, then they remain mine. However, I liquidated them and cash ended up in my checking account to be used to buy groceries, cars and eventually a house, and it is then that they became common property. Only once they landed in my checking account on which she is named on. It appears that had I taken proper legal precautions with documentation, or a company/trust, where that money would have gone, instead of my checking accounts, elsewhere, I would have still been able to be the legal proprietor of the resulting cash. I can't quite remember the details, but it as something that was explained to me afterward, and I honestly think I just tuned it out, because it made me sick to know I could have held on to my wealth. Perhaps a lawyer can chime in? Again, much of the lack of information and every misstep taken was because of dealing with people that are accustomed to traditional assets and will not deviate from it. Crypto is different and is treated differently. It is so important to know the strengths and weaknesses when going into litigation about something that people don't understand.
- Some more I can think of, but this post is getting way out of hand in size. Feel free to comment/suggest your own and I'll add more to the comments.

Credits to: u/nanoissuperior Thanks for your post, it inspired me to write this one. Anyone, any karma you feels needs to go his way, for providing the source of inspiration, please give to O-OP.

TL;DR: Wife, having contributed $0 during entire marriage, waited until I cashed out all my crypto at the top of the bull market in January 2018, for a nice seven-figure amount, and then immediately divorced me for the money.

Edit: added TL;DR
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Look for Reviews From Trusted Platforms before Investing in Forex Market

Are you looking for a new market to invest your money in? Are you fascinated by foreign currency trading? Do you want to invest in the global market? If yes, there is great news for you! There are several certified platforms that are helping people invest strategically in the forex market. These days, people are showing great interest in the foreign exchange market as it is a great way to earn money. This is the main thing that has attracted so many people towards this market. Also, the foreign exchange market does not involve commission. A forex trading guide is a must if you want to make sure that you don’t get duped
If you don’t want to face risks then you should also remember certain things like the time frame. The time frame is the biggest secret behind the success of many traders in the forex market. If you do not want to put your monetary affairs into a state of jeopardy you can select trading off a 5-minute chart instead of selecting weekly charts. You should always remember that if you want to make a huge profit in this market, you will have to give your time. Besides the time frame, the next important thing that you should know about this market is the best pairs that you can trade. You can go with minor currencies like British pound or Euro and you can pair them.
To make more money, you can either pair Euro with Japanese Yen or British pound to Japanese Yen. But with all these things, you should always remember to take the help of a trusted platform so that you can get completely authentic information. Therefore, we have found an excellent guiding and review site for you i.e. Forex Traders Guide.
It is a certified platform that works with professionals who have in-depth information and lots of experience in the foreign exchange market. With the help of the Forex Traders Guide, you can know everything about forex and crypto trading and many other related things. For this, you can simply visit the official website of this platform and select from among the categories like Forex basics, Forex brokers, Forex robots, and Forex glossary. Not just this, Forex Traders Guide also has incredible blogs that you can read to know the best time to trade forex, what affects the forex market and more.
About Forex Traders Guide:
Forex Traders Guide is a trusted platform from where you can know about thebest currency pairs to trade and candlestick cheat sheet.
For more information, visit
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Which Coins To Buy October 2017. Cheat Sheet

Since the September cheat sheet got a great response. I decided to make a October cheat sheet. There are still a lot of noobs in Crypto trying to decide what to buy, I am seeing these posts on reddit every day. Here is a list of coins expected to go up BASED ON NEWS. One of two things normally happens, if the news is good, the price goes up and stays steady. If the news is decent, it will get dumped moments after it is released. Please keep this in mind and use stop limits to secure any profits made. Feel free to add to the list below, but please LIST LINK TO NEWS. If not, they will be disregarded. The list will be updated based on comments.
Oct 1st - DGB - Digibyte releasing a new website
Oct 2 - DGB - Contestant in Citibank competition and some expect them to be the winner.
Oct 2 - TKN - Beta Release
Oct 2 - XVG - Verge will be listed on Binance
Oct 2nd - EDG - Las Vegas Expo Presentation
Oct 4th - QTUM - Mainet Coin Swap
Oct 6th - BAT - Mercury Release
Oct 6th - EMC2 - Burning 55 million coins
Oct 7th - GAME / MGO - Hosting Dota 2 Tournament
Oct 9th - NEO - New Blockchain Landmark Event
*Added by Community - Oct 10th - WAVES - NG Protocol Coming To Waves Platform
Oct 14th - KORECOIN - New Wallet Release and Rebranding
*Added by community - October 16-18 - XRP - Ripple Swell in Toronto
Oct 17,22,24 - NEM - Several Conferences, Las Vegas, Australia, Dubai
Oct 26 - TRIG - Exhibition at Fund Conference
Oct 17 - ETH - Hardfork
Oct 25th - BTC - Bitcoin Gold Exodus Fork
*Added by Community - October - Walton Wallet Release
*Added by Community - October - Monero hard wallet expected to be released
Happy Trading :)
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How to prepare your portfolio?

How to prepare your portfolio?
What is common between a pupil and a trader? They have to prepare their schoolbags and portfolios before studying. Pupils are getting ready to a new study year and traders take long-term strategy before the new year. Today we share how to choose coins for your portfolio and how to manage investments strategically.

What to put in your portfolio?

Remember how you had to bring a lot of textbooks to school? Studying geography, English, physics, chemistry is also a kind of risk diversification. None of us in first grade knew who we would be after school. Therefore, just in case, we studied anything.
In trading, it’s all the same - the more cryptocurrencies there are in the portfolio, the better prepared a trader is.
A crypto portfolio that contains various cryptocurrencies helps a trader not to be afraid of high volatility on the market which can jump due to simple criticism of the company in addition to a failed partnership or bankruptcy. A trader can lose everything if his portfolio has just one coin.
Experts advise collecting two portfolios at once - for the long-term and for the short-term strategy. In the long term it is better to trade promising and reliable cryptocurrencies, in the short term it is better to trade coins with a capitalization of $ 10-50 million. It is better to invest more in friendship with nerds and only occasionally use cheat sheets than the other way around.
The minimum amount of cryptocurrencies in trader’s portfolio is cryptocurrencies from 5 different categories:
  • market leaders — Bitcoin, Ethereum;
  • stable coins — Tether, TrueUSD;
  • dividend tokens — Nexo, STE;
  • exchange and utility tokens — ROBO, Binance Coin;
  • very promising, but high-risk coins — EOS, TRON.
Next, let’s discuss how to choose coins.

How to choose coins?

Remember five criteria.
Project’s sustainability. Try to know more info about the company that issued the token or coin. What user problem does it solve? What product does the company offer? Will it be in demand on the market?
Capitalization. Estimate cryptocurrency trading volumes and quotes. Are traders ready to invest in it, how much have they already invested in it? The greater the trading volume is, the higher the interest in the coin is. The higher the total capitalization is, the less volatility and possible profit this coin has.
Maximum emission. The real demand for a coin should be higher than its maximum emission but not the other way around.
Crypto community. Pay attention to the transparency of the project and the community grown up around the product. Follow the project’s social networks, see how often the news comes out, what the subscribers promise. Check the support service - how active it is and whether it responds at all.
Newsfeed. Analyze the news about the company - what media writes about the project, how often it is mentioned in the news.
In about the same way, pupils choose a partner at the desk - look at his grades, neatness, listen to what teachers and other classmates say about him. If no one is sitting with Natasha (maybe it is better to use some English name, say Jane), even if she is pretty, maybe you shouldn’t sit with her in math?

How to allocate risks?

It’s not enough to choose coins - it’s important to understand what ratio to put in the portfolio. The rule is simple - the less risk, the greater the volume; the more risks, the less volume. Many people invest up to 90% of their capital in Bitcoin, while the rest of funds is invested in projects that can work but so far too risky to invest a lot of money in.
If a trader collects a portfolio with minimal risk he distributes the investment the following way:
  • 80% — in market leaders and stable coins;
  • 15% — in coins with high liquidity and an average rate;
  • 5% — in cheap but promising cryptocurrencies.
If a portfolio has high risks:
  • 60% — in stable cryptocurrencies;
  • 25% — popular altcoins with a stable rate and growth prospects;
  • 15% — underestimated assets, coins only issued after the ICO and IEO.
A portfolio with minimal risks can bring less profit but it is more reliable - you can go into the long-term trading with it with already set stop loss in the terminal. The Optimus robot in the CryptoRobotics terminal is your best nerd friend who will do the homework for you and help you with the test.

What strategy to take?

What’s your plan - to earn immediately or trade in long-term?
If you want to take profits during the day there should be more altcoins in your portfolio and trade should go with short stop-losses. This is a painstaking daily work but there are chances to get super profits. This is how to prepare for one test and get A mark.
A long-term strategy is a full-fledged investment in reliable and powerful cryptocurrencies that can withstand all fluctuations on the market. You begin to sit for one hour at school textbooks starting from the day one and you sit for 11 years and only after that you get a gold medal.
There is one more thing that unites traders and school children - this is the constant, continuous training that helps you to achieve maximum results. But pupils do not have convenient, beautiful and multifunctional tools that would help to increase knowledge in a couple of clicks. And straight-A traders use CryptoRobotics.
Good luck and profits!
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Are we underestimating the crypto market's potential?

Sometimes, the big bull run of DecembeJanuary feels like an unrealistic peak we may struggle to see again. After all, relative to prices only 10-12 months prior to that, where you could pick up a bitcoin for less than $1000, the gains seemed astronomical. It finally seemed as though crypto had entered the mainstream as the global marketcap peaked at around $830 billion. Now, of course, such highs seem so far away.
But then it got me thinking of the broader picture. That huge high in crypto, that feeling of the world fomo'ing in, only created a global crypto marketcap around the same value as one company, Amazon, with a marketcap of $824bn at the time of writing.
And now, the total marketcap value of Bitcoin, around $110bn, is worth less than one man: Jeff Bezos.
To put it another way, even at its peak, all of crypto was worth just 3.5% of the S&P 500, which in itself is a very small percentage of the global company stock asset class.
It made me realise just how much of a drop in the ocean cryptocurrency has always been, even at its peak, particularly for a brand new asset class. We've been a part of something that appeared to be taking over the world with its hype, yet it barely scratched the surface of the global economy.
It's been without regulation, without proper custodianship and without an asset-backed ETF. Banks have been cautious about it, and a huge amount of high value trades have remained OTC. Even now, the amount of people on earth who own crypto is tiny, not to mention the the lack of serious investment from major institutions, fund managers and so on.
When you take a step back and look, you realise just how infantile the crypto asset class has been in pretty much every way. The actual amount of fiat that has entered the market, in the grand scheme of things, is laughably small.
Yes, the total crypto market volume touched the daily volume of the NYSE a few times, but we're comparing volume that was overwhelmingly crypto-to-crypto over 24 hours, to the pure fiat volume of 6.5 hours on one of dozens of stock exchanges worldwide. And that was at the very peak. Meanwhile, forex daily volume amounts to the trillions.
I used to laugh at people who post that "Wall Street Cheat Sheet" bubble chart and point an arrow to the "hope" bump prior to the bubble to claim that this is what the Dec/Jan crypto bubble was. But I'm starting to wonder if they're right. There's still so much holding cryptocurrency back as a valid asset class, and I don't even think we're close yet to having the foundations in place for it to be taken seriously.
This isn't intended to be hopium. Cryptocurrency might die off or reach ATHs like we've never seen before. I don't know.
All I do know is that in every aspect, from regulations, to institutional frameworks, to financial instruments, to adoption, to fiat volume, the progress in these areas relative to more established asset classes is less than 1%. Let's get the bare basics in first and then we'll see what cryptocurrency can do.
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The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Ahoy mates! Today I'm sharing with you my weekly update on bitcoin. This time we dive in to depths of kraken where no pirate has gone before and some dare to opposite the monster itself! So prepare!
When the whole market is full of pessimism and people are looking at the same bearish targets this indicates only one thing to me what one of the legendary investor said:
The market is showing a strong bearish sentiment and what usually happens during that is the people are stuck with bearish thinking or are only seeing bearish patterns. This is also the time when people are not finding it as attractive an investment.
This article is mainly focused on what whales don't want you to see and also we will be focusing on the larger picture so it's easier to understand where Bitcoin is heading next.
The Market Psychology Let's begin with the market psychology. Emotions are strong especially in the crypto sphere and people are not afraid of showing them. This is good for us so that we can analyze this kind of behavior and see how it correlates with the price action.
This is the time when it's nearly impossible to scroll through twitter feed, enter in to a discord chat, or check news without being exposed to the overwhelming amount of depressing information about cryptocurrencies.
But even if the world of cryptocurrencies would not collapse anytime soon, then this kind of information can make you feel like it.
Information like this is valuable to us. Why?
When you look at the images down below they reflect how emotions are correlated with the price movement and when it is compared to Bitcoin Chart, you can start noticing similarities with the emotions people are having right now and where the price is now.
Bitcoin Chart for Comparison on Daily Timeframe
Wall Street Cheat Sheet
As you compare these charts you may start seeing that we are getting close to the part where the financial risk is minimal and upside potential is maximal.
Let's continue with the article and next stop is...
The Wyckoff Method
This is based on Richard Wyckoff's powerful theory which provides guidelines for determining events happening in the trading range. The events can be found in the famous schematic which exposes it fully.
Accumulation Schematic #1: Wyckoff events and Phases
You can find more information about The Wyckoff Method at here and read more about 'How to Trade a Selling Climax with Cryptocurrency?'- at here.
The Bottom of The Market Structure
The weekly chart of bitcoin is showing fascinating piece of information that it has hit the bottom structure of the market (meets major support) and seven past candles have been grinding against the downtrend line. When a price is able to grind against a long term downtrend line like this, it tells us that it hasn't seen any significant drops during those weeks. If that were the case where it would had significant drops, the downtrend line and the price would had distance in between of them. This is a great signal of sellers (bears) losing strength and not able to push it harder.
This week's candle determines direction of the market and this is an ideal zone to watch for reversal patterns.
Descending Channel
In this scenario I used pitchfork tool to generate a descending channel. It highlights perfectly that it meets descending support second time, retests it and if it does manage hold it could lead for an uptrend only if enough of buyers takes action in this spot.
Bullish Divergence + Diamond Bottom
Bullish Divergence is lead indicator for revealing tops and bottoms of the markets. This is commonly known reversal pattern and breaking above of the resistance area would be good indicator that the price is wanting to push higher. Bullish Divergence is accompanied with a Diamond Bottom which is known Reversal Pattern as well. When a price is starting to break out from the Diamond Bottom it's usually followed by expanded volume. This gives validity to breakout. What else should be seen is that it needs to break above of the neckline area and stay above of it as well. Rejection could lead to a new low and that's why it's good to have enough of confirmed signals before entering in to a trade.
Conclusion As seen in this article, the cycle charts are highlighting that we are not that far away from the recovery phase and shows that the risk/reward ratio is getting really good.
Keep in mind that even the whole market would be bearish, there are still things to take in to consideration and observe. Don't be fooled by the prevailing sentiment but try to come up with fresh ideas that has confirmation and then you will be few steps ahead from others.
Thinking out of the box is essential when it comes to cryptocurrencies and generally speaking contrarians (The ones that haven't gone along with the herd) have been the most successful investors and traders all time.
Being around people who are over biased, stuck with bearish mind set can have harmful influence towards others and it can be hard to break from that cycle. It is better to keep neutral stance and see what opportunities the market brings than trying to force setups.
Here's motivational quote to the end:
Please, if any question comes to your mind don’t hesitate to ask! I try my best to respond ASAP!
If you need help with trading, finding information or courses let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you!
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware this is not financial advice. You are responsible for your trading and investing decisions. It is highly recommended to do your own research before investing anything.
Click link for the TAs and images
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The /r/cryptocurrency cheat sheet. Every opinion you need to memorise to fit right in. - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: December 29, 2018 at 01:12PM
The /cryptocurrency cheat sheet. Every opinion you need to memorise to fit right in.
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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The most promising coins of 2018

Since early beginning of 2018 we are in downtrend. But nothing lasts forever. The current situation is very similar to dotcom period - huge upward movement first and big crash after.
As you see - this is not the end, market is preparing for a new cycle. See the chart, called "Wall Street cheat sheet". All patterns are very clear.
The history always repeats itself. 99% of dotcome projects have been died, but Internet (as a technology) is alive. The same destiny are waiting for crypto. Shitcoins will mostly disappear but blockchain will be implemented in our life.
It's time to enter the market again.
And our main goal is to find "alibaba" and "amazon" of nowadays.

Key points of success

Which projects will survive? What are the criteria of prospects? How determine it? Experts defined the following:
  1. Industrial implementation
  2. Necessity of technology (due to safety reasons etc)
  3. Reasonable innovativeness which bringing new possibilities to our life (like internet shopping comparing to dotcom era)
  4. Following the principles of sustainable development (by the way, the last Nobel prize in Economics was awarded for research on the impact of climate changes on the economy)
There are also other facts as project team, its' experience, government support etc. Let's see which projects meet these criteria.
Pundi X aims to bring in the next billion crypto users as it allows users to buy, sell, use cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime. This will make Pundi X the world’s largest decentralized, offline cryptocurrency network. It is decentralized, because the ecosystem and transaction records live on the blockchain. It is offline, because our entry point is via point-of-sale (pos) devices installed in physical outlets.
For now more than 5000 shops, restaurants and other outlets in UK, Switzerland, Korea, Singapore, Brazil and other countries are using Pundi X paying terminals. The company already has an agreements with major countries and it plan to increase its influence on world financial system.
official website
Holo is a decentralized hosting platform that enables fully-functional decentralized applications to serve mainstream Internet users, and provides the massively scalable crypto-accounting infrastructure required to host and manage these applications at enormous volumes of usage. The main goal of the project to build a more human internet: one where you control your own data, you decide who you want to interact with and how, and you get recognized and rewarded for helping others do the same by sharing some of your computer’s processing power and storage.
The safety in Internet will become a core issue very soon and probably Holo already have a great solution for it.
official website
SelfKey is a blockchain based self-sovereign identity system that allows individuals and companies to truly own, control and manage their digital identity, securely manage their cryptocurrency portfolio and instantly onboard onto financial, immigration and other services. The company already has agreements with banks and other fintech organizations. The area of technology implementation is huge - starting from airport security and ending with loan payments.
official website
All these projects are for long term holding. They are just in the beginning of its' way. The prices for now look very reasonable. Probably first big profits from it could be expected in 8-12 month.
LH-crypto (LHC)
One more interesting project is LHCrypto. It related to financial sector and offering multi assets trading platform (you may buy gold with BTC, trade stocks etc). It also has internal token. And this token is a very good speculative asset, which may be interesting for smart traders.
LH platform already works and will open deposits with LHCoin (token of the project) soon. The ratio for it is 1 LHCoin = 1 Euro. Now you can buy it on exchanges just for 5 cents.

Profitable life hack for now

Now you can buy it cheap. When deposits in LH will be open - you may trade on it's platform with the amount equal 1 LH = 1 euro. When the up movement of the market will start you could withdraw your coins with huge profits. Let's check in numbers:
1. You buy 10 000 LHCoin x 0,05 euro = 500 euros
2. You open trading deposit on LH platform in LHCoins, which equal 10 000 LH = 10 000 euros
3. It means you spent just 500 euros and got an account with 10 000 euros in balance.
4. In fact you get an interest-free loan of 9500 euros for trading!
5. Trade on platform, increase your deposit by profitable deals and wait... for the hole market reversal and new crypto hype.
6. Then withdraw your LHCoins and sell it on exchange. Smart profit in your hands!
This system were designed by strong economists and it seems very profitable both for the users and the company.
We are sure that this life hack is actual only before the deposits in LHCoin will be open. After that the price will increase rapidly. It's already quite difficult to buy it on exchanges due to nobody want to sell.
official website

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Managing your money. Knowledge is everything.

“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” – Henry Ford
Ye boi.
I was asked to provide some additional link/guides/tips for people invested in PRPS/DUBI, but i believe this post has purpose for everyone.
Not a specialist or anything, but it is better than nothing.
I'll provide some useful links and subreddits where you might have an easier time puzzling what you yourself require. If you got better advice in the finance/investing/crypto landscape then please do correct me or suggest your opinion.
Tai Lopez was right, the first thing you need is KNOWLEDGE
When we set course for the moon we have to be aware of the emotions, psychology, laws, taxes, privacy, security, history that comes from becoming wealthy from cryptocurrencies.
Most of the money issues we'll have are exactly the same as people who got Bitcoin in ~2010. Replace Bitcoin with Purpose in these links and it'll be the exact same. I suggest reading all posts about people having big amounts of Bitcoin and looking what to do with it, because we all will be in a similar scenario, so prepare for that.
If you want to cash out, one of my simple favorite tips on calculating money, when you don't know how much you need for yourself (10 000? 20 000? 100 000?) is to think of how much you might need a month. If it is 500 USD or 1000 USD a month you can just do:
500 * 12 (months) = 6000 USD a year. 5 * 6000 = 30 000 USD for 5 years.
1000 * 12 (months) = 12 000 USD a year. 5 * 12 000 = 60 000 USD for 5 years.
This is the amount of money you need for a year to maintain your monthly spending, possibly for living expenses. This helps you orientate yourself to the sums of money you need.
You can add 6000 + 500 000 + 25 000 (+5% maintenance expenses) = 531 000 USD to know how much you will need if you buy a lamborghini.
Perfect subreddit for people with a lot of money is /financialindependence. Links related to bitcoin.
A good subreddit you want to visit is /personalfinance and /eupersonalfinance where you will find all kinds of topics on personal money issues and can ask them questions if you want:
Visit /legaladvice as it might be useful. Post related to Bitcoin:
I suggest /frugal because just because you are rich doesn't mean you need unnecessary stuff all of the sudden since you got cash to spend. Go green.
Read this reddit post about taxation on Bitcoin
Read the IRS paper on virtual currency (cryptocurrency) taxing.
Read about taxes on each country listed
Watch Youtube on cryptocurrency to get educated tech and investing wise.
Andreas Antonopoulos for Blockchain technology and security.
Crypto Investor for crypto investing and general investing tips
Relevant videos:
Relevant videos:
AtheneLIVE VOD about privacy and security. From 39 min to about 57 min.
Books. Some search useful links on amazon to find your books.
Book links i found potentially useful (I HAVE NOT READ THESE MYSELF, so choose what suites you)
Blockchain technology:
Investing and money:
Loterry winning:
Getting sudden wealth:
I have read this book, which talks about your trading psychology and gives you a good worldview on how to see trading. It write about your emotions and how to be aware of them.Highly recommend it.
Read the white papers of Bitcoin and Ethereum to understand their technology.
Additional cryptocurrency related links:
I did not shorten the links, so that people could just copy and paste the link without needing to click it. Otherwise i can do this
The more you learn, the more you earn
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Low risk/reward investment strategy

I was inspired by this post to share my (relatively) low-risk/reward investment strategy. For what it's worth I've been doing this for a while, but there's a huge survival bias there. I'm bearish about 99% of crypto investments, including whichever favorite one you're thinking of right now. Don't trust me, or blame me when you screw up. I am not a financial adviser.
Evaluating crypto investments, must all answer "true":
This post by Gavin Andresen is mandatory reading for anyone new to altcoin investments. If you don't have time to do your homework, then you're investing in too many different cryptocurrencies. You can lose a LOT of money by being greedy!
Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.
— Richard Branson
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Ethereum: A cheat sheet for professionals #cryptocurrency #crypto #fintech - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: March 3, 2018 at 07:32PM
Ethereum: A cheat sheet for professionals #cryptocurrency #crypto #fintech
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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Your Ultimate Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet - Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery Does Technical Analysis Even Work? Coinigy Trading Walkthrough: Part 1 [CHEAT SHEET] HOW TO DAY TRADE STOCKS FOR BEGINNERS [Free Cheat Sheet] Get my FREE Forex Cheat Sheet Below (link below)

Cheat Sheet. Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies Cheat Sheet. ... Investing and trading cryptocurrencies can be different than investing in other assets, but there are some similarities as well. ... The crypto’s technology: Many cryptocurrencies are tokens from blockchain companies with multiple products. The more you get to know the ... The double top is one of the most popular patterns in trading. It’s a reliable reversal pattern that can be used to enter a bearish position after a bullish trend. It consists of 2 tops at nearly the same level with a valley in between, which creates the neckline. Get your free cheat sheet today to learn the cardinal rules when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Download My 21 Rules For Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet This Two Page Guide Will Save You Thousands of Dollars In Costly Mistakes... Here’s something that we have put together to assist you in surviving and thriving in the crypto market. Use this cheatsheet to help planning your next trading strategy for maximum benefit! Happy trading! If you are feeling generous and feel like supporting the site, feel free to share the article or leave a tip. 🙂 Thank you! Tip Jar: Notes: The names of these numbers are based on the short scale large-number naming convention that is used throughout most of the English-speaking world. Much of the non-English-speaking world uses the long-scale and will thus use different names for these numbers.For example, while a tera (1,000,000,000,000) is called a trillion in the short scale, on the long scale it is known as a billion.

[index] [662] [128] [263] [810] [345] [556] [810] [335] [113] [781]

Your Ultimate Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet - Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery

Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet: Facebook Group: Your Ultimate Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet - Cryptocurrency Trading Mastery. Learn How To Trade #Cryptocurrency.In this guide, we are going to take you through all the steps in order for you to ... [CHEAT SHEET] HOW TO DAY TRADE STOCKS FOR BEGINNERS ... 3. 📈A-Z Beginner Day Trading Course ... Investing, Stock Market, Real Estate, Car Sales, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, Crypto & bitcoin ... [Free Cheat Sheet] Get my FREE Forex Cheat Sheet Below (link below) ... Crypto Chartist Fxhardrightedge 422 ... 1000% Forex gain in 4 weeks using a manual Forex trading entry and top-up low risk ... Crypto Trading Cheat Sheet: Facebook Group: